UFC 149 Results: Boetsch Ekes Out Decision Over Lombard, Neither Looks Like Contender

July 22, 2012
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Tim Boetsch at UFC 117Hector Lombard’s arrival against Tim Boetsch at UFC 149: Faber vs. Barão on Saturday night in Calgary was, if nothing else, supposed to narrow the list of contenders for the next shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

It did nothing of the sort. If anything, it muddied the waters.

Lombard, a former Bellator middleweight champion that hadn’t lost in his 25 prior bouts, was one of the most highly touted arrivals to the UFC in some time. There was obviously a tremendous amount of weight on his shoulders, but that’s what a contender to Anderson Silva should be able to weather.

Boetsch had won all three of his prior middleweight fights coming into this one, and many saw it as his opportunity to prove that he isn’t just a good middleweight, but a legitimate contender.

Neither delivered.

From the onset, Boetsch kept his distance, moving in and out, throwing one-off punches and kicks, and then circling away.

Lombard, know for his ballistic style, reigned himself in, content to sit back and counter fight for the entirety of the bout.

The ingredients equated to a recipe for a stagnant fight that saw neither man establish his dominance nor lay any claim to a title shot.

Yes, Boetsch did land enough of his pot shots to earn the split decision victory, but just barely. It keeps him undefeated at 4-0 at middleweight, but it did little to endear him to fans or likely to his bosses when it comes time to consider who is next for Anderson Silva.

For Lombard, it put an end to his 25-fight unbeaten streak with little to show for it.

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  • grettz

    Junk scoring boetsch did nothing terrible decision

  • LongDongSilver

    well he leaned on him, not quite lay and prey but Lombard did nothing too!

  • AdamBianski

    What else is knew another 205 reject winning at 185. Wow is this division GARBAGE PERIOD.

    • RubeKegal

      very well said. Anderson is a great fighter, but he has fought shyt!!!

  • Mario

    Lombard was simply all hype. He did nothing to impress tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut him now as a result. Though I doubt they’ll go that far.

    Give Weidman the title shot. He certainly deserves it.

    • RubeKegal

      nah they’ll give it the “he had first UFC fight jitters” bs they always do….he’ll prob win a few but will be mid-road guy tops.

  • shakejunt

    at least this clears up the title picture a little more

  • Dayrelphareal

    No MW deserve a title shot and none will ever a top five LH should drop down to compete for the belt that’s the only way I would buy the PPV.

  • elguapo

    Well there’s two more “contenders” out of contention. I think it simplifies the situation in the MW division. In my opinion there’s now 4 contenders, Vitor, Weidman, Belcher and Bisping. It’s crying out for an eliminator style tournament. The only question is who does silva fight in the meantime?

  • me vs you

    where are all of the lombard fans. i remember them telling us all how this guy is so awesome…
    well guys, what happened? lombard’s a joke

    just like a lot of people said before the fight…who has he fought? nobody. and now it shows.

    first fight jitters? come on. all that i kept hearing about is how lombard hasn’t lost since ’06 and he’s 26 and 1 or something. someone with his supposed experience doesn’t have fight jitters, not when he’s saying that he deserves a fight with anderson silva.

    lombard was just another overly-hyped fighter that wasn’t ready for the ufc.
    worst fight that i’ve ever seen…lombard shouldn’t even get paid. in fact we spectators should get paid for having to sit through that shit…and tim boesch should be ashamed of himself as well. pathetic

    • used2bgood

      I agree with you sir. I would rather DIE than watch another Lombard fight even if i get paid for doing it

  • bdono554

    The headline should have read, “long time minor league prospect Hector Lombard falls flat on his face in first major league outing.” Can everyone please shutup about how great a fighter is until he has at least one UFC fight under his belt. I’m tired of listing to the taint sniffers of guys like Lombard and Jorge “received my walking papers twice” Santaigo.

  • If Lombard thinks he can beat Silva by fighting flat footed like that then he’s clearly insane.

    The fact is he came into the UFC with all kinds of hype and failed. He acts as though he has a sense of entitlement and has done nothing in the UFC to deserve it.

    I think they should match him up with Sonnen than send his phony hype train packing.

    • used2bgood

      I think that even the 40 year old Cung Le will destroy Lombard or Franklin. Both these guys are older than him and will make him cry.

  • The_Sheriff

    At least Hector can get his way and fight Munoz now that they’re both top ten guys coming off losses to top ten guys.