UFC 143 Results: Condit Wins Interim Title; Diaz Hints at Retirement

February 5, 2012
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“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved” ~ Sun Tzu

The path to victory is never an easy one, especially in title fights in the UFC.

For Carlos Condit the road to his first UFC welterweight title was paved with more than a few bumps in the road, a couple of detours and he may have even hit a brick wall on more than one occasion.

At UFC 143 however, Condit realized his dream by capturing the interim UFC welterweight title by defeating Nick Diaz by unanimous decision, and now awaits his shot at Georges St-Pierre.

It was clear from the opening of the fight that coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn had instilled the perfect winning strategy for Condit to capture the gold. Stay on the outside, use his kicks to set up bigger strikes, and do not stand in front of Nick Diaz.

The game plan played out to perfection.

A frustrated Diaz, who normally can corner any opponent against the cage and just unload his barrage of strikes to the head and body, could not put together any kind of combination because by the time he threw the second or third punch, Condit was gone.

Condit fired back with leg kicks all night lock, battering Diaz’s lead leg, and he swung a series of spinning back fists, although most only glanced and never landed clean.

What it did do however is make Diaz respect the power of Condit and as the fight wore on, the former WEC champion gained confidence.

“A lot of my other fights I kind of came out strong towards the later rounds, when it went to later rounds, and I started to find my flow,” Condit said. “Hats off to Nick Diaz, he’s a warrior. Nothing but admiration and respect for how he fights.”

Condit continuously mixed up his kicks with punches, landing shots over the top and then tossing a quick body or head kick to keep Diaz from being able to put any combinations together.

Diaz kept stalking forward throughout the fight, but just could not keep the speedier Condit from disappearing before he could land anything with damage. The real story of the fight may have come at three separate occasions where Diaz looked for the takedown on Condit, which is a rare moment for the Stockton, Calif. native.

The final round saw Diaz come the closest he got to finishing the fight after dragging Condit to the mat and taking his back. Diaz tried hard to get a rear naked choke or set up for an armbar, but the crafty veteran of more than 30 fights wasn’t going to fall into his traps and the fight came to a close.

As the judges scorecards were read it was a clean sweep and unanimous decision for the new UFC interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Condit said as the title belt was wrapped around his waist. “I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates, they prepared me for this fight. I did what they told me to do and I walked away with a victory.”

One of the biggest keys to the fight and victory for Condit beyond his strategy and elusiveness was his ability to go 25 minutes with a cardio machine like Diaz.

“My endurance has always been a strong point, it’s always been a part of my game. I felt like I could overcome my opponents and out pace them, and this time I was able to hang with him,” Condit stated.

Following the loss, Nick Diaz was congratulatory of Carlos Condit on the win, but also took shots at his game plan and strategy. In the middle of that, Diaz essentially said that if that’s the way the scoring in MMA works, he’s walking away.

“I’m not going to accept the fact that this was a loss. That ain’t right, I pushed him back the whole fight, I walked him down I got the takedown. I won on top. Carlos is a great guy, I’m happy for him and his family. I think I’m done with this MMA, it’s been great out here, I’ve had a good career, you guys pay me way too much, but I don’t think I’m going to keep going in this. It’s been a good time. Good job Carlos, you’re the man bro,” said Diaz.

“I don’t need this shit. I pushed this guy backwards the whole time, he ran from me the whole fight. I landed the harder shots, he ran the whole time, he kicked me in my leg with little baby leg kicks the whole fight. That’s the way they understand how to win here, I don’t want to play this game no more.”

The heat of the moment always counts for something so it’s unlike that Diaz is actually going to retire from MMA but then again he’s always walked to the beat of his own drum. Nothing is surprising when it comes to Nick Diaz.

As for Carlos Condit, the new UFC welterweight champion will now look to unify the belt with Georges St-Pierre later this year. From all accounts on Saturday night, it appears Condit is going to face St-Pierre next without another opponent getting the first crack at his belt, but only time will tell if that actually comes true or not.

“It is an honor,” Condit said about facing St-Pierre. “Georges is a guy that I’ve looked up to since I was a young guy before I was in the UFC, and it’s an honor to compete on this stage with guys like Nick Diaz, with guys like Georges St-Pierre. That’s all I can say, I’m completely honored.”

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  • The_SaavedraFiles

    it was great technical fight not what i expected but great nonetheless…. but yeah Hey guys , i’m not really expecting you guys to help me out but i really wanna fight in the UFC specifically it’s Lightweight division , and be the youngest Fighter to do so at 19..but i can’t do that without a little support. please help me out and Follow me on twitter @Erik_Hates_You i’ll follow back.. help me out in my dream. again not expecting some of to do it but i would be grateful. thanks. Let the UFC know you wanna See Erik “Saavedra” Peralta in the Octagon.

    • kylesmith


      • The_SaavedraFiles

        Alright like i said wasn’t expecting it.

        • MikeMc1983

          Hey kid, as I respect how your trying to promote yourself, I’m not too much a fan of the method.
          You don’t have to listen to a word I say, but there’s quite a few regulars on here that try to be topical with our post. I’m glad to see you voiced a take on the fight this time. Next time you post, say something on topic, and maybe provide a YouTube link to a fight you’ve had, or some practice footage if you haven’t had any fights. Either way good luck with your dreams bro.

          • The_SaavedraFiles

            Yeah i went to try out for TUF 15 i have a like 2 videos talking about it but i never really got to continue em’ cause i was busy training and cutting weight.

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRDD0aOAL04 first vid.

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-QjZuieXrU&feature=related second. i plan on making more later one i have 2 fights but its just hard for me to find decent promotions to fight in nowadays ive been stuck for a year doing nothing. but train.

          • The_SaavedraFiles

            but thanks though for your opinion atleast your were straight about it. i respect that.

    • TKD

      No thanks!

  • MikeMc1983

    From what i hear The great thing about marijuana is that it can be smoked in victory, and in defeat. I guess that’s consolation to some of the Diaz followers. 😉

    • RonnieV


  • I thought tonights fight was disgusting. I’m a big fan of counter strikers who elude and then throw back, but what Condit did was back peddle, strike then literally turn his back and run to the middle so he could do it all over again. He was avoiding the fight and that sort of nonsence should not be rewarded in MMA. Anytime a fighter turns their back and runs he should be carded, period.

    I’m not a meat head, I can appreciate game plans, I enjoyed watching some of Machida’s fight where he would elude a strike and then counter huge, his fights against T.Silva, Evans and Couture were great; but that’s not what happened tonight. Condit fought like he was scared to fight and Diaz was handcuffed, he was left with two options, he could either continue to press Condit or stand there and have nothing happen at all.

    Jackson’s camp will claim victory in this one, but at the end of the day the fans were cheated out of a fight. Neither Condit or Diaz really beat the other, it was a disgusting display of exploiting a point based system that still has holes. I was looking forward to seeing who was the more skilled martial artist but instead I found out how low Jackson will go to get his fighters hand raised.

    back peddle, kick, turn back and run away/reset in middle of octagon and do it all over again. I’m not even exagerating when I say any 170lb fighter in the UFC with enough cardio and discipline could do exactly what Condit did tonight and see a similar result.

    The UFC needs to bring back some Pride type rules and start carding guys when they avoid the fight.

    Sorry for the rant, but I feel cheated once again…it seems like this is becoming the norm as of late.

    • elguapo

      Great comment. Couldn’t agree more.

    • kylesmith

      Condit subscribes to the “Monty Python” fighting style. Run awaaaay! Run awaaaay! What a *****.

    • phrankthetank

      I completely disagree. The way Diaz fights is to get someone cornered and pound on them. He does it in every fight. Condit wouldn’t allow him to do that and until the 5th round Diaz didn’t try anything different. If you feel like it wasnt a fight, don’t blame condit for figuring out nick’s game, blame nick for not adapting.

      • TKD

        Well said, phrankthetank! Now Diaz is going to bitch because someone figured out that it isn’t smart to get trapped and killed by him??? Game plans aren’t designed by your opponent, they are designed to beat your opponent! Clearly he has smoked one too many joints.

        I guess he is retiring…Later, Diaz douche bag!

    • I agree with justin-jamescowan. I felt cheated too. I wanted to see a fight and it was more like a point sparring session. I guess it could be considered a way of winning, but it was not a fight. I totally understand why Nick said what he said in the end. Why continue to invest so much of your life and put your health in danger if you’re going to be judged by people who do not even know what a fight really is. Mind you that I predicted Condit was going to win a 5 round decision. But that’s the point…the UFC had become extremely predictable!!! After watching UFC Primetime and see what Condit and Diaz had to go through with the press, photo shoots, interviews and all that junk, I can’t blame Nick for walking away and for being the way he is. Basically, fighter are expected to stop being themselves and become puppets of the media. That’s ridiculous!! I’m sure there are a lot of people who will succumb to that for the money, but that’s why most people today are nothing but greedy, soulless puppets without any personal integrity. It’s a shame!! More people should be like Nick Diaz. You may hate him for not being like you, for smoking marijuana, but at least he is true to himself and not somebody else’s puppet. Having said that, I hope we get to see GSP vs Condit and many other great fights in the future, without such bad display of judging. One can only wish!!

      • RonnieV

        Despite the decision, I only feel cheated because I thought (as well as many others) that this would be the fight of the year. These two guys have fighting style’s that equalled a bloody war. Condit had a good game plan, wasn’t sexy, but it worked. I like & respect Carlos, but he will feel the heat if he decides to wait 10-11 months for GSP. This fight was controversial enough to warrant a rematch IMO.

    • Enfo

      Condit landed some good and clean combos that would make any fight fan who understands this sport put on a smile. The high-low kick combo was a true beauty and looked awesome, only lacking that little extra power to put Diaz to bed. I am in no way a hater of Nick Diaz – he is a great fighter, but no doubt that was Condits fight. He is the first one in a long time to touch the level of fighting intelligence in the 170-division that GSP has shown under a number of occasions. Should be an interesting fight, GSP will have to work harder than ever to take it home.

      Many athletes in the UFC should learn from Carlos Condit. If a fighter (like Diaz) is superior in striking-accuracy and pressure, why would you want to play with him in his yard?
      Fear is the worst factor however. Just take the Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia fight. Maia, with his excellentground game and BJJ was clearly scared of Silva. Imagine a Maia with the pressure and confidence of Chael Sonnen – and the fight could have been interesting.
      Point is; Carlos Condit showed no fear and stuck with his gameplan.

  • Mario

    It was a tough one to score, but I thought Diaz won it. Call me crazy, but I felt he did juuust enough to grab the decision.

    I’m devastated however at his post fight interview. I really hope he doesn’t retire 🙁

    • TKD

      What fight were you watching???

      • RonnieV

        Same fight as the other 50% of fight fans that thought Diaz won. Fight could have went either way.

  • KBEsq

    I’m a huge Condit fan and I’m very happy for him. I must say that I was disappointed with that fight, though. I won’t go so far as to say Diaz got robbed or that he shouldn’t have won because he was being elusive. Condit was just avoiding Diaz’s strength, which is pronounced when he gets guys in the corner. Condit won that fight – period. It was not a good or satisfying victory, but you just cannot justify giving the win to Diaz. Anyone who says Diaz won that fight are just people who literally can’t say otherwise.

    That said, Condit fought like he was scared of getting hurt. That fight was so anti-climactic. That effort is not going to get the win vs. GSP. Furthermore, I would like to see Condit acknowledge that he was too hesitant. If he moves forward thinking that win against Diaz was amazing, then he’s going to lose to strong wrestlers. That was not the Condit that made me a huge fan.

    By the way, Diaz is such a douche for his post fight comments. He can’t even let Condit have the good moment, and is saying he should have won because he was the aggressor. Yeah, that’s why you got the first two rounds where you did no damage. Because you were the aggressor. You don’t win rounds simply by virtue of being the aggressor where your opponent out damages you.

  • MikeMc1983

    Maybe I perceive it differently, but I think the moments where Diaz drops his hands, or taunts hurts him. Especially when your trying to argue being the aggressor. Anderson silva does stuff like that as well, but the difference is Anderson isn’t trying to be labeled “the aggressor” in the fight. When I see a guy taunt that way it automaticly puts it in my mind that he asking for the guy to come after him. Which automaticly makes me think he doesn’t want to be the aggressor.

    It’s kind of hard for me to explain. I don’t think nick didn’t want to be the aggressor, but when you spend time waveing at the guy instead of swinging it can seem that way. If he did none of the taunting I thing he would be perceived to be more aggressive than he was with the taunting.

  • PunkDude

    Total disappointment. I thought this was going to be a war, but it was just Condit doing some leg kicks then running away.
    What’s up with this writer:
    “Condit fired back with leg kicks all night lock, battering Diaz’s lead leg”
    Battering? I don’t recall Diaz limping in the fight.
    Also, did Condit land ANY of those spinning elbows? “he swung a series of spinning back fists, although most only glanced and never landed clean.”
    So why even mention this?
    Isn’t MMA’s “goal” to finish the fight?
    I stopped watching boxing because fights went to decisions and it seemed like a sparring match.
    Condit used to be exciting to watch because he tried to finish his opponent.
    I don’t want him to turn into another GSP who just does what’s needed to “win.”

  • collideoverme

    Not surprised in the outcome. It was a Greg Jackson gameplan executed to near perfection. Jackson’s guys may not be finishers, but they win.

  • kjs84

    Are you ppl serious..? Condit had a game plan and stuck to it… And it earned him a win he deserved. What fight were u watching?? Lol if Diaz had no answer after 5 complete rounds but to drop his hands and taunt… U really think he won? This just shows that if Diaz can’t corner and bully u or get in your head wit that gay taunt he has nothing. Condit landed more in every aspect… Kicks, punches, and combos… To diaz’s one take down. Wow that’s a hard one to score.

    After 3 rounds it was obvious what condits strategy was… It’s not his fault Diaz had no answer at all. In the center of the octagon condit owned him… You guys need to watch it again because whoever can even think Diaz won is watching a different fight…

    • RonnieV

      Won’t argue with you bro! I’m the BIGGEST Diaz fan! And my mouth is full of crow! This fight was the exact opposite as we all thought. Condit did great in the late rounds, never did any damage, but his plan worked. Nick forced the action all fight, but the jab and run routine worked for Condit. Put them back in for 5 minutes, I’ll take Nick. Regardless, I’m sticking with my boy, and no I do not think Nick is hanging it up! He’ll be back, and he’ll whoop ass!

      • TKD

        I give you a lot of credit, RonnieV. Thanks for at least admitting that Diaz lost. I am not sure what fight some of these fools were watching when they say that Diaz clearly won this fight. He lost, plain and simple.

        • RonnieV

          Not happy with the outcome, I thought he was winning, but the guys I was with thought Condit was winning. I drank a bottle of Makers, so my judgment was skewed. I’ll watch the fight again tonight, and then I’ll turn into a keyboard warrior.

  • D-rail

    Well, It’s obvious that Carlos’s bringing back the point system whuores. Way to go, now we have more exiting bouts to look forward to. Great, can’t wait for the Condit & Pier re Running fest, thought it was Ultimate Fighting. Very disappointed with Carlos, hope Pierre beats his aiss, but ain’t watching that fight.

    • shakejunt

      don’t be mad, homie

  • Ememay

    As a Condit fan, I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one disappointed with this fight. Yeah, according to the current rules he won the match, but maybe those rules need tweaking. And this is coming from someone that roots for Dominick Cruz.

    I am curious how Condit’s gameplan would’ve worked if Diaz decided to wait in the middle of the Octagon for Condit to act (isn’t that how Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander played out?). Ultimately, the “Natural Born Killer” that I know and followed isn’t the fighter that won the Interim Welterweight Championship. Still, nice to see another WEC fighter make good. Congrats to him.

  • maddawgmar

    I mean seriously, you are all a-holes. What has happened to every other guy that came after Diaz, they got picked apart. Condit did what he had to do to win the title. In fighting game plans are very important, and Condit used. His to perfection. At this level if you don’t operate game plans you will end up losing. GSP, Anderson Silva, these are the top two fighters in the world, not just because of their skill, but also they pick apart their opponents skills and execute their game plans to perfection.

    Hats off to Condit, he fought a good fight and know he gets GSP.

    • Ememay

      1. I’m not an a-hole. I’m a monk that cooks soup to feed the orphans.
      2. When did Anderson Silva ever use a gameplan like the one Condit used tonight? Anderson finishes opponents. When did Condit try to finish Diaz?

      Condit can use Greg Jackson’s game plan all he wants, but fans don’t have to like it.

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s a bit interesting. Anderson is one of few guys that I’m actually a “fan.” it started a long while ago. The reason being that I considered him a screw the game plan guy. It seemed like he fought whatever fight the other guy wanted. Standing, ground, clinch, whatever. He’d allow the fight to be where his opponent wanted, and then beat them there. People forget that Franklin wanted a clinch fight with silva in their first fight. He said he was surprised Anderson was better there. And surprised he was. The next few opponents he let determine the fight location.
    That has changed however. Most noticeably vs. Maia.

    Honestly, I believe that if you told Diaz condits exact plan for this fight he’d have been happy to hear it. Moving backwards takes a lot of power away. That was risky because it was one of condits biggest strengths. Or, at least what Diaz would have been most worried about. I don’t think nick ever thought he was going to lose a 25min standup tactical battle. His concern with Gsp was going to be being taken down and stalled. Too many people gave Diaz too much confidence with the “boxing” comments.

    Diaz was out skilled vs. bj when he could breath. Same thing, but not nearly as bad vs. condit. Diaz looks good when he throws a few hundred punches on a guy not moving against the cage. His striking is not nearly as impressive against an active opponent. Condit had to make sure he had cardio for the whole fight reguardless of how much Diaz would taunt him. He didn’t take the bait, and was good enough to never have to.

  • elguapo

    Massive anticlimax. Fair enough that condit won through superior tactics/gameplan etc but it wasn’t good to watch. I think we’re at a pivotal point in the progression of mma. With the UFC fox deal, a wider audience is gonna see these fights. But if they continue to be as dull as this (pretty much all the fox main events have been crap) the casual fans are gonna switch off. Unfortunately I’ve no idea what the solution is. People complain about the points system, takedowns being too valuable etc, but you cannot favour striking over wrestling or it won’t be mixed martial arts anymore. The only solution that may help is to triple or quadruple a fighters salary if they get the finish. I’m sure the UFC can afford it so that may be enough of an incentive to liven things up. Man do I crave for those pride days again though.

  • There is nothing wrong with the scoring system.

    According to the Fight Metric data Condit landed more strikes in every single round except the second, and he was more accurate. Diaz got a takedown in the fifth. Fine give him that round and the one he scored more strikes in and he still loses.

  • shaman

    The “War or the Year” turned out to be a stupid fight

    Actually, it was more of a ‘match’ than a fight. Only one guy was fighting

  • shaman

    Bottom line: I’m sure he’s happy with the belt and money for his family, but I seriously think Carlos Condit woke up this morning looked himself in the bathroom mirror and felt like a *****

    I think that happened

  • shaman


  • macgrubber

    DIAZ FANS SO SORE. Diaz is a joke and so are all the queers who thought he would win. Let him retire and get a boxing match and lets see how well he does with those weak punches with 12 oz gloves. Guys will be laughing in his face the whole night. I dunno maybe he could sell drugs? probably only thing he has going in his life now.

  • samflchr

    Diaz fans need to quit crying and hope he fights somebody 6 inches shorter them him.he is a soar loser I wish he stayed in strike force

  • DrkDisciple

    Condit proved that after his octagon days are over he has a career as a marathon runner. He ran like a rabbit for five rounds and was rewarded with a win. Beyond the bad decision what I also found very disappointing was the one sided commentary by Goldberg and Rogan (which I usually find good). Goldberg went as far as saying that Condit was controlling the action, what fight was he watching? The one good thing about Condit vs GSP is that is should provide a solution to insomnia.

    • And Diaz has a career as a Muay Thai punching bag considering his ability to eat kicks without doing anything about it.

      • DrkDisciple

        Diaz is not a boxer or a Thai fighter that most of us will agree. Just didnt think much of that performance by the Natural Born Runner (yes he should shange his nick name and give me credit for the new one)

  • alhmiel

    hopefully Nick diaz quits MMA because he is not good for the sport or society in general. Diaz is
    not a good person but just a demon seed. congrats to Condit a true champion.

  • andthenisaid

    He ran away from me. Yes Nick, he did a great job at being elusive. This was not a fight out in a meadow where your opponent could just keep running away from you and if he is a faster runner you would never catch him. Come to think of it Nick, you guys were in a cage. Kinda looked like there was a black chainlink fence keeping you guys relatively close to each other. I will have to watch the fight again to be sure, but I don’t remember Condit trying to climb out of the cage. Here are two tips Nick…if a guy eludes you going to your right roughly 2o million times, maybe just maybe, try to cut him off. To put in terms you may actually understand….stalk like you are in a hurry. Actually…don’t stalk at all, chase him down, pursue him. Bottom line…..Diaz was just as responsible for this fight being the way it was because he did not put enough pressure on Condit. The way I see it, this was a chess match and Diaz is great at checkers.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, i agree with this. I didn’t like the fight and wished it was more entertaining, but what Diaz said was really disrespectful.

      I had a thought very similar to yours when he made is post fight comments: it’s not like their fighting out in an open field somewhere. It’s a small cage. If Condit is running away and out damaging you, you need to catch him. Diaz never tried to move faster than Condit. He just paced him down like a zombie the whole night. He probably thought he had the fight won and didn’t care.

  • D-rail

    PEOPLE PAY TO SEE A FIGHT! NOT RUNNING AROUND AVOIDING IT. Last I heard, the organization was called “Ultimate FIGHTING Championship”. This only earns fans who believe in playing it safe and boring the rest of us. NATURAL BORN KILLER?? That display calls for a name change. Now, all who praised that fight, would you honestly be happy watching all of MMA bouts turn into this?? I think not, or there wouldn’t be any bonuses handed out ever. Pierre does the same thing, how is that fight going to sell It self.

  • You just have to laugh at Condit. The guy talks about being a warrior and having to be carried out of the cage and then he runs away from the fight the entire time. I felt like ending my MMA fandom after that fight. I was disgusted. Imagine if guys can win fights by constantly backing up and throwing slappy leg kicks. At least Lyoto eventually tries things. This is just Condit being brainwashed by Greg Jackson. He completely abandoned everything he’s about to go for a decision.

    • shakejunt

      double dare ya. then we wouldn’t have to listen to you complain about a fight that you probably watched for free anyway

  • pooby

    I blame Diaz at least as much as Condit for the fight. Diaz looked like an awkward chimpanzee slowly walking forward all night. As stated above, Condit slipped out to his left (Diaz’s right) again and again and again every time his back touched the fence. If that didn’t sink into Diaz’s caveman brain after seeing it for the hundredth time, he has only himself to blame.

    He can go ahead and quit fighting, I won’t miss him.

  • adam1848

    Close fights that go to the judges are always upsetting, but that is exactly what Jackson sets his fighters up to do. Can’t blame Condit for following a game plan perfectly, the problem is, that game plan didn’t include anything that would actually result in a finish or even an exciting exchange. When Machida is elusive, it is so he can set up devastating, often fight changing, strikes. And Condit has the power to do that. He his whole game plan was to be elusive for the sake of not getting beat up, and that’s a whole different strategy, in my opinion. If MMA ever becomes an Olympic sport and the sole objective is to out point your opponent, then Greg Jackson is the man for the job. But if his fighters want to continue to grow their fan base and not be mocked by all but their most devoted fans, they need to take a page out of the Diaz brother’s plan book and go into the Octogan looking to finish fights, not just to exploit an opponents weakness until the judges hand them a lackluster W. I give Condit an A+ for this fight. Greg Jackson a C-. He passes because he got his fighter the win, but by tomorrow morning, will anyone other than Carlos Condit even remember that this fight ever happened?

    • adam1848

      sorry justin-jamescowan. could have just read your comment first and saved myself the trouble of writing the same thing.

  • shaman

    Alone, deep down. Condit feels like a giant pu$$y today

    You could hear it from his post-fight interview when he congratulated Diaz for fighting like a man. He knows he’s bitch-made

    If this keeps going it will just make people wonder “who could really kick who’s ass” all over again until UFC is like Wrestling or some other separate sport where every match is by points

    A fit soccer player with decent hands could be interim champ. Real ultimate!

    • shakejunt

      yeah and nick diaz can be the new ufc ring girl with all the waving and whispering of sweet-nothings

      • fsunoles09

        id be willing to bet ur the biggest puss out there

  • shaman

    Maybe now people forgive Kalib Starnes

    Little did they know he was just a ‘tactical genius’. Probably does ‘games and theory’ over at Jacksons on the DL

    • DrkDisciple

      loll good one

  • phrankthetank

    I don’t understand some the “mma fans” commenting that this was a terrible fight, anticlimactic, and so on. This isn’t a brawl, it’s 2 guys who spend their lives training and are both so good that they nearly cancel each other out. This is only condit’s 2nd win EVER without a finish. If I want to watch two morons punch each other in the face a lot I’ll go to the bars. If I want to see skilled competition, I’ll watch a fight like this one. I thought it was a great fight and it showcased the tremendous talent these fighters have. condit neutralized Diaz and hit him with a few really nice shots. Diaz has a chin. On a side note I’m about to board a cruise ship for the next week so hate on my opinion all you want. Diaz acted like a little b!tch after that fight!!

  • pauly12

    I think everyone is losing sight of what is important here – Erik “Saavedra” Peralta.

    • PappaK

      Hahahahaha! Best comment so far!

    • fsunoles09

      pretty funny stuff bro

  • bajafox

    Before last night I was as big a fan of Condit than I was Diaz, I thought either one of these would be a great match against GSP. Not anymore, I felt cheated by Condit and have lost all respect for him. I don’t disagree with the decision but the way Condit did it disgusting. Congrats to the Natural Born Runner, I wlil not be wasting money on Condit v. GSP

    I hope Diaz reconsiders staying, he went in there looking for a fight and couldn’t find one

  • fsunoles09

    bro yall r bout some of the biggest haters out there, get off diaz nuts yall try and talk **** on a personal level bout the man when yall dont know a damn thing about em except what wikipedia and the media tell u.stfu and talk about the fight

  • alhmiel

    let diaz retire to the streets and beg.

  • Towers66

    Bajafox knows exactly what’s up. NATURAL BORN RUNNER is awesome moniker for him. I really liked his style pre-Diaz. That “grind it out” via punch and run point tallying crap was a sad performance. Not in any does that show the true spirit of a Champ in my book. Diaz’s style and heart is exciting, unique, dangerous and worth the money to watch. He did not adapt very well but he did try and lure and he did consistently purse Condit. He also did try some half ass take downs which shows he knew something had to be done to keep up the pace which he likes to deliver.
    Condit= point point back up point run..point run.
    Diaz=SEEK and DESTROY.

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz UFC new ring card girl

  • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

    lol, i didnt here people knock overeem or anderson silva from avoiding werdun or maia on the ground. complaining that your opponent failed to fight the style that gives you your best chance of winning, is weak and empty.because with that thought process any fighter that stuffs a takedown is really running from being on the mat and testing his grappling or bjj.nick you and your fans light afatty and stfu. this is not a fight in an alley its a sport., one more thing wtf kind a comment is if i knew i was losing i wouldve then finished the arm bar.yes and if tom brady knew giants score a td with 57 seconds left, then he would thrown 2 td in the 3rd quarter.rofl circular reasoning, you get theanswer you want everytime. diaz here’s a tip, mix it up cause gsp wouldve of turned your lights out.

  • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

    nick you are to blame for this loss. your to damn pig headed to have realized your bjj was your answer to condit riddle. a smart man (alot smarter then nick) once said the mark of insanity is to repeat ones actions and expect a different outcome. any cerebral fighter in nick position figures in the 3rd round that condit is not going to stand and bang with you.you change your fn approach aka your fight plan. crying like a beatch homie wont help.condit out thunk you moron, no surprise my daughter goldfish would out Think both diaz brothers.be mad at the uncle that abused you as children not at the fighter that beAT YOU .NICK DIAZ SHOULD HAVE TO FIGHT RORY MCDONALD B4 GETTING ANYONE ELSE

  • D-rail

    Carlos was following Jackson’s advice, by moon walking away from trouble….Michael Jackson’s advice that is…..