UFC 146 Primetime: Dos Santos vs. Mir (Episode 1)

May 12, 2012
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It was supposed to be Alistair Overeem stepping in against Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas, but a failed drug test later and now Frank Mir has stepped up for a shot at the UFC heavyweight championship.

Any drama building up between dos Santos and Overeem is long gone, but that’s not to say there isn’t a backstory to the new match-up, as Mir, in his last fight broke the arm of Junior dos Santos’ mentor and coach Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

UFC Primetime, in a three-part build-up to the fight, takes us behind the scenes as JDS and Mir prepare for their UFC heavyweight title showdown at UFC 146.

Check out episode one below…

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  • Even though I didn’t think that this fight was worth doing a primetime, it was a great episode, and it has me more excited to see the fight. I like both of the fighters but feel that JDS is going to KO Mir pretty quickly. It’s amazing how JDS goes from being the nicest guy in the world outside the ring and then turns into a terrifying killer inside the ring.

    • opposition13

      I am looking forward to see MIR face plant, I cant stand his dumb a$$ ignorant cockiness..what a jerk…

  • adice89

    Mir has to use alot of movement and use kick+punch combos from angles to keep JDS in defense mode and keep him guessing. OTHERWISE JDS is gonna combo him to death and win fairly easy. If mir was a smart man he wouldnt just stay in one spot and move back in forth thats how JDS always wins. He needs to punch+kick move side to side clinch and pull guard and look for a sub to win this fight if he doesnt want to get cracked with combos and finished within the first.

  • p3ezy

    “he is the winningest heavyweight in ufc history” wtf??

  • browill70

    I’m sure Mir said the same things when he fought Brock Lesnar the second time. Out-strike aqnd out-wrestle Dos Santos? Mir sounds a little dilusional.

  • AdamBianski

    I really just never know what to think about Mir. Sometimes he gets knocked out by Vera in rd 1 other times he beats Nog. Sometimes Carwin makes him look like a girl then other times…… oh wait the only big win he has is against Nog. Other then that alot of wins against guys who really are after thoughts. Mir is the most over rated fighter in the history of the sport. That is great he is the most winningest HW ever that is just because he is the golden boy and they keep giving him fights. All in all I hope he wins because I like Mir I just think he is overrated and the whole hw division is weak.

    • RubeKegal

      You’re delusional. Roy Nelson is a great win, 2 wins over Nog is huge, he dropped and choked out Kongo which noone expected to happen. He beat Brock. His 16-5 is a hell of a lot more impressive than Nog’s cans he crushed over in Japan.

  • AdamBianski

    Before anyone goes and argues with me about Mir being overrated look at his wins and find the top ten fighters he has beat. There is one that is rated now, and two others (Brock and Silvia) that were ever top guys.

    • jmat13

      Mir is like a Coture. His record might not look that great but he does have the ability to win any fight he is in. He has 3 wins in a row. The guy is making one last push at the end of his career. If he does win you have to give him some credit for winning 3 belts.

  • Big Not looked really bitter when he was talking about Frank Mir on UFC Primetime. Yeah he should be disappointed about the loss but he has only himself to blame for his broken arm–he should have tapped. He hurt himself. I used to like Big Nog but he was crying over something that was his own fault.

    Check out this artcile about Nog joining dancing with the stars http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/minotauro-nogueira-enters-dancing-stars-brazil-edition/

  • Booker T

    Man, Mir sure is messed up. He’s an athiest and a vegan. Lost soul who needs a taste of a juicy prime rib.