UFC 146 Doesn’t Have All the Big Men; UFC on Fox 4 Gets Browne vs. Rothwell

May 1, 2012
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Travis Browne vs Ben RothwellUFC 146 may be the fight card of heavyweights, but not all the big men are fighting on May 26 in Las Vegas. Travis Browne and Ben Rothwell, both just coming off of victories, will square off at UFC on Fox 4 in August in Los Angeles.

UFC officials announced the bout late Monday evening.

Browne (13-0-1) has continued to impress, fight after fight. He’s now 4-0-1 in the Octagon, coming off of an impressive submission win over former Strikeforce fighter Chad Griggs at UFC 145 in Atlanta.

The big Hawaiian had been keeping himself ready following the win over Griggs, just in case the UFC had any more problems with its UFC 146 fight card. His manager, John Fosco of VF Elite Sports Management, told MMAWeekly.com earlier in the day that Browne was already back in the gym, staying ready.

He won’t be called into action at UFC 146, but will instead step onto the UFC on Fox 4 fight card against Rothwell, who now holds a record of 32-8.

Rothwell fought on the same UFC 145 card as Browne, knocking out Brendan Schaub a little more than a minute into their fight. He has been alternating between wins and losses in the Octagon, so he’ll be looking to put together his first back-to-back wins under the Zuffa banner.

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    nice fight! Rothwell is gunna get smashed though!

  • phrankthetank

    Good fight, if rothwell stays in shape this could be competitive.

    • Lesnardo

      Rothwell could either come in fat and rely on his power or come in skinny and not rely on his power. Either way he doesn’t have enough speed or skills to pose threat to any decent fighter. Staying in shape is overrated.

      • phrankthetank

        He came in out of shape and gassed out against hunt, he came out in shape and knocked out Shaub in a minute. You’re right, being in shape is terribly overrated.

        • MuayThaiFood

          All things being equal being in shape makes a huge difference. BJ Penn is a perfect example. I think what he is trying to say is that it he is deficient enough in other areas then just being in shape really won’t be enough to make the difference against more skilled and athletic opponents. My opinion is that the reason he knocked out Shaub had more to do with Shaub’s lack of a chin and his reckless abandon that left him open than Rothwell’s skills. Knocking out Shaub in less than a minute sounds impressive but everything leading up to the knockout was very unimpressive. I think Browne should take this one.

          • phrankthetank

            I never said browne shouldn’t win, but rothwell has a solid game and a solid chin. At this level of the sport you measure in millimeters, rothwell being in shape is worth noting.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I agree with you in that if you are going to be fighting at this level then why would you not be in shape? I just don’t think it had much to do with his win over Shaub. Less than one minute in it shouldn’t have been much of a factor.

          • phrankthetank

            Confidence can do a lot

      • LAW OF FIST

        Wow!, r u really that dum?

  • RubeKegal

    Hopefully Browne ends Rothwell’s career so we don’t have to see anymore Hunt vs. Rothwell type of matches.

  • This fight has the potential to be ugly.
    Rothwell by decision.


    This fight will win fight of the night-no joke-Mr. Rothwell is reborn-mark my words-and Travis Browne is just coming unto his own-This fight will go down in history as one of the greatest heavyweight matchups of all time-Browne by sub or Rothwell by Tko-seriously-Rothwell ain’t playing anymore

    • RubeKegal

      i just marked your words, if this does not come true, I will bash you for eternity.