UFC 145 Video: Jon Jones Talks Victory Over Rashad Evans, Ready for Dan Henderson

April 22, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145 Workouts
Another win is in the books for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as he finished off his rivalry with former teammate Rashad Evans at UFC 145.

Jones won a unanimous decision, but he wasn’t completely satisfied with his performance as he couldn’t finish Evans within 25 minutes.

Following the fight, Jones talked to the press about the win over Evans, as well as his next match up against Dan Henderson.

Check out Jon ‘Bones’ Jones from the UFC 145 post fight press conference:

  • Wonder what the line is going to look like for this fight.

    • michaelsouza

      IS it me or does Bones JOnes never look like he gets hit?
      It must be such a great feeling to be the best by far

  • I like Jones and all. But i hope hendo land that lucky right. I want to see Hendo win that belt one time. He deserve it.. I can only hope.

    • Anthony

      Man Rich, Im a huge hendo fan too, but were talking about a 15″ reach difference. I think Hendo might be in over his head on this one. Best bet would be to go back down to 185 and go after Silvas belt. Silva didnt do well with Chael and im incline to see Hendos wrestling on par with Sonnens and his stand up is much better. I think hed be better served going for the middle wt belt then fighting Bones. Also theres a hugh size difference between the two. I think it might be too much for Hendo to overcome . Although never count out the heart of Hendo.

    • fsunoles09

      i wouldnt call it a lucky right looking at how many times he landed it in his career.but i would have to go with jones but id much rather see hendo ko his ass.then move down and take silvas belt, at the ripe ol age of 41.but doubt it although i think hendo is more then capable of taking silvas belt.

      • zacharydetal

        Ripe ol age of 41? He has the testosterone level of a 23 year old.

  • BlackDog2009

    Jones definitely has an advantage over all his opponents, his long, octopus limbs, he knows how to use his superior reach and plus he has Jackson on his corner. That’s a tough formula to crack. I don’t see Hendo doing any better than Rashad.

    Guftasson on the other hand will be a true test. That kid is also very smart, has great boxing skills, superb footwork. A few more wins and some ground game strategy and he could be the perfect challenger.

  • maddawgmar

    That was the most boring fight. I hope this isn’t a glimps of things to come, just doing enough to win the fight. He could of turned up the tempo many times and overwhelmed Evans. It’s like he feared the power of Rashad. Far from the dominate performance everyone expected.

  • michaelsouza

    I also always find it interesting when civilians critique professionals no matter what sport! It was boring Jones should have done more, Favre should have passed it there, KObe shouldn’t shoot that shot!
    We don’t know what we would do! Like Tyson said everyone has a plan till they get hit.
    JOnes is so much better and bigger than anyone else no one wants to take a chance.
    The people thinking if he beats the old man who lost to shields and fights silva would be a good fight I don’t see it. Jones is to big and Silva I doubt will do it.

  • zacharydetal

    I agree. Why would Silva take that fight. His career is coming to an end. It wouldn’t make any sense. There would be a better chance of seeing JDS vs Jones.