UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans Conference Call (Audio)

April 13, 2012
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Jon Jones and Rashad Evans
Just over a week away from their epic showdown at UFC 145, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Rashad Evans fielded questions from the media about the fight and their long standing rivalry.

Jones and Evans answer questions for nearly 45 minutes and talk about the times they trained together, the split that happened inside the camp at Greg Jackson’s, their altercation at a Las Vegas nightclub, and much much more.

Check out the audio of the UFC 145: Jones vs Evans media conference call from Friday, April 13

  • jamesstenbeck

    Rashad’s next win will come over an opponent no one has ever heard of, for a promotion no one has ever heard of; and by then – at least two years from now – he will be training at a McDojo no one has ever heard of, because the snakes in the grass he’s with now will throw him out the door the soon as he loses a couple of fights (and I place the over-under for his upcoming losing streak at no less than 8).

    • Anthony

      I dont know about all that, but I do feel he will lose to Johnny Bones—The Blackzillians were founded by Rashad and Mike Van Arsdale (correct me if im wrong)and ive never seen a club owner thrown out of his own gym. Id luv to see Rashad ditch the 205lbs class after Bones wins their fight, and cut down to 185. He would really mix things up at that weight and would be absolutly shredded at 85—Im still looking forward to this fight, just not as much as I was looking forward to Overeem vs. JDS–shame that ones a bust

  • jamesstenbeck

    And it does need correction: Imperial Athletics was founded by a group of Brazilian fighters – the Villefort brothers, Gesias Cavalcante and Jorge Santiago – who walked out on American Top Team when they refused to work with the new management company that ATT brought in (this comes from an ATT employee who posted a thread about it on the UG). Rashad (and van Arsdale) did not arrive at the camp until about three weeks later. But your observation about Rashad needing to move down to 185 gets no “correction” at all from me; but Rashad will probably ask Machida for a rematch very soon after Jones destroys him – just as Shogun asked Forrest for a rematch within days after Jones body-bagged him. If Rashad were to lose to Machida again then you probably will see Rashad go to 185.