UFC 147 Drug Tests Come Back Clean

July 11, 2012
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UFC 147 posterThe UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II drug test results are in and they all came back clean.

All 22 fighters at UFC 147 were tested for both illegal recreational drugs as well as performance enhancing drugs. The results were negative for all 22 fighters, according to UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner.

Since UFC 147 took place at an international location without a regulatory body, the UFC coordinated with an independent testing company to provide for drug testing of its athletes.

Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin headlined the event, which also included the featherweight and middleweight finals of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

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  • TKD

    What?? Silva is definitely on PED’s. In fact, I saw him taking them in the ring right before he covered his entire body in vaseline, grabbed onto Chael’s shorts for 15 minutes, kneed Sonnen in the face 6 times and then had the fight stopped early while punching Chael’s arm. All of this came the day after he nearly murdered Sonnen at the press conference with his bomb-strapped shoulder bump.

    Delusional Sonnen fans…

    • worldchamp

      No disrepsect to Sonnen fans, but that is funny. A for effort!