UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 By the Numbers

July 2, 2012
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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen at UFC 117
Everybody knows Anderson Silva is one of the most devastating finishers in UFC history while Chael Sonnen has proven to be one of the craftiest fighters in the sport.

When you break it down to the statistics, both fighters have incredible numbers to back up their claims as the top two middleweights in the world.

Check out this video where you will see exactly just how good both Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen are as they head into their epic rematch at UFC 148:

  • adam1848

    “I mounted him repeatedly. I went for more submissions than he ever went for.”

    -Cheal Sonnen-
    the most convincing liar in the sport

    • were you watchin the same fight as everyone else? chael was dominating the entire fght till he made a simple mistake and silva jumped on it. i like silva but i hope chael whoops his ass

      • dathump

        7 times Sonnen has lost to a triangle/armbar submission, to call it a mistake is inaccurate. He fights very recklessly, and some of the time it works, but your kidding yourself if you think Anderson wasn’t looking for it. Plus sonnen throught everything he had at Silva and he still had the wits about him to go for the submission. The differance in this comming fight will be Silva will adapt, Sonnen will not.

        • There is absolutely no evidence that Silva will adapt. He has not changed his striking style in years and is just susceptible to the takedown as ever. More importantly, if Sonnen strikes with him and gets in his face, Silva will back down and possibly get KO’d. Yeah, I said it.

          But you are correct that Sonnen’s sub defense is just as permanent as the flaws in Silva’s game. Not only does he have to learn to avoid those subs, but he needs to finish instead of expending useless energy taunting Silva and spanking him. The only question in this fight is whether or not Chael trained sub defense, if he did he will win, if not he will lose, simple as that.

      • MaritalArtist

        Yeah I’m kinda hoping Chael submits him or TKOs him in the 3rd or 4th. Wishful thinking, but it could happen!

      • adam1848

        yes, chael dominated the fight. but i also understand the meaning of the words “mount” and “submission.” i assume chael does as well. i’ve only watched the fight once, but i don’t recall a single mount, let alone repeatedly.

  • EmmettThetruth

    God I forget how perfect that triangle was…Chaels screwed it might only be 2:1 but after all the trash that’s been talked Anderson’s going to make a point

  • MikeMc1983

    Sonnen may have dominated the fight but I still don’t recall him ever mounting Anderson. He went to his half guard and stayed there chest on chest the majority of the fight. He wasn’t “reckless.” he pulled a Gsp and went chest to chest In half guard. He just got cocky at the end because he thought silva quit. He was actually going to posture up and hit silva for the first time in the fight, but the quickly got reminded why he was playing it so safe.
    It might be a fun rematch. I’m happy to say ill be there live to see what happens.

  • kevstinx

    Hit someone 320 times and not finish them? What the ****? This guy should not even be in the UFC! Look at Sonnen’s finishing record and his tap tap tap outs that he claims he never did. Full of ****! Something about 4 submission attempts? Only took one and a big whiff of Anderson’s sweaty balls for Sonnen to tap out, then claim he never!

    Cheat, fraud, cheat, my balls to small I need enhancers! Makes a total mockery of the sport!
    I didn’t think people with criminal records where allowed to represent a sport which frays away from thugs. Cancelling my subscription after this event. Only tuning in to see Silva but that other guy in a coma.
    PS. Don’t let go of his neck!

  • kevstinx

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. ?
    You serious?

    The SS in town again?