UFC 148 Results: Demian Maia Becomes Reborn At Welterweight

July 7, 2012
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Dong Hyun Kim and Demian Maia at UFC 148
Decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Demian Maia wasted no time in dispatching welterweight contender Dong Hyun Kim in the first round at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

Maia immediately rushed for the takedown on Kim and was able to secure Kim’s back.  From there, Maia would then kick the leg out to bring Kim down, mounted him and was stopped after a few hard shots.  Just after referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight, Kim held his ribs and was writhing in agony.

The official time of the stoppage was 47 seconds in the first round and Maia was awarded a TKO victory.

With the victory over Kim, Maia started to look back like his old self again with his successful welterweight debut.

  • lowlb

    I think Ellenberger, Koscheck (maybe), Hendricks and GSP are the only guys who could really tangle with Maia.
    Shorter, stocky wrestlers with power..
    I want to see Maia fight Jake Shields or Diaz.
    Condit and Kampmann would need to neutralize him with strikes, good luck..
    GSP has his work cut out for him; this division is crazy..