UFC 143 Play-by-Play: Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson

January 29, 2012
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Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1:  They touch gloves and UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit has officially begun.  Thompson delivers an outside leg kick.  Thompson has his hands down throwing an assortment of kicks.  His stance is sideways.  Stittgen lands an inside leg kick.  He’s standing in front of Thompson.  Stittgen puts his head down and rushes in for a clinch.  Thompson moves away.  Thompson lands a spinning back kick to the body.  Thompson works kicks high and low.  Stittgen looks to be stuck kickboxing with the karate fighter.  They exchange leg kicks.  Stittgen throws a front kick that’s blocked.  Thompson switches his stance.  Thompson lands a right hand over the top.  He lands a right round-kick to the head, rendering Stittgen unconscious.

The official time of the knockout was at 4:13 of the first round.

UFC 143 Live Results Home Page

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