UFC 145: Jon Jones Squashes Rivalry With Evans

April 22, 2012
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Jon Jones UFCIn the main event of UFC 145 Jon Jones successfully defended his light heavyweight title and put an end to the long heated rivalry between him and Rashad Evans.  The judges scored the bout a unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45) in favor of Jones.

Jones would keep Rashad at a distance and land effective strikes that would back him up.  In rounds two and three, Jones would stun Evans with an elbow strike that caught the former champion off guard.

Even with the fight in the bag and Evans punches looking more and more telegraphed, Jones kept pressing the action and looking for the finish at the end of the fight and even tripping Evans to the mat.  At the end of the final round Joness would pull guard and both Evans and Jones would trade strikes on the mat.

With the win Jones is satisfied that he put an end to the rivalry between him and Evans, and successfully defends his belt for the third time in the Octagon.  However satisfied Jones may be with the win, he feels that he wasn’t where he needed to be striking wise and looks to fix his mistakes.

“Yeah, it’s definitely my most satisfying victory,” Jones said post-fight.  “I felt like my striking was a little more elementary and I kept on making mistakes.  I didn’t feel the cleanest on my feet but who I beat was very important to me.”

  • Hock-a-loogie

    Easy win for JBJ. Rashad tried to out-strike and payed the price. The reach being the difference. There are no more challengers. Even Hendo would be outclassed – as good a champion he is. JBJ needs to move up to heavyweight. There will be no other in LHW.

    • Anthony

      super fight time w/ A.Silva coming up to Lt Heavy Wt

      • AdamBianski

        jones would dominate silca way to big.

  • collideoverme

    Don’t count Hendo out yet…

  • collideoverme

    There is a huge difference in the great punching power of somebody like Evans and The H-Bomb.

    • rsnowbass

      I’m not convinced that Dan really hits any harder, or that much harder than Evans.

      I have a ton of respect for Dan Henderson, but after last night, I already feel sorry for him. (The “H-Bomb”…really?)

      At this point, Jones needs to fight Anderson Silva before Silva gets much older, or move up in weight.

      My .02 and great card last night!


  • RubeKegal

    collide, just shut up.

    • Lesnardo

      Lol at Rashad nuthuggers from last week switching to Hendo bandwagon!! For the next 6 months, they will go on about how Hendo has all the skills to beat Jones because (a) Hendo has great punching power, (b) more experience than Evans, and (c) is an olympic wrestler.

      Hendo does have great punching power but I am not convinced that Jones will get punched given Jones’s speed.

      Hendo has more fights but Jones has more impressive fights as of late. Also, Hendo is a greco-guy that never switched to freestyle wrestling. That is why he got taken down by Jake Shields and Shogun.

  • matty

    I am not excited to watch jones destroy hendo! Hendo couldn’t finish shogun. What do you people think will happen in this fight? I am only interested in a jones supper fight or a move to H.W. All others in L.H.W. Will get destroyed. Enough said!

    • Lesnardo

      Hendo will get taken down and beat up AND choked out.

      While Jones has great striking, I wouldn’t give him an A in the area of punching power. He can strike but he is not a knock out artist.

      Having said that, I am not sure how he will do against HWs.

  • TKD

    Hahahahaha, Jones gave a nice beating to Retard, and now Hendo is going to be next.

    • Lesnardo


      What happened to all the Rashad nuthuggers from last week???? Wait!!! Now they jumped to Hendo bandwagon!!!! Please…just stop.

      Predicting that Jones was gonna win wasn’t nuthugging. If a fighter has 90% chance of winning, how is predicting that fighter to win nuthugging?????

      Hendo is the last guy remaining at LHW. After that, Jones should move to HW and Anderson Silva should move up to LHW. But wait…Anderson doesn’t want to jeopardize his legacy..lol..fighting 205 rejects at 185.

      So Hendo will be next. And then we will get to see Jones fight at HW against real monsters. I hope yesterday’s performance is not an indicator of Jones’ future performance.

      • phrankthetank

        So its nuthugging if you go for the underdog, but it’s not if you go for the favorite…. Really?

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t think people were impressed by Jones performance from last night. Not enough beating. Jones should have KOed Rashad.

      But oh well. Jones had so much to lose. Unless he KOs/TKOs/Submits Rashad in the first 3 rounds, people were gonna be disappointed at Jones. Yes, the expectations for Jones were so high that a UD wasn’t good enough.

      Guess what this means? This means that no one seriously thought Rashad had a chance!!

    • frumps

      To TKD and Lesnardo:

      What do the family jewels of Bones Jones taste like?

      • TKD

        Well, frumps, that was hysterical. I like third grade humor. What is not funny is that you probably taste your daddy’s load nightly, and so you are trying to deflect that misfortune on us. Sweet swallowing, you queer!

        • frumps

          TKD, I’m challenging you to come to Madison, WI. I live up here and I’m not huge or super skilled (6’0″ – 180 lbs), but I’d like to put on a MMA exhibition on your angry, tubby, nerdy, sack of $h!t self. Granted I’m only a blue belt in BJJ, but I’d slap an armbar on your Cheeto-eating @$$ in under a minute. My standup isn’t the greatest, but I’m reasonably tall, so the Muay Thai knees I’ve been working on will most likely cave your face in. Sorry in advance about that pain you’ll feel from that…

          You have no respect for anything or anyone, son, and you can bet the insults will come back to bite you in life. Karma’s got big teeth, and seeing as you’re easily the biggest jerk posting on here, you’re screwed (sometime in the future) for all of the negative energy YOU generate on this website. I can’t help myself from wishing the worst upon your type.

          Almost everyone hates you, and you waste a lot of people’s time by posting nothing other than middle-school-style insults, as well as all of your just plain dumb and biased insight. We all get it – the fighters you like are the greatest, and anyone who thinks differently than you is retarded, and you feel you have to tell them about how your opinion is so much better, all the while being a complete choad about it.

          As soon as Bones Jones loses (every good fighter in the UFC does), you’ll have to change your user name, again. I’d bet one of your previous handles was “wonggfan”. You two act strangely similar. Also, you probably had 5-10 different banned Sherdog accounts as well. You’re certainly a dandy, TKD.

          Oh, tell your mom I’ll pick up my socks in the morning.

  • Santz

    Keyboard Warriors!!!

  • phrankthetank

    Well executed by jones, rashad knew what he had to do but he couldn’t do it. Jones used his angles and kept his jab in rashads face. Wasn’t a highlight reel but I’m impressed with how jones Dictated the fight. I like Hendo but I don’t think he’ll fare any better or as well as rashad. He can’t land an “h bomb” if jones keeps him 3 feet away with his jab.

    • BlackDog2009

      I wasn’t impressed. 5 rounds and Jones could not put Evans away. His long reach is what kept him safe, and even then he ate Evans punches several times and a well placed kick in the face and tried a take down that Evans easily stuffed. Jones is very smart and knows how to use his reach, but he’s far from invincible or impressive.

      • rsnowbass

        Finally going 5 rounds is only going to help with his confidence. It’s another notch on his belt. He’s YOUNG. He’s admitted, he’s still not fully confident in himself and he didn’t want to make a mistake.

        The guy basically owns Evans for 5 rounds and only attempted one take down…yes stuffed and only really got tagged twice and you’re not impressed? Seriously man, I’m not going to call you anything other than odd. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that.

        I actually appreciated he didn’t put Evans away. Again, I feel it’s better for Jon’s growth to hit the 5 round mark. I do think he’s shown new skills with each fight and has gotten better with each fight…whether the fight is finished or not.


  • mmachoman

    That was an amazing fight. What was most impressive was that you could see Rashad was trying to get in range the entire last round like his corner was yelling for him to do, but almost every single step Rashad took was answered with a strike. Poor guy could barely move without getting lit up. Bones is just too crazy-lanky.

    Forget about Anderson Silva moving up just yet. For one, he hasn’t gotten past Chael yet and with Rory at 170, GSP has been talking about passing the torch to his teammate and moving up himself.