UFC 145 Nixed for Montreal

January 17, 2012
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UFC CanadaTuesday was a rough one for UFC officials. Not only did they lose Mark Munoz to injury for the UFC on Fox 2 event next week, but they also had to reschedule their planned trip to Montreal.

UFC 145 had been slated for a March 24 return to the Bell Centre in Montreal, but the promotion has been having a difficult time nailing down a worthy main event.

Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press first reported the news via Twitter, saying, “UFC postpones March show in Montreal, citing scheduling complications and desire to deliver ‘championship card.’”

A UFC Canada spokesperson confirmed the postponement to MMAWeekly.com.

The promotion still plans to return to Montreal in 2012, but as of the time of publication did not have a new date nailed down.

Several fights had already been rumored for what was to be the UFC 145 fight card. Those bouts will now, according to UFC officials, be pushed back to the following pay-per-view event in Atlanta or positioned on other fight cards.

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  • lawrensco

    That’s disappointing! But after Diaz takes down Condit next month maybe they’ll reschedule GSP vs Diaz. I would be happy with that trade off!

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s Canada, who cares. These are the same people who love Gsp right? Just put Jon Fitch on the card. Same thing. 😉

    • mmafan7

      Hahaha… how about you shut the hell up, honky tonk jack@SS. Visit the city before you criticize, and really learn mma before you talk out of your other end.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m sorry. They might need to ask Fitch to shave his head, and wear an extra large belt buckle to the cage.
    The fans there wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    • DrkDisciple

      Is that an attempt at trying to be funny or showing how clueless you are?

  • lawrensco

    Go to Montreal one time and your opinion would be changed. It’s an incredible city.

  • MikeMc1983

    I never offered up an opinion about any city in Canada. Venice is suppose to be a beautiful city, what does that have to do with the UFC having events there?

    I was half kidding. If its not local to me, or in Vegas, I don’t really care where else the ufc has events. I all events were in Vegas, or southern California. (local for me)
    I was serious about the Gsp and Fitch thing.

    • mmafan7

      That’s pretty dumb… Fitch and GSP can’t be compared, and Condit is much more difficult than you think. Diaz hasn’t faced as many top opponents compared to Condit, and when he has he’s been terrible… don;t give me that bull that Daley, or Lawlor or Penn (now) are viable contenders… what about Rory Mac, or Ellenberger, or Stun Gun, or Hardy… if Diaz’ opponents are tough and top tier, then Condit’s should be considered so as well. And obviously you’re a Diaz fan, ur from Cali…

      • MikeMc1983

        That’s funny. I’ve probably more negative Nick Diaz comments on this site than anyone. Got the wrong guy with that one.
        Also, I never said a word about condit in this topic, but I have on others. I like condit. I believe win, or lose, condit is the most dangerous guy to Gsp’s belt.

        It’s funny that I have enough ammo to people to attack me with what I said, but for some reason guys are trying to assume things and call me ignorant for things I haven’t said. If your Canadian then your not helping…

        By the way, against a striker. Gsp, and Fitch are just about the same exact thing. Same game plan, and they do the same thing. Take the guy down, and lay with just long enough that people question their sexual preference. There are women in porn that are more aggresive on the ground…

  • lawrensco

    GSP fights a safe fight for sure, but his fights aren’t nearly as bad as the negative, critical people like yourself make them out to be. He goes into the fight, dominates, and showcases whichever talent he needs for that night.

    Canadian or not Canadian, the dude can fight! And as for the Fitch comment, they have a similar tattoo, the comparison ends there.