UFC 147 Post-Fight Video: Rich Franklin Wants One More Title Run Before He Retires

June 24, 2012
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Rich Franklin

For the second time, Rich Franklin outlasts Wanderlei Silva in a Fight of the Night performance. The two squared off in the main event of UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II on Saturday night in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Get “Ace’s” thoughts on the fight, his time in Brazil, and dealing with a last-minute opponent change.

Check out Rony Jason’s UFC 147 post-fight interview…

  • RubeKegal

    There are few fighters left that I would confidently say Rich could beat.

  • hitman13

    I disagree, he lost to Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, and to a bigger Forest Griffen. He might not have a title run, but you don’t think he has a chance against Bisbing, Munoz, Palhares, or Belcher? Especially Bisbing!

    • RubeKegal

      He will never beat Anderson, he has nothing on Chael#2, Belfort #3 crushed him(even though Belfort should have gotten DQ’ed), Bisping is truly not #4 in the world, I think Rich could beat Bisping. I think Munoz would run through Franklin.

      Rich can possibly beat Stann, Boetsch, and I think he beat okami already, but I honestly dont see him beating Belcher or Weidman.

      At the end of the day, Wanderlei has looked terrible in the UFC, and he almost put Rich out, 37 and 38 is not the age you want to keep fighting at.

      Rich got beat up bad in his win over Loiseau. He broke both hands and a rib and after a 21-2 start he is 8-5. Time to hang it up I think.

      • Prodigy815

        I think Rich has a chance against anybody in the division except superior strikers.The five losses post Loiseau were against Silva,Henderson,Belfort and Griffin,losing to current and former champions only.

  • I think Franklin can beat anyone in the division except Anderson Silva.

  • adam1848

    I think once Anderson retires, Rich has as good a chance as anyone currently in the division of taking the belt. Obviously fights with Chael, Vitor, Munoz, could go either way, but no chance would I count Franklin out. I personally thought he won the fight with Hendo, and the Forrest fight just showed he was undersized at 205, which everybody already knew. Vitor is amazing and can knock out anyone, and I’d love to see a rematch with Rich. I don’t see Chael beating Anderson, but if that did happen, I think Rich should fight Bisping or Vitor for #1 contender, with Bisping / Vitor getting the winner of Munoz v Weidman for next in line. Hopefully, Anderson will KO Chael then retire, leaving the division in a frenzy I’d love to witness. But then Machida will probably drop down (as well as Hendo after he loses to Jones) and that throws more contenders into the shark tank. Although I see many of these fights going either way, I’m not sure anyone can beat Lyoto at his natural weight.