UFC 146 Video: Jamie Varner Was at Rock Bottom, but Now… He’s Back!

May 26, 2012
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Jamie Varner

Heading into Saturday night’s UFC 146 bout with the skyrocketing Edson Barboza, Jr., Jamie Varner, by his own admission, had hit rock bottom.

What a difference one fight can make.

Varner rocked Barboza, earning a first-round stoppage, putting him immediately back on the map.

Check out what Jamie Varner had to say in his exclusive interview with MMAWeekly.com’s Conner Cordova…

  • As long as he keeps fighting and doesn’t whine or complain he should be just fine.

  • I have seen a number of fighters with the two colored stars on either side of their upper chest now and I was wondering if anyone knows what that is about? Is it the mark of a certain fight camp or something along those lines?

    • Just a douchey “bro” tattoo.

      • smill0313

        Man, fighters have the worst tats of all time.

  • smill0313

    Does this beat out gsp-serra 1 as the greatest upset in mma history?

    • No

      • smill0313

        On paper it seems like a bigger mis-match but gsp-serra is still greatest upset. I guess people should learn to stop looking past the fighter in front of them.

  • fjc1113

    I’m just glad he didn’t do the chicken dance this time

  • RubeKegal

    Varner still lost to a guy who did gay porn. Just saying