UFC 142 Rumble in Rio (Video)

January 9, 2012
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Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson is preparing for the biggest fight of his career as he embarks on a new weight class, and the challenge of facing Vitor Belfort in Brazil.

Don’t think however that just because Johnson is stepping into the lion’s den that he’s somehow scared of Belfort. He learned early on in life to fear no man.

“My granddad always told me to never back down from another man, and that’s what I will never do, is back down from another human being,” said Johnson. “I gonna break Vitor, I’m gonna break him.”

As Johnson prepared for the fight alongside his team at the Blackzilians in Florda, Authentic Sports Management followed the newly crowned middleweight during his training.

This is the result….Rumble in Rio

  • bdono554

    He looks like a human in this video. very rare to see a guy that’s fighting below his natural weight. He looks really good not like a muscled anorexic like he usually does.

  • MikeMc1983

    Kind of Funny hearing a guy who is amongst the largest in any given weight class state how he doesn’t believe size or weight matter because “we all bleed the same.” especially when he’s not defending his size, but arguing that moving up won’t be too much of a disadvantage.