UFC 146 Aftermath: Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez 2 In the Works

May 27, 2012
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At UFC 146, Cain Velasquez entered the Octagon a man on a mission.  From the opening bell you could tell that just based on his demeanor that he was going for the big first round finish.

Unfortunately for Velasquez’s opponent Silva, he just happened to be the wrong opponent at the wrong time because Velasquez seemed even more motivated and hungry after losing the title to Junior Dos Santos.

With the impressive win, UFC President Dana White feels that another fight against Dos Santos is next in the cards for Velasquez.

“I think it’s a good idea, we like that fight”, UFC President Dana White said at the post-fight press conference. “Cain went undefeated for a long time, lost to Junior.  I like the fight, we’ll see what happens.”

For Velasquez, not being champion doesn’t sit well with him.  It’s almost as if he feels naked without the heavyweight title, but after the dominant win over Silva, Velasquez feels great knowing that the title is within his grasp once again.

“It feels great,” Velasquez said post-fight.  “The only reason why I got into this sport is to be the champ and I just don’t feel right, right now without having it.”

A date and venue has yet to be set for Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos 2, but stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com as more info becomes available.

  • If Cain wins this creates an interesting situation with Cormier. Dana made it sound like DC would be at the front of the line if he came over to the UFC.

  • dez

    Dana also said Cormier should consider dropping to 205. But that is just DW being desperate to book anybody who might even give the facade of being able to compete with Jones. Cain vs JDS 2 could happen pretty soon seeing as neither fighter took damage. But with Showtime wanting Cormier to fight one more and him having to recoup an injured hand, it might actually take him longer to make it to the UFC than Alistair’s suspension will last. I would see Overeem getting the title shot first if both are available.

  • Mario

    This is really what should happen next. Cain looked absolutely fantastic tonight. His fight with JDS only lasted 60 something seconds. There’s no other clear contender at Heavyweight right now besides Cormier, and he’s stuck with that (1 more fight deal) in Strikeforce.

    A rematch between these two would be just as epic as their first encounter. This is one rematch I don’t mind looking forward to 🙂

    • grendel

      Wow you must not have seen many mma fights if you think that the first cain vs jds fight was epic…smh. cain doesn’t deserve a shot again he lasted. A minute and got knocked out. Big country is on a one fight win as well just like cain and he lasted fifteen minutes, werdum is also on a one fight win and lasted longer then cain did as well. If it is between anyone of those three the last person that should get it is cain brown pride glass jaw velasquez. I don’t understand peoples love for him. It is just mind boggling. For shame smh.

      • Mario

        You’re clearly a rambling fool.

        Junior hit Cain on the temple (the side of the head), not the chin when he caught him, and you said he has a “glass jaw”. LOL

        Aside from that fight, Cain’s never really been hit. Cheick Kongo dropped him, but he ate it. If anything, he’s shown a GREAT chin.

        You made no sense! 🙂

      • Booker T

        Right on grenel. Only thing good about a rematch is to see “BROWN PRIDE” get ko’d again.