UFC 146: dos Santos vs. Mir Weigh-in Photo Gallery

May 25, 2012


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  1. looking forward to Cain Velasquez fight tonight let’s support one of our own..Brown Pride!!!

    • Yeah… that’s not at all racist or anything.

  2. Well, humans come in different races, it’s a reality, it’s nature… if you speak up and say that you should support a fellow Latin American it’s automatically ‘racist’? Nobody here is saying anything bad about anyone. This politically correct trend is getting on my nerves. It’s everywhere, in the forums, tv, radio, sports, it’s fuJJYen bullshit.

  3. go cain cuz i parlayed u with jds…need to get those odds down somehow

  4. Blackdog I believe that if someone had White Pride tattooed across his chest the UFC wouldn’t even let him fight. I don’t know, maybe they would. They let that Ref work with his shirt buttoned up to his ears so his tats don’t show. I sure wonder what they say. Pretty good ref though…
    I thought it said BronX pride and that didn’t bother me at all, but when I realized what it did say I lost something for him.
    Realistically though if it said Irish Pride or Italian Pride I doubt anyone would care.
    What to make of any of it?

  5. You got it correct georgesperry. I am not prejudice but the reverse discrimination these days against white people is sure to make me prejudiced soon. It is okay to say any color except white when you put “pride” behind it. Why do you have to make it a color, and therefore a racist, comment? The “brown pride” notation should have been “hispanic pride” or “Brazilian pride,”etc. When I see brown pride, I think of one of you macho guys standing over the toilet, bragging about a huge turd!!!!