UFC 143 Fighter of the Night: Carlos Condit Edges Fabricio Werdum

February 6, 2012
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MMAWeekly.com UFC 143 Fighter of the Night: Carlos Condit

Put your scorecard away.

Carlos Condit stuck to a game plan at UFC 143 and it worked out for him. The aftermath sees him as the interim UFC 170-pound champ and next in line to fight Georges St- Pierre… again.

Unlike the time he was first given a fight with GSP in late 2010 when Diaz failed to attend some pre-fight press conferences, Condit wasn’t shuffled into this position. Instead, the “Natural Born Killer” fought a game opponent and won – unless you, like a lot of people, disagree with the judges.

If that’s the case, Condit disagrees with you.

“I won the fight,” Condit said at the post-fight press conference when asked how he reacts to people on the Internet saying he ran in the fight with Diaz. “I landed a lot of effective strikes. I did what I went in there to do. If I sat there a fought Nick Diaz’s fight, it would probably be him sitting here with this belt instead of me.”

Pick a round, any round. It almost doesn’t matter at this point which ones you feel Diaz won or Condit won. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all. The judges scorecards are in the books and nothing can change about that.

So what happens going forward? According to Diaz, he’s done with fighting. But take that with a grain of salt.

As for Condit, he’ll don an interim title while learning to ride the new Harley Davidson he earned from the UFC 143 win. And as long as the UFC doesn’t force a rematch between Condit and Diaz before GSP returns from injury, the Natural Born Killer will get the next shot at the UFC welterweight champion.

A rematch between between Condit and Diaz is unnecessary for now. Condit can fight St-Pierre, Koscheck can have at it with Diaz, and assuming he gets by Diego Sanchez at next week’s UFC on Fuel TV event, Jake Ellenberger can tangle with Johny Hendricks. With these proposed match-ups, everything can work out, as opposed to forcing the issue with Condit fighting Diaz again.

But we digress.

Gold hardware, a motorcycle, and a chance to beat the best – these are the things Condit earned on Saturday night. That’s a pretty big upside, folks. He’s your MMAWeekly.com UFC 143 Fighter of the Night.

Honorable mention: Welcome back, Fabricio Werdum

It wasn’t that long ago that Fabricio Werdum was first in the UFC. Oct. 25, 2008, saw a moment where an unknown Junior dos Santos threw an uppercut that knocked Werdum out and into the ranks of Scott Coker’s Strikeforce heavyweight division.

The knockout loss was a blessing in disguise, however, because it afforded Werdum the chance to rebound his career while still performing on a relatively large stage outside of the UFC. Throw in a win over then-world’s baddest man Fedor Emelinenko, and Werdum is talked about being a legitimate contender and UFC-worthy.

He proved on Saturday night that he is indeed worthy.

Against Roy Nelson, Werdum showed off an improved stand-up game, striking his opponent with an array of punches, kicks, and knees reflective of his coach, Rafael Cordiero.

UFC 143 was an event whose fallout was surrounded with the phrase “game plan.” With all due respect to Condit and his approach, Werdum executed his game plan flawlessly, cutting open Nelson’s face with pinpoint strikes – a far cry from his traditional jiu-jitsu exhibitions.

“I trained every day in Muay Thai,” Werdum said during the post-fight press conference.

“This was the (game plan), for sure.”

Stepping out of his grappling bubble was a big risk for Werdum, especially against a guy with a good right overhand punch. He played a tricky hand and came out on top in his UFC return, which earns him the honorable mention for UFC 143.

Worth a mention: Low blows that sound like coconuts cracking

It hurts to even write about it.

Alex Caceres lost his undercard fight against Edwin Figueroa. The reason? He kicked him in the unmentionables twice, resulting in two points being deducted from his scorecards and a decision loss.

It’s tough to see a guy get kicked in the groin, but when you add on a sound similar to coconuts falling 50 feet and cracking on unforgiving rocks, it makes for an extra cringe.

How does one avoid said sound effect? Steel cups. This will surely make a kicking opponent think twice about going low in the future. Your grandchildren will thank you one day.

You’re welcome.

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  • Oh no, Erik. You just had to go and feed the trolls…

  • MikeMc1983

    A few days after people start calming down, and stop going ape $hit at the mention if condits name. Do you think you could write an article about how Carlos has jumped out to an early lead as fighter of the year? 😉
    Just a suggestion.
    If you do marijuana salesman will thank you I’m sure…

  • Towers66

    I don’t agree. Seems mmaweekly writers really got a hard on for Condit. His performance was nothing close to that of Werdums on Saturday night. Forget the Diaz thing for a minute and just look what an improved stand up game Werdum unleashed. It was amazing. But you guys give it to “The Natural Born Runner”. Hmmmmmm.

    • smill0313

      You are forgetting the fact that verdum fought a person who has lost several of his last fights and condit snapped an 11 fight win streak of arguably the #1 ww in the world (at the time). Also they said he ‘edged out’ verdum meaning it was a close call.

  • shaman

    Agreed. MMAWeekly discredits itself with this

    You’re not going to mind-meld us into liking that fight, guys, and are overt nuthuggers for whatever helps UFC’s business objectives (trying to make the Interim belt look legit out of thin air)

    Your journalistic integrity is getting suspect with a fight that bad. It bordered on poor sportsmanship

    Diaz should have done the rockhammer

  • D-rail

    Yep, there’s a lot of chicks threading on here, very proud of “FOOTLOOSE” & his “HUGE” accomplishment. All the hype around UFC 143’s main event and “Billy Elliott” shows up to dance around Diaz. It pays to listen to Jackson and moonwalk your way to victory. “Don’t miss Condit and Pierre in dancing with the stars”.

    • innovator

      You are trying way too hard dude

      • MikeMc1983

        You got to laugh at it. He’s been railing against condit like Carlos killed his first born.
        When not bashing condit he’s bashing anyone else who hasn’t. He doesn’t even know who he should be mad at anymore. He’s just mad. (before you call me a “condit nuthugger” again you should try finding some post where I say I’m even a fan of him.)

    • gnodeb

      I understand now. Diaz was out-stroked by a dancer. That is why he was so ashamed that he announced retirement.

  • D-rail

    Innovator, I promise to stop all my silliness. Don’t hate on this ape. MikeMc1983, for the record, I have accepted Condit’s triumph and moved on with my life. May he prosper with his new Outlook on fighting and become one of the best welterweights in the UFC. How’s that?…

  • MuayThaiFood

    Some fighters these days are all about inflicting damage and not taking any and aren’t putting on the shows the fans want to see. The sport has really evolved away from what it was supposed to be which is two guys going at it toe to toe like rock ’em sock ’em robots. Ah, for the good old days. Bring Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo out of retirement and show these ballerinas how to fight like real men.

  • shaman

    That isn’t an accurate paradigm, MuayThaiFood

    No one expected Rockem Sockem, we just expected to see a fight. Not a dance-off

    I say they bring back Kalib Starnes (who you have absolutely NO right to criticize at this point) and give him a crack at Condit before GSP gets back. Watch what happens..

    • MuayThaiFood

      I know, it wasn’t really meant to be. I don’t think you can blame Condit for not fighting Diaz’s fight though. It was a fight, it just wasn’t the kind of fight you were hoping for.

  • RubeKegal

    I’m very proud to be a Carlos Condit fan. He executed the game plan to perfection. People don’t like Lyoto for the same reason, but it’s the reason Lyoto wins the way he normally does.

    If people can’t respect strategy, then go watch WWE. In a fight, whether it be Boxing or MMA, the idea is to hit and not get hit. Condit executed that perfectly. Diaz fans can cry all they want, Carlos won that fight, and it’s really not even debatable. Diaz looked amateur on his feet vs Condit.

    • bajafox

      Awful comparison, Lyoto never turns his back to a fighter. You always see Lyoto facing his opponent, not running side to side like Condit did

      • RubeKegal

        Not awful at all. I am a bigger man than you for I can admit when my fav fighter loses. No round went by where Condit wasn’t picking Diaz apart with leg kicks.

        • RonnieV

          Can you, aren’t you the same idiot that said Penn beat Diaz. Keep trying inbred!

          • RubeKegal

            Penn would have beat Diaz if he tried something called working out. Penn has no heart which is why he lost plain and simple.

  • D-rail

    Look, It’s more important to the Geek Squad that Diaz ” The thug” who entertains us all, be off their radar. He offends the Highly Intellectual community of MMA. Some of us liked the movie “300” and they liked ” Flashdance”. It is, what it is folks, what are u going to do…..

  • RubeKegal

    How’s about the combo in the 4th by Condit with the kick punch kick combo!!! Awesome to see!!

    • RonnieV

      It was a great combo! Condit easily won the 4th, infortunately the other four rounds were a wash.

    • Bob

      Yes I agree it looked good. But anyone who has fought knows that there was no power behind that combo. By not comitting to either of the kicks or the punch means that it is little more than the weight of his arm or leg impacting Diaz. Had Condit comitted to the punch or either kick you would have seen it in his hips. The end kick is right to Diazs face and because Condit does not turn his hips into it there is no power. That is why Diaz was not cut or even pushed back by the kick.

      You don’t agree? Look at what happened when Diego Sanchez kicked Guida! Or when BJ Penn kicked Diego Sanchez! Both were effective kicks.

      • RonnieV

        Good post Bob. I commented on a previous post about that kick. I admit Condit clearly won that round, and that combo was beautiful, but it literally did no damage. The high kick hit Diaz flush in the cheek, and it didn’t budge him one inch.

      • RubeKegal

        Wow Bob, you must be a fighter or something!!! Im so randy right now!

  • bajafox

    Natural Born Runner gets Fighter of the Night? I lost respect for Condit on Saturday and he’s taking MMAWeekly with him…

    • RonnieV

      Bajafox – I consider myself the biggest Diaz fan, and yes I disagree with the decision, but in no way can you fault Condit. He fought a smart fight, he did what he trained to do. He was a humble & graceful winner. I’m still a Condit fan, but I’ll be a bigger fan is he accepts a rematch, and doesn’t sit on that interim belt for 10-11 months.

      • Bob

        “I’m still a Condit fan, but I’ll be a bigger fan is he accepts a rematch, and doesn’t sit on that interim belt for 10-11 months.”

        This is probably the only way I would be a Condit fan again.

        Condit needs to call for the rematch like a true Champion would and go out there and beat Diaz by actually fighting!

        • bajafox

          A rematch is the only way I will have any respect for Condit as well. He may have fought “smart” and squeaked out a decision but that’s not why I forked over my hard earned money, I expected much more from Condit and he let me down. I spent $45 thinking Diaz and Condit would show up to fight, but only Diaz did

  • Bob

    The MMAweekly.com fighter of the night award now means nothing. MMAweekly needs new writers!

    Condit lost the fight but won the decision. He wasn’t able to out fight Diaz- so he just out ran him!

    “Insiders report that after Carlos Condits decision victory over Nick Diaz that Hollywood producers are considering him for the lead role in the remake of Forrest Gump.”

    Run Carlos run!

  • RubeKegal

    Bob, go to a new site. The majority of people agree Condit won the fight, it’s just the few whiny b*tches that cant get over it.

    • RonnieV

      Rube, you are an effin moron! Majority of MMA professionals feel Diaz won the fight. Do you need me to list them again?

      • RubeKegal

        Ronnie, suck a bag of d*cks, I don’t care what C-List of fighters thought Diaz won. A huge share of them thought Condit won as well.

  • Bob


    Watching and understanding MMA are two different things. You are proof of that. I think you should pursue a career as an MMA judge.

    I have trained fighters and fought at the amatuer level myself, so I do understand MMA.

    I was saying the whole fight that over 90% of what Condit was landing were weak strikes. It was obvious that he was not turning his hips over on his kicks or turning his hips into his punches.

    Look at what Diaz looked like after 3 rounds with BJ Penn.

    I just hope there is Diaz vs. Condit II.

    • RubeKegal

      OHHHH you fought amateur MMA? That makes you as qualified as a bag of sh*t. Like you are more qualified than 3 pro judges. LMAO Fat Slob Bob, FightMetric scored it for Condit so eat that homo

  • julianmoran

    Condit getting a fighter of the night award after running away the whole time and losing 3 out of 5 rounds to Diaz?

  • bigdog333187

    Seriously, if all you care about seeing is two people standing in the pocket and slugging it out, watch a toughman conpetition or Bum Fights. Leave the art and SPORT of MMA to a more intelligent fanbase. That is all