UFC 145 Video: Michael McDonald Just Wants Public Recognition After KO Over Torres

April 22, 2012
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Still one of the youngest competitors in the UFC, Michael McDonald made a big statement at UFC 145 as he knocked out former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres in vicious fashion.

A huge uppercut floored the former champ and a few punches later and McDonald had possibly the biggest victory of his young career.

While he’s not one to ask for anyone to rank him or call for a title shot, McDonald is hopeful to gain some recognition for his work after such an impressive knockout over a well known, and well respected opponent.

Check out what else McDonald had to say in this interview following his win at UFC 145:

  • Torres has lost more fights in the last couple years with his “new style” than he did in the first 9 years of his career combined.

    Tweak it, patch up the holes in your game… but don’t revamp the whole thing just because a couple didn’t go your way.

  • bernardmartin

    He is a high level BJJ guy and he is banging with guys. Anyone can get knocked out but if you’re a BJJ guy work to get the submission. Don’t stand there waiting to get knocked out.

  • D-rail

    I’d pay to see Brian Bowles take this kid on and bang it out. As for Miguel at 31yrs, he’s competing with younger and hungrier talent. He needs to accept just like Liddel that it’s time to start training the new wave of fighter’s, or keep getting KO’d. He’s had a great careeer and been a champ, but once your chin is gone, it’s time to hang up the gloves.

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