UFC 142 Rio Fight Is On! Anthony Johnson at 204

January 14, 2012
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Anthony Johnson at the TUF 8 FinaleThe UFC 142 Rio fight between Vitor Belfort and Anthony Johnson got the green light on Saturday when Johnson made the newly agreed upon weight of 205 pounds.

Belfort was initially expected to welcome Johnson up from welterweight to the middleweight division, but that was before “Rumble” couldn’t made weight on Friday.

“It was medical reasons, it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Johnson’s manager, Glenn Robinson, told MMAWeekly.com on Friday. “The UFC was extremely supportive and said health comes first.”

Robinson said that Johnson had become sick and unstable while cutting the final few pounds on Friday. The doctor on hand gave Johnson fluids and his condition quickly improved, but his weight also increased to the point that there was no way that he could meet the 186-pound requirement. He weighed in Friday at 197 pounds.

After discussions with the UFC and Vitor Belfort, they reached an agreement that Belfort would still accept the fight as long as Johnson weighed no more the 205 pounds at 2 p.m. local time in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

Johnson met the requirement, weighing in at 204.2 pounds, according to UFC officials.

The fight will now remain on the UFC 142 Rio fight card as a light heavyweight bout as the co-main event to the featherweight title bout between champion Jose Aldo and challenger Chad Mendes.

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  • Wonder what he’s going to weigh at fight time. He’ll have had 12 or 13 hours to recover before he steps in the cage.

  • I think jhonson did the right thing by taking care of his body good man, He will dominate tonight and then a rematch, at the right weight will only be right for vitor. I wonder if belford gets half of his purse too?

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      He is getting 20% of his purse. Even if Johnson wins this fight it seems tainted with him weighing in at almost 20 lbs over.

  • It seems extremely odd that Johnson has been making it down to 170 all this time and all of a sudden he has some “medical issues” when he is about to face The Phenom. Really strange that they did not disclose any of this a few weeks ago. Hmmmmm….

    • pooby

      ….I don’t believe he was sick “a few weeks ago”.

  • bajafox

    How crazy that he couldn’t make 185, I thought it would be easy for him after struggling to make 170. Luckily, Vitor is big for 185 and should have no problem making it interesting at 205.

    If AJ wins at 205, I wonder if he’ll stay there?

  • anthonyattenson

    Truth be told, the reason they allow them to weigh in the day before is so they can dehydrate them selves into the ground to make weight with diretics(I know they test for that, but not every substance shows upon a urine/blood screen)–then over the next 24 hours you see them chung pedolite and eat carbs galore so when you see a fighter in the cage hes usually around 15 lbs heavier then weigh in(dependin on Wt class). That said ,the only thing Rumble did is to skip the severe dehydration–ask any MMA guy, bodybuilder or wrestler and youll get an encyclopedia of knowledge on how to make weight and ten perform to the best advantage.That said ,I dont think Vitors going to be at that big of disadvantage. Thell actually be within about 10lbs at most

  • Cptmats

    Vitor will put him to sleep at any weight !

  • Mma fanatic

    Vitor by murderous knockout!

  • Obarmarama

    I really think that Rumble wasn’t psychologically up for cutting weight. That was the reason behind him moving up a class (I find him hard to take seriously, given that he is a clear Light Heavyweight, but goes through some almost shamanic practices to get down to a weight so that he can fight smaller guys. If it was me, I’d want to test my skill and strength over guys my own size). So given that he was not mentally prepared for a significant weight cut, the fact that he had to go through it again at 185 just broke him, and given that he has previous experience, he thought “hey, i’ll just pretend to be too sick, they take 20% off, I debut in a higher weight class at full strength. Nobody is going to thank me for making weight and gassing out in the 2nd, and history only ever remembers the result”. He made a wise choice, but so unprofessional and weasly in my books. Just fight in your natural weightclass, you still need to cut for 205. And that whole doctor thing is bs, the doc doesn’t do any scans or tests or anything like that. Johnson just lies on the floor saying “ahh i feel soo weak doc, so weak” and doc says “any reason?” AJ:”yeah, I’m cutting weight, feel completely dehydrated and hungry” Doc: “Well get this guy some fluids” AJ “and chicken wings” Doc: “And chicken wings” AJ “Medium spicy”.

  • fitefan

    Apparently this guy is only willing to compete if can hold the advantage of cutting 30lbs. I can’t imagine he was cutting 45 to get to WW. I imagine he was walking around at 200 and cutting to 170, and now decided to go ahead and gain 15 lbs and continue to cut 30 lbs and hit 185.
    And he missed it again.
    I don’t buy the whole ‘medical reasons’ excuse. He was over dehydrated because after several pounds of fluid intake, he was fine. No more medical emergency. Ready to fight. So he’s way overweight plain and simple. Entirely unproffesional.
    20% of his purse isn’t enough of a fine. It should be 50% for all fighters that miss weight and forfiet any win bonus.
    This guy needs to be fired, or served up to Tito for his last fight at 205. See how he likes fighting a dude bigger than him for once.

  • jdubb03

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