UFC 146: Dos Santos vs Overeem Official, Tickets on Sale in March

March 6, 2012
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The big boys are coming to Las Vegas.

UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos will make the first defense of his title on May 26 against Alistair Overeem at UFC 146.

The UFC made the fight official on Tuesday.

The bout between Dos Santos and Overeem had already been rumored by UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta earlier this year, but the confirmation on Tuesday means that fight contracts are in place and the fight will happen in May.

Junior Dos Santos claimed the UFC heavyweight title with a rousing victory over former champion Cain Velasquez in November last year at the first ever UFC on Fox event.

Dos Santos crushed Velasquez with a big overhand punch, putting the former Arizona State wrestler down and out early in the first round.

Now Dos Santos will face a fighter with equally deadly stand-up and he has the credentials to prove it.

Alistair Overeem finally made his long awaited UFC debut last December as he put away former champion Brock Lesnar to claim the top spot in the heavyweight contender’s race.

A former K-1 Grand Prix champion, Overeem is as dangerous on his feet as any fighter in the sport today, and he’ll look to add another knockout and title to his list of accolades in May.

Tickets will go on sale for UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Overeem later in March.

  • Anthony

    I gotta go with The Reem on this one–too big, too strong, and I think he has Juniors Number–Unless J.D.S. pulls a Condit, hes going to sleep.

  • fsunoles09

    i have oovereem to but how exactly does he have jds number

  • Anthony

    JDS isnt gonna take him down, yeah sure hell dance and try not to get hit, but Overeem is the #1 kick boxer in the world–the K1 champion-Thats why hell have Santos number. The only chance anyone has against this monster is to take him down

  • juniorbra

    JDS is too fast for him….

  • Pull a Condit? Wtf does that even mean? If by that you mean “fight and not brawl” then yea, i’m sure that’s JDS’s plan. I’m pretty sure no one but Clay Guida goes into a fight thinking ” I’m just going to see how many punches to the chin I can take without falling down”?

  • Purchased. Theres no way this ends in a decision.

    I think Dos Santos will win this one.

  • Anthony

    first off somebodies gotta change their name or add a last name to it–there cant be two Anthonys, second, if you cant figure out what ” pulling a Condit” is then you either didnt see the Condit vs Diaz fight or your just plain dense -Condit did a lil less then fight bro–he hit, and ran away–he won , ill give him that, but not too many people were happy to pay $50 to see that. I dont know maybe you were?

  • Wait, there are two Anthonys here? Lol thats just awesome. You guys should argue in every thread.

  • zap

    Anyone kno when Cain vs. Frank is goin down?