UFC 141 Video: Ross Pearson on His Narrow Win

December 31, 2011
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Ross Pearson addressed questions from the media following his narrow victory over Junior Assuncao at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem on Friday night in Las Vegas.

The British standout talked about the close fight with Assuncao, as well as his debut in the featherweight division.

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  • fitefan

    This guy is fearless, and a bit reckless. I can’t wait until he is a bit more refined. You can see how hard he works, and how much he has improved. I would like to see him employ some aggresive bjj from his back,tho it looks like he has nearly perfected the art of getting back to his feet. Perhaps this opponent was not the best to try and grapple with.
    I didn’t really see it as a close victory, except in the way some of these judges score things with takedowns. His opponent showed the ability to take Ross down, but not able to keep him there. Eventually the take down attempt was a big stall in the fight to avoid Ross’s strikes. And to me, reflected poorly against his opponent, but to the judges? whose to say from one event to the next how they percieve that.
    Assuance? ( probably spelled wrong ) displayed excellent elusiveness and some good striking, but Ross was getting the better of the exchanges. Either delivering harder shots, or just able to take more punishment. Ross never looked to be in trouble, but his opponent did, more and more as the fight progressed.
    If it would have been a 5 round fight Ross would have finished it without going to the scorecards. His opponent was fading.