UFC 146: dos Santos vs. Mir Fighter Salaries

May 29, 2012
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UFC 146 Junior dos Santos vs. Frank MirThe UFC 146: dos Santos vs. Mir fighter salaries on Tuesday were released to MMAWeekly.com by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The main event at Saturday’s event featured Junior dos Santos establishing his dominance as UFC heavyweight champion, finishing Frank Mir in the second round of their championship bout.

The following figures are based on the fighter salary information that promoters are required by law to submit to the state athletic commissions, including the winners’ bonuses.

Although mixed martial arts fighters do not have collective bargaining or a union, the fighters’ salaries are still public record, just as with every other major sport in the United States. Any undisclosed bonuses that a promoter also pays its fighters, but does not disclose to the athletic commissions (specifically, pay-per-view bonuses, fight of the night bonuses, etc.), are not included in the figures below.

UFC 146: dos Santos vs. Mir Fighter Salaries

Junior dos Santos: $200,000 (no win bonus)
def. Frank Mir: $200,000

Cain Velasquez: $200,000 (includes $100,000 win bonus)
def. Antonio Silva: $70,000

Roy Nelson: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus)
def. Dave Herman: $21,000

Stipe Miocic: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Shane Del Rosario: $20,000

Stefan Struve: $58,000 (includes $29,000 win bonus)
def. Lavar Johnson: $26,000

Darren Elkins: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
def. Diego Brandao: $15,000

Jamie Varner: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Edson Barboza, Jr.: $18,000

C.B. Dollaway: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus)
def. Jason Miller: $45,000

Dan Hardy: $50,000 (includes $25,000 win bonus)
def. Duane Ludwig: $18,000

Paul Sass: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Jacob Volkmann: $20,000

Glover Teixeira: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Kyle Kingsbury: $12,000

Mike Brown: $52,000 (includes $26,000 win bonus)
def. Daniel Pineda: $10,000

UFC 146: dos Santos vs. Mir Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $1,233,000

  • I think fighters should promote them self’s like in boxing! instead of being part of a company! i luv ufc because its hands down real fighting to the fullest cant beleave floyd mayweather got 32 million for a single boxing match in is last fight what a joke that makes that 1,233,000 look like chump change.I dont think Anderson Silva will see that kind of money in his hole career and he deserves it the most HE’S THE BEST DAMN FIGHTER IN THE WORLD! not washed up boxing! step up your game UFC i know you can dish out more money than 1,233,000.

    • Horrible idea. The decentralized model that boxing follows results in the fights people want to see not happening and weak cards. When’s the last time a boxing card was stacked? They always fill them up with crap fights and cap it off with the main event. Ever look at the salary of the undercard guys on a boxing PPV?

      I like the UFC model. All the best under one roof and competing against one another (just like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL…).

    • KBEsq

      I totally agree with Shortbus. I’ve said this before and I will say it again (and this may be the Christian in me), but it’s a huge mistake to look at what other people make to determine whether you’re happy with what you make. What boxers make is irrelevant. The questions is: are you happy doing what you’re doing for what you’re making. The answer to that question shouldn’t depend upon looking at other people.

      Many of these guys are living their dream, and living very extravagant life styles. I can pretty much guarantee you that a guy like A. Silva makes plus or minus a million dollars per fight. Who cares that literally a handful of boxers make eight figures. Like Shortbus was alluding to, the reason those few boxers make that much money is because of the way boxing is structured and the reason why boxing sucks. All boxing fans want to see one freaking fight, and no one can even make it happen. That would never happen in the UFC.

    • bossofthesticks

      Mark Hunt is the best fighter silva just gets lucky sorry man but its a scientific fact they did studies

      • Triggerman99


  • atmosphere

    After I had SETI deciphered that post, I’ve decided that your point is brilliant.

    More sports should adopt everything boxing because we all know that they have a very legitimate, sustainable business model. besides, combat sports, including prowrestling, are all essentially the same.

    MMA should also start breaking weight classes accurate to the nearest ounce so that we could have 16 different weight classes/belts in between 145 and 155.

    • MikeMc1983

      I think that would be closer to 160 weight classes between 145 & 155. Based on your idea of rounding to each ounce.
      On the bright side if the did that nick Diaz might be able to get a title. Lol

      • atmosphere

        based on this and your response to dderizzo’s below, you don’t quite comprehend sarcasm.

  • bajafox

    Not gonna lie, just opened the article to see how many people were whining about them not getting paid enough…I’m kind of disappointed so far.

    • macgrubber

      whining about them not getting enough? plz they are not out protecting people or saving lives. As far as im concerned they are overpaid for what they do. Pay a guy a million dollars for fighting is ridiculous.

      • mikemma123

        Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Eliot Spitzer, Soulja boy, Lindsay Lohan etc all make more than these guys and not helping or protecting anyone. If you going to used that logic, make sure you used on everyone. I’m looking at the paid and I guess it’s ok but what a lot of people don’t understand is that these guys got to pay their trainers. From your boxing coach, jiu jitsu, muay Thai , wrestling. They just start getting Heath care last year. But the most important thing is that once they retire, their no pension. Very few guys make millions a year. But guys like Roy Nelson, once they are done fighting… Well, You better make should you save up enough to open your own gym because thats really the only way to survive in this Business.

        • RubeKegal

          Kim Kardashian should be broke…she is a dirty dirty whore….following in her mothers footsteps quite nicely I must say!! She banged a black dude, well about 85 black guys that we know of… how our society let her get famous is beyond me.

  • ntokomotswana

    they just dont make money….so roy nelson always take all beating for 40 thousands?

    • rsnowbass

      Agreed about Roy. He’s a veteran and fan favorite of the sport and has earned himself the status of much higher IMHO than $40,000. He is one of the underpaid fighters for sure.

      Also, I was surprised a veteran of the sport and ex-WEC champ such as Varner only made $20,000.

      While I don’t believe the UFC should follow the model of boxing, I do believe their “middle tiered” (not sure how else to explain this group of fighters) are very much so underpaid.

  • Triggerman99

    I wish I could get paid $20,000 to fight someone for 15 minutes. I would take a fight every month if I could.
    I think they’re living pretty well. I’m not gonna cry for them.

  • Remember, these fighters put in a heckuva a lot of time to be prepared for that 15 minutes in the cage. It’s part of their job to do so.

    But also remember, these salaries are just what has to be reported to the athletic commissions. Many fighters have other compensation in their contracts that are not required to be disclosed on their bout agreements submitted to the athletic commissions. Not all, but many. Plus, in the UFC, many receive performance bonuses aside from the UFC’s post-fight awards.

    • jessemalloy

      exactly, dana is pretty open about acknowledging the fact they give out locker room bonuses. Also, the fighters sponsors pay them for wearing their logos on shorts, walk out shirts, hats etc… whats reported is just like a base pay. They have it well.

  • Cptmats

    Fight salaries are only part of their earnings, They also get paid for endorsements, TV appearances and alot of them Have their own gyms.

  • dderizzo

    These UFC fighters deserve way more $$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$$.They are by far the best conditioned Guys in any Sport.$ 4o,ooo for Big Country? What a JOKE……I guess “RAMPAGE” said it best…UFC, U FIGHT CHEAP….Come on Dana,Pay these guys right….

    • MikeMc1983

      Wait a minute. Did you just say mma fighters are the best conditioned athletes in sports, and then the first name out of your keyboard was big country? When the rest of the world makes fun of mma fans, they’re making fun of you…

  • markrenton

    Keep in mind that fighters in the main event get a portion of the PPV, which is typically going to be between 1-3 million. Dos Santos was making 30k to fight/30k to win 2-3 years ago and he probably brought in a few million from this weekend.

    These fighters AGREED to fight at these salaries and if they feel underpaid their managers negotiate. Roy Nelson came to the UFC from the TUF show, which limits how much you can make early on. That is probably the only reason he’s still at 20/20.

  • millerman1968

    How come Roy only got 40,000.I thought their pay scale went up when they fought more

  • ntokomotswana

    is fair for other fighters to make 40 Gs when others can walk in the octagon to get knocked out in first round for 400 Gs? thats just one thing i dont like about the MMA…