UFC 147 Silva vs Franklin II Video Preview

It’s a rematch of UFC 99’s Fight of the Night between legends when Rich Franklin takes on Wanderlei Silva live Saturday, June 23 at UFC 147 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Check out the UFC 147 video preview…


  1. Wanderlei is still one of the greats. He can hang in there with the best of them. I just think he needs to approach fights with a little intelligence now. This ain’t PRIDE anymore.

    If he fights smart, he can win against anybody. He will always be dangerous. It’s his style that get’s him into trouble these days. You can’t fight guys like Anderson Silva like a wild monkey.

    • Have to disagree there. He is past his prime, has no cardio, his caveman swinging has been severely exposed vs technical strikers, his chin has diminished.

      He had one of the best careers in MMA history…win lose or draw I think he should retire after this fight to preserve health.

      • How can you possibly say he is one of the greats. Had he not run to pride he would just be that guy on Vitor’s KO highlight video.

  2. lame fight

  3. Good fight

  4. I heard that Wandy has a very different game plan for this one… a lot of grappling. WHile he likes to let his hands fly, he needs to make sure and get the win this time.

  5. Wanderlei is the mostt overated fighter maybe in the history of MMA. If you want to disagree with me just name a few top fighters that he has ever beat. People love him because he brawls.

  6. Not a good fight.. A GREAT fight, Wanderlei is one of few fighters left that that actually gos into a fight to fight. To many fighters seem to fight scared as if fighting not to loose but never to definitively win. I’d rather see a fighter loose fighting and entertaining me then fight to barely win. To often we watch fights and confuse technique and a supposed game plan with the inability to finish a fight. Win or loose your going to see a fight and not a ballroom dance.