UFC 141 Video: Manny Gamburyan Really Doesn’t Like Diego Nunes

December 24, 2011
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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif – UFC 141 fighter Manny Gamburyan sat down with MMAWeekly.com‘s Erik Fontanez for a one-on-one interview, where he talked about training and his extreme dislike for his pending opponent, Diego Nunes. The beef that started several months ago will surely be served at UFC 141 in Las Vegas on Dec. 30, as the friction between the two is the real deal, not made-to-sell trash talk.

Check out the video below…

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  • DubstepDIST

    well Manny is a douchebag who takes cheap shots.

  • johnt

    i met manny several years ago not long after ultimate fighter. we happened to be staying at the same dive motel in glendale. he had his pimped out 1990’s era mustang GT and some chick. i told him i was a fan and congratulated him on the show he acted like a **** and just was like “whatever dude. that **** was a long time ago”.

    little pint size manny. punk ass attitude.