UFC 142 Rio Results: Vitor Belfor Chokes Out Anthony Johnson

January 15, 2012
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Vitor Belfort defeated Anthony Johnson in their co-main event at UFC 142. The Brazilian submitted Johnson late in the first round of fight card in Rio de Janeiro

Johnson got Belfort down early and tried to work in guard, but it was stood up a short while later due to inactivity. On the feet, Belfort’s hands looked quick and he kept the heat on while there. The fight went to the ground again, but Belfort obtained his opponent’s back.

Belfort sunk in the choke and finished the fight at 4:45 of the opening frame.

There was a lot of controversy leading into this fight due to Johnson coming in 11 pounds overweight, but Belfort didn’t see it as a problem.

“I’ve fought big guys… I’m not scared of them,” he said following the victory. “I cut 35 pounds before this, so I (have to) be professional, sacrifice… that’s how it is.”

Moving forward, Belfort will coach the Ultimate Fighter’s first stint in a foreign country with TUF Brazil. Johnson loses his first UFC fight above middleweight.

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  • Mma fanatic

    Gotta love the lion in Vitor! Without his wrestling A.J stood NO chance ! He’s lucky it wasn’t a PROFESSIONAL K.O!!!!!!

  • Mario



    Vitor looked great tonight. Anthony didn’t wanna stand and bang with him. The way he kept trying to hold him down showed that. He did however land a solid punch when he dove into Belfort’s guard. That was all though!

    See ya later Rumble!

  • T Spoon

    It was great to see Vitor do more than a KO. This fight showed us how well-rounded he actually is! His training ith GSP was a big factor for this fight. I can’t wait to see him back in the cage!

  • AJ gassed quicker than Tank. Thought I was watching Bob Sapp tonight.

  • All I read online was that Rumble was going to crush Vitor!!! I knew from the start it was Vitors fight and when he came in over weight and had a weight limit for tonight I knew it was over! I did however expect a first round KO….

  • TKD

    Wasn’t it Retard Evans that was saying Johnson could beat anyone in that division? I guess Vitor did to Johnson what Jones is going to do to Evans.

    Rashad is a douche!

    • demetrio1109

      Now that’s the truth TRUTH….

  • demetrio1109

    Screw rumble Johnson and screw evans for talking so big about him when he could’nt do ****….

  • AmericanSpetsnaz

    I was hoping that Vitor would punish Johnson more for coming in so much overweight!

    • Missing weight is terrible but I think people are spazzing out too much about how far over he was.

      He got down to 187.5 and couldn’t cut anymore. When he stepped on the scale and weighed 197 he had already been re-hydrating for close to 3 hours. When he stepped on the scale they had already agreed to fight at a catch weight where Johnson couldn’t weigh more than 205 at 2pm the following day.

  • Man that Johnson guy got beat up. He might want to think about dropping down a weight class 😉

  • paulmaffesoli

    Ya no what really aggravates me? Punk fans who never put the gloves on, making suggestions about what fighters should do and how much some fighters suck and how bad they looked, etc. Well guess what? How hard is it to” look bad” when ur punk ass is sitting down eating buffalo wild wings WATCHING the fights? How hard is it to suck at being a fan? Maybe fighters should post comments that what some fans should do is shut their hot dog holster and give thanks and respect and nothing more. Example-with vitors long history i gave him the edge but because i love underdogs i i pulled for aj too. who knows how it would’ve went if dan didn’t keep standing them up, but congrats to vitor and best wishes to aj. Thanks to both for being part of an exciting night of fights.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, totally. How dare the fans of a sport talk about the athletes’ performances on a website dedicated to news about that sport. THOSE BASTARDS.

  • DrkDisciple

    I am surprised no one is talking about the great job Dan Miragliotta did. That clown stood them up twice when Rumble was in a dominant top position and that only after a few seconds. Granted that Rumble didnt look in shape to last three rounds but something has to be done about the refs. Miraglotta had a horrible night as did Yamasaki.

  • Mma fanatic

    I loved the standups!! Go Miragliotta!! AJ came in 20 lbs over 185 and now the ref should just let him lay and pray on the undersized fighter!
    Vitor vs
    Bisping or winner
    Sonnen vs Munoz

  • DrkDisciple

    Lay and Pray? Were you watching the same fight as the rest of us? I dont know if you “lay” or “pray” in 40 seconds but most of us dont!

  • fitefan

    I was glad to see Vitor apply some of his jujitsu. I was hoping to see Johnson punished more, but a first round submission is sweet enough.
    The stand ups were a bit quick. I like to see guys stood up that are just delaying the fight, being passive by defending on top, or staying just busy enough but not really applying themselves to do damage. But Johnson was hardly even given a chance to do anything from the top before he got stood up.