UFC 144 Japan: Benson Henderson Adds Size, Increases Advantage Over Frankie Edgar

February 17, 2012
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Benson HendersonThe classic Mark Twain quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” is truly applicable to the lightweight elites in the UFC.

When the tremendous fighting ability of a smaller man is complimented with size, however, this dog becomes tougher and tougher to fight.

Enter Benson Henderson (15-2), the former WEC lightweight champion, who is riding high off of tremendous victories over notable contenders Clay Guida and Jim Miller. For the 28-year-old, he wanted to make his advantage in size just that much bigger, so that he can wear on Edgar. The UFC lightweight champion normally cuts little weight for a fight.

“I’m a little bigger now,” Henderson said recently.

“I’ve put on a little bit of size, yes.  I wanted to do it the right way,” he explained, noting that no one adds 20 pounds in one or two months.  “No, no one does that. That’s not how it works.  It takes three, four years to put on 10 pounds of solid muscle, actual legit muscle. It takes a long time, so I put on as much size as I would like to.”

Although he put on some additional size, Henderson knew he had to become a larger athlete the right way, as some fighters in the past have experienced cardio deficits when getting bigger. And in this fight against Edgar, the former WEC lightweight champion knows that his cardio has to be at its peak for UFC 144.

“I did put on a little bit of size.  It has not personally affected my cardio at all.  I’m able to go seven, eight rounds hard, fresh for each round, so it hasn’t really affected me negatively at all.”

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  • izuna_drop

    War Bendo!

  • I like his chances in this fight.

  • D-rail

    Let’s send Frankie to the featherweight division so he can take Aldo’s belt. Or maybe get smashed by him. Either way, good luck on ur title defense little one, god speed.

  • smill0313

    Good luck with that bendo. There is a reason Edgar hasn’t dropped a weight class and its because he doesn’t have to. If juicing ass sean sherk couldn’t use his size/strength against Edgar, how is Henderson? I gotta go with Edgar no matter who he fights at 155.

  • matty

    Edgar is going to truly be tested. Henderson is stronger bigger and more well rounded. With that said Edgar can never be counted out. He has more heart then anyone he will step in the cage with. Either way is should be a war and I can’t wait!

  • ChiTown420

    Bendo better make weight cause he has almost missed a couple of times. You don’t get that extra pound in the title fight so he has to come in at 155 and he always comes in at 156 with no shorts.

  • skiman

    Lets hope Benson puts an end to Edgar’s point fighting. People think Edgar’s boxing is great, wrong, his ability is to run away and not stay in the pocket and to outlast his opponents is his strength, boring, like Bisping kind of

  • skiman, if he doenst stay in pocket how did he get rocked and hurt so many times by gray, I strongly dislike edgar but he doesnt run away he just has better foot work than most

  • adice89

    Im sorry but Edgar will not and mark my words WILL NOT be able to handle bens takedowns. Wayyy to strong for Frankie and he will then try and 145 division and then challenge Jose Aldo right away immediatly.

    Hendo by Choke Round 2.