UFC 146 Play-by-Play: Junior dos Santos vs. Frank Mir

May 20, 2012
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Junior dos Santos vs. Frank Mir

Round 1:  Mir quickly goes for a takedown.  He works for a single leg and pulls guard.  Dos Santos gets free and moves away.  Mir lands a leg kick and Dos Santos delivers a shot to the body.  Dos Santos lands a lead left hook.  Dos Santos lands a left hook.  Mir delivers an outside leg kick, and one to the body.  Dos Santos lands a big shot.  Mir is landing solid leg kicks.  Mir lands a straight left.  Dos Santos lands a heavy shot to the body.  He’s working the body now.  Mir tries to close the distance with punches but Dos Santos counters with a right.  Dos Santos lands a right hand and Mir is hurt.  Dos Santos has him against the cage teeing off.  Mir dives for legs.  Dos Santos moves away and the round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Dos Santos.

Round 2: They touch gloves and round 2 is underway.  Dos Santos lands a straight right hand.  Mir presses forward with a combination.  Dos Santos catches Mir and drops him with a right hand and makes him get back up.  Mir lands a left hand, and another.  Mir closes the distance and gets poked in the eye.  Referee Herb Dean tells him to fight.  Mir covers up.  Dos Santos looks for an opening.  Mir answers with an inside leg kick followed by an outside leg kick.  Dos Santos lands a right hand that puts Mir down.  Dos Santos backs away and moves back in and lands a hammer fist that finishes the fight.

The official time of the TKO can at 3:04 of the second round.

UFC 146 Live Results Home Page

  • dgs

    Pretty much how I thought it would end. Actually I thought Dos Santos would finish it in the first.

    It’s going to take a very special heavyweight to beat Dos Santos, and outside of Overeem, I don’t think that heavyweight exists.