UFC 148 Full Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Pre-Fight Press Conference Video

July 4, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conferenceWhile it didn’t get as venomous as the UFC 148 media call a week ago, Tuesday’s UFC 148 pre-fight press conference featuring UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen was anything but a lovefest.

Silva and Sonnen, as much as the two can be, were fairly civil towards each other, but there was still quite a bit of verbal sparring going on, from Sonnen calling Silva a fake champion to Silva saying he would beat Sonnen until he quits.

Things did get rather heated as the two squared off for photos, however, going head-to-head and having to be separated by UFC president Dana White and security.

Check out the full UFC 148 Silva and Sonnen pre-fight press conference below…

  • TKD

    Wow, Chael sounds like a real a-hole thru the entire press conference. He isn’t even as good as WWE wrestlers. He is just plain annoying. I hope this is the last we see of this clown.

    • RubeKegal


  • Towers66

    In the first minute of this fight we all will probably have a good idea who will come out with the “W”. I’m really excited to see this fight. Screw the hype and BS…this fight is going to be fun even if it is over quick.

  • dgs

    “this fight is going to be fun even if it is over quick.”

    I highly doubt it will be over quick, Chael has an iron chin, never been KO’d. I doubt for all of Silva’s talk, he will KO him either. I see this one going all five rounds in a brutal fight, just like the first.

    • dathump

      no, Sonnen hasn’t been ko’d but he has tapped more then a few times, I see Silva making him bloody then tap out before he passes out. Round 2 or 3

      • RubeKegal

        Do you also see leprechauns and unicorns?

        • jonnypatrick

          What’s up Rube! I see all the Sonnen haters are back. I can’t wait to hear all the excuses after chael gives Silva a beating. Looking forward to this card, I hope Forrest beats Tito’s a$$ and Cote TKO’s Cung Le.

          • knowlegezone

            yup, hope silva does not have so called SORE RIBS before the fight….hahahaha

  • knowlegezone

    Silva is very talented fighter, but he is a A-HOLE, he tries to act like FEDOR, fedor is the nicest fighter i ever seen in the world of MMA, however silva is just an actor…from inside he is nothing but a show off clown. Only problem is… silva is BEST in his division.
    Sonnon on the other hand is totall opposite of silva, I love the way he speaks…sonnen is NOT the best fighter but he is the only fighter who is NOT scared of silva. Silva takes advantage of your fear, he cant find that in sonnen…and this is the only thing which will make him a winner.

    My pick: Chael P Sonnen

  • lawrensco

    I want Sonnen to win this fight so bad that I put 500 bucks on Silva just to cushion the blow when Silva knocks him out in devastating fashion. Round 1 or round 2 should be all it takes. But I hope I’m wrong.