UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans – A Deeper Look

March 15, 2012
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is about to put his title on the line against the man that knows him better than any of his past opponents, former teammate Rashad Evans.

The two square off at UFC 145 in a fight that has been more than a year in the making. After several false starts and a world of trash talk, Jones and Evans are finally set to step into the Octagon together in Atlanta, Ga., on April 21.

“My opponent and I have a storied history that has been well-documented. He thinks he knows everything I bring to the table, but a lot has changed since he left the gym a year ago. I’m a much different fighter than the one he trained with. I hope he is ready to see and feel that difference,” said Jones recently.

Evans, however, isn’t buying that Jones has shifted gears.

“I know I will beat Jon Jones. He can talk about improvements he’s made,” said Evans, “but there are still some things in his game he can never change.”

Take a deeper look at the two former friends as they prepare for their showdown…

  • smill0313

    Both are great fighters but it will be an easy win for Jones if Rashad looks like he did against Phil Davis.

    • fitefan

      tentative? I agree.
      I thought Evans should have finished that fight, let his hands go a little more.

      The one thing I picked up from that fight is that Evans fought totally different. He usually stays real light on his toes, and you can see him breating heavily in the second, and always stepping back taking deep breaths in the third.
      He didn’t do that in the Davis fight, he managed to keep his cardio for the whole fight. It may be the only thing that gives him any real chance against Jones. That he completely changed his style from when he used to spar with Jones, and that there is only 1 fight of film to study it. Tho, that may certainly be enough. It went the distance.