UFC 145 Video: Matt Brown Answers if Wonderboy Was More Hype or Reality

April 22, 2012

Matt Brown wanted to see if Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson was more hype or reality, and after a unanimous decision win at UFC 145, ‘The Immortal’ got his answer.

Brown told MMAWeekly.com after the fight that Thompson was more reality that hype, but he was still happy to get the unanimous decision win on Saturday night.

The former Ultimate Fighter alum now hopes that Dana White will grant him a Fight of the Night bonus for his bout with Wonderboy.

Check out this interview with Matt Brown after his win at UFC 145:


  1. I really don’t think Wonderboy is hype at all. He has some of the best standup in the division and his ground game looked good in the beginning of the fight.

    I really think this is just a case of a bad match up for Wonderboy. If you think about it, Brown is about the worst match up for Thompson. Brown’s record really belies his abilities against a guy who needs distance to perform. Thompson can be a great fighter, but he needs to work on his cardio and ground game.

  2. Matt Brown sucks so bad.

  3. I’m a huge Matt Brown fan, but he’s a B-level welterweight. If Wonderboy lost to Brown because Brown is a bad match-up for him, then he’s gonna be in a lot of trouble in the UFC.