UFC 148 Results: Anderson Silva Silences Chael Sonnen With 2nd Round TKO

July 8, 2012
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It’s been called the biggest rivalry in mixed martial arts history.

It was the UFC’s version of Ohio State vs. Michigan, Yankees vs. Red Sox, or even Superman vs. Lex Luthor if you will.

For the past six years, Anderson Silva has ruled the UFC with an iron fist, but one man came knocking on his door two years ago and despite a loss in the first go round he continued to bang away until he got a second chance.

That man was Chael Sonnen.

Dripping with bravado and loud talk, Sonnen blasted Silva with ever insult he could muster of the last 24 months calling the champion everything from fake to taking shots at his home country of Brazil. On Saturday night he got the chance to back all of the talk up, but there was an assassin awaiting him in the Octagon and that’s agent of the deadly arts was Anderson Silva.

As the fight started, Sonnen rushed across the cage and immediately took Silva to the ground and it looked like fans could be in for a repeat of the first fight. The former All-American from Oregon pounded away at Silva’s head and body before finally moving into mount with just seconds to go in the round.

The Brazilian legend held on as time expired, but he was clearly down after five minutes with the self proclaimed ‘American Gangsta’ from West Linn, Oregon.

The second round saw a much different fight however.

Sonnen went for a similar quick shot to get Silva down, but this time the incumbent champion was able to stuff his takedown attempt and did so in a similar manner again later in the round.

Sonnen didn’t back off with his tenacious attack, but as fourteen past opponents have found out with a painful reminder…it only takes one mistake for Anderson Silva to put you away.

After backing away from a takedown, Sonnen through his own Jon Jones-esque spinning back elbow, missing Silva completely and falling down to the mat. Silva stalked forward and as he sprung into action he crashed his knee into Sonnen’s midsection.

Try as he could, Sonnen battled to get back to his feet only to come under the blazing attack of the best stand-up fighter to ever hold a UFC title and Silva was not going to let this opportunity slip away.

Silva blitzed Sonnen with strikes with one punch slipping through and dropping the Oregonian back to the mat. Silva followed up with a few more punches as Sonnen turtled up and covered his head, but the fight was clearly over.

As the referee waived the fight off, Anderson Silva stood proud once again as the reigning, and most successful champion in UFC history.

The war of words between Silva and Sonnen made their rematch at UFC 148 the biggest fight in the promotion’s history, and despite so many harsh things said back and forth over the last few weeks, the champion was still gracious to the challenger.

“Yeah. This sport is the best sport in the world, me and Chael working hard for the show for all the people here,” Silva said.

“Let’s show Brazil has manners and I want everybody to applaud Chael.”

Silva then pulled Sonnen over beside him, shaking his hand, and hopefully putting to bed the biggest feud the UFC has ever known.

“If you’d like to have a barbecue at my house, I’d love to have you over for a barbecue,” Silva said to Sonnen.

The disappointment in Chael Sonnen’s eyes was obvious. This was a lifetime of work both in and out of the Octagon and in a flash it was gone. He was the latest in a long line of victims that Anderson Silva defeated on his path to becoming the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history.

“They gave me the opportunity, nobody owes me anything, I’m very grateful to be here and to have the chance. He’s a true champion.”

“He got me with a good shot it was on the ground, it was a good knee, and other than that I’m just going to have to look at the tape.”

A rivalry has been settled and Chael Sonnen has been silenced for at least one night.

As for Anderson Silva, there is no question at this stage of his career that he is not only the reigning and defending UFC middleweight champion, but the greatest fighter in current mixed martial arts history.

When anyone talks about Silva they say things like he’s the Michael Jordan of MMA or the Muhammed Ali of the UFC.

There will be a time one day soon when people look at athletes from all around the world whether it’s football, basketball, baseball or any other and say they are the Anderson Silva of their respective sport.

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  • samflchr

    What a joke time to see him fight John jones so he can his ass beat

    • Prodigy815

      Keep hatin =)

    • He has already fought in 205, there is no reason to go after a second belt. There is a weight class system in MMA for a reason.

      • leugim41004

        You mean like theres no reason for mayweather or pacman or any other combat fighter to move weight class? STFU

  • Jesse V

    Really, a joke. Sounds like someone is bitter. Anderson won, Chael lost. Get over it. Wonder who will be next to take on the champ.

    As far as John Jones, I wanna see him get past Alexander Gustoffson *however his name is spelled* (someone whom is the same size if not taller and lankier). Jones is a good fighter, but he has the benefit of his height and reach. Let’s see how he fairs when the playing field is even IMO.

    • AdamBianski

      Dude get real Jones will eat that dudes lunch and if he is still hungry he will go for the oreos at the bottom of the bag.

  • Zaire


  • MikeMc1983

    Evans tweeted to Lorenzo that he wanted him to get a beef going with silva.
    I don’t know if Evans has called out silva publicly or not, but I found it interesting none the less.
    I think the problem with the jones matchup is that it only helps the UFC if Jon wins.
    Jon is suppose to be the next Anderson. If Jon goes out and loses to a middle weight it will hurt his legacy. Even if it’s Anderson.
    Silvas to close to retirement to give him the chance to tarnish how we view “the future.”
    And by the way. Silva probably wins anyway. 😉

    • AdamBianski

      I hope this is true, Rashad is on a different level then any garbage figher at 185 (yes I know they would all kill me). Rashad would put Anderson to work been saying it for years it is time for him to drop.

  • AdamBianski

    Was a huge Chael fan beore fight. I actually bought in (god am I an idiot) so are all of you that believed anything he said or did, was not for him to make a buck. Dude is a joke and looked like it in the fight. Chael time for you to retire because there is no place for you to go now. Best part of the fight is when he hit you with a jab and you dropped like a bitch. Wow 185 is a JOKE FING JOKE worst weight class ever it is like the NFC West. Chael number one contender lol nothing at 205. Chael please go fuck yourself you fucking faggot.

    • AdamBianski

      Might have been a hook i dont know either way one punch really?

      • jonnypatrick

        Sounds like you are the Bitch… I respect Chael more after that fight than before, He could have bitched about Silva smearing his vaseline on his arms and chest but he didn’t, he could have bitched about Silva holding his shorts preventing a takedown in the 2nd and possibly changed the outcome of the fight, but he didn’t. You are a super idiot for buying into what Chael was saying before the fight, he was promoting the fight and earning a bigger paycheck you douche bag.

    • rsnowbass

      So lemme get this straight. You were a Chael fan…he loses, so now you’re not a Chael fan and you call him a faggot.

      Way to stick behind your guy. Some fan you are…

      Are you the same way with your sports teams??

      • AdamBianski

        That was a little harsh, proly shouldn’t but posts up at 3 in the morning.

  • phrankthetank

    Wow, lot of chael hate! Is everyone forgetting that he dominated the entirety of the first rd when you say it was a poor showing? Is everyone just going to neglect to bring up silva holding his shorts for at least 30 seconds in the 2nd rd? Chael talked dirty and fought clean, silva talked clean and fought dirty.

    • AdamBianski

      Yay for him he dominated the first round. Anderson grabbed his shorts oops. Guess what no one cares who won the first quarter,first inning, first period, or first lap. Doesn’t matter if you get dominated promptly afterwords. Now go ahead and bash my grammar thats what you are good at but you will not be able to point out the flaws in my argument. Frank

    • WTF! dude it was more like 3 seconds and laying on top of him for 4 min isnt dominating winning scorecards maybe but not dominating, silva tied him up from the bottom and neutralized g-n-p. some of yall need to watch the post conference. even sonnen said “not worried bout that crap we both came to fight im sure ill do it to some one down the road.” and i think chael good fighter but i agree in chael own words silva finds away to win and wins u have to respect that not like he eye poked or nut shotted him, he was tryin to punch him, sonnen asked for a fight he got it.

      • phrankthetank

        Whole time they were against the cage he had his shorts, it just became painfully obvious when they pulled away from the cage. Check out the link I posted, it goes into some more detail.

  • natpaukar7

    I knew Silva was going to win…quite frankly I thought he would win more decisively and more violently….Chael is no push over…but he certainly is not in Anderson’s league. And as for Rashad dropping to 185…as far as im concerned Rashad and Jones can simultaneously fight Anderson, the only way he would get challenged…of course that is not literally true but Anderson is on another level. And interesting post on the legacy of Jones versus Silva’s retirement…never thought about it. I am so happy Chael is finally silenced….or is he??? haha

  • Chael’s bulldog mouth was too much for his puppy dog ass. Anderson’s actions have always spoken for him so he’s never needed to say much. Chael is 5-3 in the UFC and Anderson is 15-0, Silva’s on a way bigger skill level than any MMA fighter and to say that the middleweight division is weak is stupid. Explain how Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt, Yushin Okami, and Rich Franklin are weak competition. Do you realize how great you have to be to make future UFC Hall of Famers and some of the best MMA fighters of all time look like their weak competition?

    • AdamBianski

      Pretty easy to explain, you just named a list of 205 rejects. Ecept Hendo but Dana will not give him another chance.

      • 205 rejects? Vitor Belfort was a former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion and would have been middle weight champion if anybody but Silva was in his way. Also, Forrest Griffin was former light heavyweight champion and his career was on fire until he ran into Silva and Silva made him look like a joke. Dan Henderson’s fighting for the title soon so I guess he’s a decent light heavyweight. Maybe light heavyweight isn’t as deep as you think.

        • AdamBianski

          Yep two fighters on your list held title, Vitor cut Randy’s eye, then was dominated in next fight then pretty much every fight he had after that at 205. Forest well I can’t say much about that now, other then he is no where top of division since sport blew up. Dan Henderson is fighting for title but that is basicly because Jones has tore through division already. Before you argue with me anymore look at the list of fighters Jon Jones or GSP has beat on their runs then look at the list of guys Anderson has beat. If you still can’t figure it out then there is no point to keep arguing with you.

      • heykevinb

        wow. i never cease to amaze me how people can be so damn prejudice…let’s just face it if chael sonnen or brock lesnar had silva’s record, regardless of who he fought-you wouldn’t have a problem with it.

        EVERY COUNTRY wants to see a representative of itself in champion rankings…the problem with AMERICA and some people here is that we’ll KEEP searching for an ‘appropriate’ figurehead for the sport and clearly neglect the talent that already exists…be non-american or not.

        there used to be a time in sports like boxing, when people just praised you because of your accomplishments. roberto duran, not american was hailed and promoted as a damn good boxer…MANY american’s were completely in awe of his toughness and skill.

        NOW, it doesn’t matter how many wins you have…people will say your wins weren’t shit because you beat rejects. BUT, but turn around and route for the fighter that does nothing but talk shit and then get his hole beat in. a person like you probably had high hopes for brock lesnar and when it wasn’t lesner it was chael. in your mind there aren’t any other eligible fighters to favor because they probably don’t LOOK or ACT a certain way.

        fact is, anderson silva has completed all his work in front of him…90%percentile in SUBMISSION.

        yet, you want to say that a sucker like sonnen who barely finishes his work and on some occasions turns in NOTHING at all…while 60-70%percentile of his completed work in DECISION.

        …you want to say that chael is a better fighter, HOW? if chael was better, then he would have the belt…there would be no denying him a shot, IF he was better.

        just stop.

  • AdamBianski

    Please Rashad DROP to 185. I don’t think you guys understand how terrible 185 is. Rashad would be imediate number one contender. Just imagine how bad he would destroy Chael or…. well anyone Anderson has ever fought in the UFC.

    • Anderson would easily walk through the light heavyweight division even at his current age, who would stop him? Nobody at that division has the hand speed and power of Vitor Belfort and Belfort couldn’t even touch Silva. We’ve seen Anderson face the top wrestlers such as Chael and Henderson but he still destroyed both of them, so I don’t think Bader or Evans would be much different. Jon Jones has no knockout power and has no chance of beating Silva either. Jones even said himself that he doesn’t want to fight Silva because he knows what would happen.

  • D-rail

    Tisk, tisk. So sad to see people not understanding what “Selling a fight”means. Chael sells the shit out of it, and yet Anderson rakes in the real $pon$or (BK). Where’s the justice people?…I suppose a book could be in the works. I’d buy it. Bravo for both those gentlemen.

    • jonnypatrick

      Finally, someone with some common sense! I am not sure why people can’t see past all the BS and realize what Sonnen was doing, selling the fight!

  • This fight just proved what I was saying all along. Anderson Silva is the Greatest of MMA, but is definitely not the best PFP fighter. Best PFP would not allow what happened in the first round to take place. BTW, I am neither a fan nor a hater of anyone in the world of MMA. All the fighters deserve respect simply for the fact that they are putting their health and maybe even lives at risk to entertain us. Anderson Should retire now before he ends up like Fedor. There is no dodging the shots that time throws at you.

  • MikeMc1983

    Just to clarify. I got the Evans tweet as a retweet from a guy in the buissness. So I’m pretty positive Evans sent it. He was hosting a UFC viewing at another casino.

  • Thanx AS!! Now the idol of the xenophobic rednex crowds will fade out along with the “USA USA” chants!! Ahahahah ….

  • i totally agree with the statement best MMA fighter in current history” because there are more anderson silvas out there waiting to be found and i’m curious of the future. after anderson who will be the ”best pound-4-pound” fighter or THE GREATEST MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST.

    • AdamBianski

      Have you ever seen GSP?

  • innovator

    This fight did not make either fighter look bad or good in my opinion. Silva did not dominate anything in this fight. If you think he did, I don’t know what you watched. Sonnen made a big mistake, ate a knee to the chest for it and did not recover before getting put away. Silva will make you pay for your mistakes but he did not run over Sonnen. Sonnen does not come out looking bad here either. He made a mistake and lost because of it. He is the closest thing Silva has had to competitive fight in the UFC. But like a true champion Silva finds the way to win.

    • Anthony

      innovater, I agree. I think Sonnon got over confident after a dominant 1st round (combined with the beating he gave Silva in the 1st fight)and although he ate a couple decent shots in the second, his undoing was a high risk move that landed him on his ass with the greatest MMA striker on the planet standing over him– not too many fighters(none to be exact) could have recovered from a mistake that significant-Silva got an early x-mas present– had Sonnon not made that huge mistake,the fight could have easily gone the other way .– even so , with the greatest MMA fighter in the world, one mistake is all it takes.

    • take1

      100% agree. Sonnen came the closest to delivering on a promise. He dominated 1st round and made a mistake in 2nd round and he paid for it. Anderson came no where close to delivering whatever it was that would change the sport going forward. I still think Andersons knee was intended for the face but deflected to the chest off sonnens arms. I think after the 1st round Anderson definatly was concerned and the knee was intended for the face.

      • innovator

        Nah, Silva hit his mark with the knee. If he would have hit him in the fact it would have cost him everything.

    • KBEsq

      People should really give credit to Silva for this win. That’s twice now. I don’t think anything should be taken away from Silva because he won as a result of a mistake. What most of you probably don’t know is that most damage Silva inflicts is a result of his opponents’ mistakes. Mistakes are part of the fight. I can pretty much guarantee you that if that fight went on, Silva was going to knock Sonnen out. Sonnen was just predictably charging Silva and trying to get him down constantly. Silva had already started to figure it out and was making Sonnen pay for it.

      And as far as the first round. Let’s not forget Silva was mounted by Travis Lutter, and had a lot of trouble with Henderson. Those guys couldn’t do any damage to Silva in those positions because Silva is good defensively too.

      • take1

        I watched the replay and agree the knee was on the mark. It was a legit win and a legit stoppage. I still am a fan of both these guys and will pay for any upcoming fights these guys get. I just don’t see any threats to Anderson anymore. One thing I did not like was Anderson taking the vasoline from his face and wiping it on his arms and chest. Luckily the ref saw it and wiped him down with towel. Probably wouldn’t of mattered anyway.

      • innovator

        I did give credit to Silva for this win. What I was saying was that neither fighter looked bad, nor dominate. Silva is the champ because he always finds ways to win. Which as you stated is taking advantage of the mistakes and openings opponents leave.

  • samflchr

    That was bullshit that was not a tko he didn’t even him in the face and I could care less if Anderson fights at 205 but if he does John jones would kill him and he knows it If sonnen could get him to the ground like that mount I couldnt imagine what jones could do that wouldn’t last long he would be eating elbows but I’m glad silva won so all fake fans who didn’t like 3 years ago can blow him:)

  • kwite11

    Good fight, chael messed up by gettIng desperate and throwing a spinning back fist…. He kicked his ass in the first….. Sonnen is still a beast

  • lowlb

    All contrived.
    Brazilian cows turned into whoppers.
    The first fight was a build up for the 2nd.
    Anderson was always able to beat or at least submit Chael. We learned that in the Sonnen Maia fight which is devoid of the www somehow.. Chael was promotted not because he is so great but because he talks so well.
    These fighter don’t make much money from the ufc. Some dork on here posted about $80,000 bonuses.. Pa-Lease… That is not money.. Don’t settle for a few $100,000 a year when you retire with brain damage at 40. This is bullshit.
    Anderson knew/knows he needs to make as much whopper as he can. Brazil ain’t America.
    Sonnen never was a great fighter. Of course he’s afraid of Munoz, he barely won against Bisping, he lost real bad against Maia and now he’s done. Of course he’s going to elevate his T levels, he needed to make $$ but I bet he’s stopped doing that so his jaw doesn’t fall off and his tiny balls don’t retreat into his body.
    This whole set of fight (except the Maia fight) Sucked…
    Cote has eaten too many Crepe Suzettes. Cung Le needs to drop the kids off at school monday morning and go to work.
    None of these guys are making any money.
    Ok I’m done.. except..
    Maia is going to be a force to be reckoned with..
    I didn’t actually call it but it makes sense.
    He didn’t stand with this dude(?) because he needs to get some wins at 170.
    Who’s gonna stop him. WHo?
    I also predict this last wave of tuff dudes from Brazil are going to dominate. All you suckas chatting ‘merica! USA! in the bars are gonna be giving lots of coin soon.
    I love it…..
    (Caveat, to myself) Diaz, Ellenwhopper and GSP have a chance…

    • TKD

      Ladies and gentlemen…We have just witnessed the melt down of a mentally handicapped person. That rant may have been one of the most bizarre things I have ever read. Please, lowlb, seek help.

  • D-rail

    Chael exposed Anderson last time (wrestling). Now, a strong, fast and crafty contender can edge out a decision from Anderson, definitely. They have to avoid or be able to take some shots and take it to the mat. The problem with a lot of contenders is that they step in the

  • D-rail

    Chael exposed Anderson last time (wrestling). Now, a strong, fast and crafty contender can edge out a decision from Anderson, definitely. They have to avoid or be able to take some shots and take it to the mat. The problem with a

    • lowlb

      NO dude.. Chael, last time =Testosterone that’s all it was, sorry…
      Last night’s first round was just to make things interesting or look real.

      OK, maybe Munoz, if he takes him down in the center of the ring, will give AS trouble.
      At that point, it’s power over Jui Jitsu which I wouldn’t want to bet on..

      I am not disagreeing with you but I think AS will be able to handle wrestlers for a little while longer..

  • D-rail

    octagon and are done before they begin.

  • what happened to all you clowns praising sonnen , like he was really gonna have silvas number, hope you all didnt loose to much last night, lol

    • phrankthetank

      Where were all the silva ‘clowns’ before the fight? Ive seen more people talk trash on silvas behalf after he won than I’ve seen talk about him all year. Were you all too afraid to say anything before the fight?

  • samflchr

    Us clowns are still here Anderson silva didn’t do shit knee ‘d a down oppenet and missed his face and got a rigged stoppage oh and I know who did make money the UFC and all the people in Vegas who were in on it worst fight card I’ve seen in a while fight of night Tito and Forrest that is funny griffin is a joke and he lost another rigged fight its all about big names and making money whole thing is sketchy ?

  • The_Sheriff

    Silva vs. Sonnen III!

    Bring on the Rubber Match since they’re 1-1. LOL

  • opposition13

    A lot of crap went wrong with this event…first the uncalled shoulder from silva, then him intentionally rubbing his own vaseline on his arms (Seriously?), then him grabbing the shorts, then that knee he landed while holding the cage. Lost lot of respect for Silva..NO CONTEST!!!!IMO