UFC 146 Video: Frank Mir, ‘I Did What I Could and He Beat Me’

May 27, 2012
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Frank Mir UFC 146 weigh-insFrank Mir has always been brutally honest, not only when it comes to his opposition, but also to himself, good or bad.

And that didn’t change after he lost in his bid to wrest the UFC heavyweight championship from Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“His footwork was awesome. That’s probably the thing I had the hardest time with,” Mir assessed after the fight.

“His footwork was superior to mine.”

Check out what else Frank Mir had to say following UFC 146…

  • smill0313

    Congrats to mir for being in the division for 10 years and still being able to string together a run worthy of a title shot. I mean, I never for even a second thought he would beat jds, but he is worthy of being in the hall of fame when he retires.

    • KBEsq

      Yup, people bag on him a lot, and it’s really unjustified. I think people who come here bag on anyone who isn’t in the top five and currently kicking everyone’s ass.

      14 wins in the HW division. I agree with you – I didn’t think there was a chance Mir would win this fight, and after it started, it was just a matter of time. Anyone who can stay in the UFC w/o getting the boot for so many years deserves respect though.

  • DrkDisciple

    Just like JDS called it on Primtime Mir was looking for an excuse to quit. The Guy even faked an eye poke. No danger of him ever becoming a champ again!

    • tsszaltax

      Just because the ref didnt stop it, it was a faked eye poke? He was in no trouble when it happened and even JDS backed off when it happened. I dont get how the guy was looking for an excuse to quit…..Do you even know Mir’s history and/or watch any of his fights? Wow, you’re lame.

    • RubeKegal

      Go re-watch the tape, in slo-mo you can see he got poked. Excuse to quit….god you’re a turd.

      • DrkDisciple

        Rube, Mir is as much of a quiter as you are a peace of garbage. I am sure you both have the same chance of making it to some hall of fame.

        • MrAdidas

          Ur an idiot. Mir “quit” ughh thats why he made it further than Cain did, thats why Mir was in a severe motorbike accident & fought for 2 yrs to return to MMA, but hes a quitter. STFU jello cock!

          • DrkDisciple

            You compare Mir the Cain? lol Keep in mind Mir won when there was no one in the heavyweight division of the UFC Beating The Maine-iac isnt doesnt make you a hall of famer. You are probably the same kind of douche that thinks Fedor wasnt that good………oH yes feel free to stick the jello cock deep in your ass you retard!

        • RubeKegal

          First off it’s quitter, not “quiter”. I guess i’m a shoe in for the hall of fame then cuz Mir is sure as hell on his way!!!

          You must dislike facts.

        • Lesnardo

          Who cares? Mir has a big mouth. Even after the loss, he tried to “explain” what had happened. “superior footwork”? That’s it????

          Mir is NOT honest.

      • MrAdidas

        Ur are right, he did get poked. Had Dos Santos not poke Mir, he would have said something or got upset with Mir, for faking. But Dos Santos did back up & was going to give Mir time, though the ref said he had not seen it, so the fight continued. THE END!

  • Dayrelphareal

    Mir got in the cage and fought JDS props to Mir one of Ufc elite

  • plang

    what a joke mir knew he was not going to win when they signed the deal! good acting though!

    • Lesnardo

      The funny thing is, I think Mir thought that he had a chance.

      However, unlike his previous fights, he didn’t talk too much shiit on JDS. That should tell you Mir’s confidence level.

  • MikeMc1983

    What in the heII happened to everyone on this topic?
    I think my IQ may have lowered just reading the crap people wrote.
    Mir quit? Mir faked an eye poke? Mir hasn’t ever been any good? Mir knew he could never win? I especially like how if you think Mir was ever good than you probably think fedor never was. <~~ because the have anything to do with eachother…
    If you've ever been pretty good at something than you know the faith in yourself that comes with it. Reguardless of how big an underdog you are. You feel that you have it in you to pull the upset.
    Theres no reason why Mir should ever feel like he doesnt have a chance. He was of the most well rounded fighters there's been. If you run that fight with jounior 10 times Mir is going to win a couple. They're heavyweights. They can all flash finish eachother.
    He is what he is. A guy trying to be the best at what he does. Chill out. It's not like there's a bunch of guys who want to fight Mir because they believe it would be an easy night.

    • Lesnardo

      HAHA! You are just butt hurt that your Mir prediction failed.

      “If you run that fight with jounior 10 times Mir is going to win a couple. They’re heavyweights.”

      LOL! Umm…yeah…okay…dude.

      • MikeMc1983

        You will never find any text of me predicting a fight. I don’t make fight predictions. So stop making things up.

  • smarks10

    You guys are all retarted. This website is not for bitching at each other. We all got opinions, that doesnt mean one is more right then the other. Its easy to talk shit when its not your ass in the UFC DRkdisciple