UFC 148 Results: Griffin Comes Out On Top In Ortiz’s Last Fight

July 8, 2012
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In the co-main event of the evening, former champions Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin gave it their all in a third epic fight.  Ortiz ended his career with a decision loss, but he gave it everything he had and hurt Griffin twice in the fight.

The first round was razor thin.  Early on, Griffin wasted no time throwing kicks.  Tito secured the clinch and took Griffin down early.  From there Ortiz landed a hard elbow in Griffin’s guard.  Griffin used the butterfly sweep to get back to his feet and for the rest of the round, Griffin lit Ortiz up with kicks to the leg.

Ortiz landed a big right hand early and the fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena started chanting Ortiz.  Griffin is able to regain his composure and gets back on the outside and starts throwing more leg kicks.  Ortiz looked noticeably tired late in the round and Griffin is able to get the better of the boxing.  At the end of the round Ortiz shot for that Griffin easily sprawled on.

In the third round, Ortiz knocked Griffin down early again, and then gets the takedown.  Griffin was able to keep his composure and not let Ortiz mount any offense in his guard and then scrambled to his feet.  Griffin once back on his feet landed a few small strikes.  The two men closed the round swinging for the fences.

Immediately, after the fight, Griffin walked right out of the Octagon and UFC officials went and stopped him and brought him back to the Octagon for the judge’s decision.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Forrest Griffin

Griffin went on to take the microphone and interviewed Ortiz after the bout.  The bout was so close, Griffin seemed like he was a little surprised Ortiz was still retiring.

“I gave it my all, Ortiz told Griffin.  I gave it my all.  This was my last fight tonight.  I’ve been doing this for 15 years man.

Griffin believed that the fight should’ve been scored a draw and that he’d be happy to go a fourth round.  In fact, Griffin believes that all three fights could’ve been scored a draw.

“I felt like we had three draws to be honest,” Griffin said post-fight.  “I wish we could go a fourth round tonight.

With the loss, the former champion Tito Ortiz exits the UFC with a 16-11-1 record and went an overall 1-4 in his last five bouts in the Octagon.

  • MikeMc1983

    I don’t know what it looked like on tv, but everyone in the building was shocked that Forrest won. I’ve never been a fan of Tito, but I hate to see anyone get screwed.
    As a side note note, I know fighting is emotional for these guys but Forrest really needs to stop running from the cage. Next time he takes off from the cage Dana should give him walking papers instead of telling him he might have a chance of a bad decision. (which he of course got)
    I like Forrest, but the next time he needs to make like gump and keep running.

  • elguapo

    To be honest Mike, it looked like a fair decision on TV. The stats showed Griffin had by far the more strikes. I think the fact that all the exciting stuff happened in favour of Tito with the knockdowns etc probably made it look like it should have been his decision. Also, Tito looked wrecked by the end of the first, any LHW worth their salt should have capitalised on that. With regards to Forrest running from the ring, that was just stupid. I thought at the time that maybe he was leaving to give Tito the octagon to himself for the retirement speech, but I now think he was just being a d*ck.

  • elguapo

    Also Mike, how was the atmosphere tonight? Sounded like a great crowd, best there’s been for a while.

  • darkstar007

    I agree with you mike. I thought Ortiz won. Sure Forrest may have out-landed him but Ortiz had the most significant punches that wobbles Forrest. He also had take downs and some GnP. Though the reason Forrest left the ring he said was out of respect for Ortiz. He though he had lost and wanted Ortiz to have the octagon for him self.

    • elguapo

      It’s the classic scoring debate isn’t it? Number of shots vs damaging shots, doing something with a takedown or if your opponent gets straight back up etc. I think Tito won in terms of a fight but Forrest won in terms of the sport if that makes sense? Still, I’m glad Tito got to finish up on a good showing, he deserves it. Also, Forrest did not look good, it’ll be interesting to see where his career goes from here.

  • MikeMc1983

    The atmosphere was nuts. I was really surprized at the number of brazilions. I however was happy the he out chanted them USA vs. brazil.
    This fight got a ton of reaction. Everyone was stunned when Forrest won. The media, and workers around the cage went scrambling.
    Forest can try to save face, but he ran out because he was upset he lost.
    Anyway, it was a good night. Cool crowd. Got to sit right behind hendo, and a couple seats over from Cain, and bisbing.
    There were a ton of fighters there obviously. They were all nice staying afterwards doing pictures and autos. Even a few stars.

  • clizzark

    Anyone with half a clue knew Griffin won and that it wasn’t that close.

  • SuperNate-AO

    I actually thought Tito won 29-28 but not worth arguing about because they both need to retire. Forrest needs to watch the tape and realize his time has passed, just like Tito’s. Gonna get wrecked if he continues.

  • JRod

    I had Tito winning rounds 1 & 3 on takedowns and significant strikes (2 knock downs).
    Forrest landed most of his punches in the 2nd, which I had him winning. That’s why they say finish the fights, bc you never know what the judges see…

    • jonnypatrick

      I think you need to lay off the booze! Tito got his ass whooped, he had what 3 takedowns in the whole fight. He scored with the 1st takedown in the 1st round, but the other 2 he just laid and prayed. He lost, get over it. Forrest out pointed him and I think anyone that looked at the 2 of them after the fight seen that Tito was beat up. I doubt Forrest had a scratch on his face, I am a huge fan of Forrest but he needs to quit running out of the cage. I did think that it was funny when he took the mic from Joe and interviewed Tito!