UFC 146 Video: Cain Velasquez Ready for Shot at Junior dos Santos

After Cain Velasquez’s domination of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 146 on Saturday night, UFC president Dana White says the former champ deserves another title shot, but fell short of a guarantee that it would happen. But if a title shot is next for Velasquez, he’s more than ready. That’s what he wants.

“The only reason I’m in this sport is to be champion,” said Velasquez on Saturday night. “I just don’t feel right right now without having it.”

Check out what else Cain Velasquez had to say about his fight against Silva and a potential title shot…


  1. I like cain, but it only took jds a minute to knock him doggy style last time. I would like to see velasquez wear out overeem when his cheating a$$ gets back from suspension.

  2. JDS landed a shot to the back of Cain’s head. Im not trying to make excuses, but getting hit to the back of the head will KO anyone. Remember when Serra hit GSP in the back of the head it knocked him out as well. This will be a good fight.

    • He hit him in the side of the head, above the ear. I’m not taking anything away from velasquez, he is a beast and that combo he finished noguiera with was a thing of beauty. Just think he is still a win away from challenging.

    • Serra Hit GSP behind the ear, JDS hit Cain above the ear, both are clean shots and bad places to get hit.
      I too think cain should have one more win before challenging again but who ? Wait nine months for Overeem and then six more for JDS ? And the champ is supposed to wait over a year to defend his tittle again !…..maybe Barnett ?

      • In a perfect world, jds would unify against comier while velasquez fights **** **** overeem, but instead they are gonna give jds and comier undeserving opponents.

  3. Yeah, the role is you cant hit someone directly in the back of the head or within an inch diameter of the center of the back of the head, cain got knocked out and will feet knocked out again, and since when does a win over antonio silva (whos coming off a loss) get you a title shot, i don’t understand why People like cain as much as they do, jds best him with a bad knee and Cain had a fail of a takedown attempt against him, but cain did good last night, buts should fight someone better than bigfoot