UFC 145 Video: Rashad Evans Gracious In Defeat, Pays Jon Jones His Due

April 22, 2012
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UFC 145 didn’t go Rashad Evans’ way, but he’s not crying over spilled milk. He’s happy to pay credit where credit’s due, and that’s to his opponent Jon Jones.

Evans battled with his former training partner for 25 minutes, but couldn’t come up with strategy to put away the UFC’s reigning light heavyweight champion.

After the fight, Evans fielded questions from reporters about his fight with Jones and what could be potentially next on deck for the former Ultimate Fighter winner.

Check out this video of Rashad Evans at the UFC 145 post fight press conference:

  • sgtmajh

    Gracious? What the heck was this obvious Rashad fan watching? I heard pretty significant digs during two different interviews one right in the ring! Rashad has a punk attitude without question and does not deal with losing very well at all. Ok he is no where near as bad as the British spitter! (Bis-Badda-bing) But to say he fought better in practice? That is not gracious that is a punk comment after a loss! Let’s face it, he has great skills but he won the title on a single good shot and can’t seem to keep it or get it back! Top 10 yes top 5 not hardly!

  • dgs

    I saw a man who instead of admitting his opponent was better than him, pinned his loss on not performing as he should have. I think the reason Rashad did not perform as he should have, is because Jones took him out of his game, and was simply the better fighter in all rangers of the fight. Rashad is a great fighter, Jones is even greater.

    Jones is obviously a special fighter, and I believe will defeat Henderson soundly. Then it’s a fight with Anderson Silva, which will probably be one of the biggest fights in MMA history. I see the UFC doing something like that for their New Year’s Eve show (that is if the world doesn’t end in December…). Currently I think that’s the most intriguing fight in MMA.

  • bernardmartin

    He still doesn’t understand. Jones was right. Sparring is not fighting. He got the better of Jones in sparring but actual fighting is not the same.

  • bernardmartin

    He said Jones is on his way. Jones is there. He’s the Champ. What an idiot.

  • TKD

    What do you expect Retard Evans to say? He is trying to set himself up for another run at Jones down the line. The guy is delusional, at best. “I kicked his ass in training, so that means I will kick his ass in a real fight.” What kind of moron is he? There is a world of difference between a real fight and sparring.

    Like I predicted (along with everyone else with brains), Jones was going to beat Retard in this fight. Now Evans can take his rightful place in the UFC as gatekeeper!

  • TKD

    By the way, Damon Martin, what the hell were you watching/smoking when you wrote this article? I am not sure what it was, but I would hardly call Retard Evans “Gracious In Defeat”. Keep on hugging his nuts.

    • Lesnardo


      Poor Retard Evans

      • TKD

        Hey, maybe now we’ll see Retard fight Griffin. Hell, maybe he’ll call Chuck out of retirement for one more, “big fight”.