UFC 141 Video: Donald Cerrone “The Bigger, Badder Dog Showed Up Tonight”

December 31, 2011
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Donald Cerrone fielded questions at the UFC 141 post fight press conference as he discussed his loss in his battle with Nate Diaz that won them the Fight of the Night honors. “I just want to stand. I want to play. And, I got outboxed….the bigger, badder dog showed up tonight,” said Cerrone.

  • shamrock130

    You’ve got to respect a guy who gets beat and makes absolutely no excuses for it. Even whe everybody around him is trying make excuses for him. If Donald was Brazilian, he would be making every excuse in the book right now. Respect

  • Racmic

    Cerrone is a awesome fighter but Nate diaz is showing huge improvements everytime we see him, as much as I like Diaz I thought he would have lost by decision. cant wait to see him fight again.

  • fitefan

    Diaz got inside Cerrone’s head. 90% mental 10% physical.
    After the first two exhanges ended up with Diaz holding on to what looked like a standing arm triangle choke position, it appeared as if Cerrone was tired.
    Diaz displayed sharp, laser precision strikes over and over again to Cerrone’s face. Cerrone, oddly kept planting himself flat footed infront of Diaz with no head movement and was sluggish in his counter punching attempts.
    The leg sweeps in round two were visually appealing enough for him to win round two, but I think Diaz actually won that round with aggression, power strikes, and strikes landed.
    I expected a much different fight, but Cerrone failed to keep his cool in the first 30 secs of the fight, and that changed it all from there.

  • RonnieV

    The relentless accurate jabs can really break a guys a will. Cerrone looked like BJ Penn, after Nick starting landing the same jabs. Face it folks, the Diaz are here for awhile, notice how all the Diaz haters have been really silent the last couple days.

    • KBEsq

      I’m a Diaz “hater,” and I have no problem speaking up. My insults of the Diaz brothers never relate to their fighting ability, so I don’t feel the need to tuck tail because they win a fight. They’re douche bags – if all fighters were like the Diaz brothers, MMA would never be main stream because it would be filled with low class wanna-be gangsters who treat MMA like it’s a street fight instead of a sport.

      Slapping Cerrone’s hand away when the guy was just trying to introduce himself? That’s BS – don’t tell me they’re in a fight and can’t be friends. If you think that way, then you cannot call MMA a sport. That’s how the Diaz brothers think, and they make MMA take steps backwards notwithstanding their fighting ability.

      • RonnieV

        Well little boy, get used to low class MMA fighting, because the Diaz brothers will be here for a long time kicking the **** out of your cookie cutter fighters. Btw, Diaz said he never slapped Cerrone’s hand away, Cerrone said it, and then took it back. The fight is over, he kicked your boys ass, and I’m sure you cried about it considering how much crap you talked before the fight.

        • KBEsq

          Actually I don’t like Cerrone either. I think he’s stuck up and arrogant. I just hate the Diaz brothers more, so I wanted Cerrone to win this fight.

          What are you talking about “how much crap I talked before this fight”?

          I posted one comment that said Cerrone is going to wipe the floor with Diaz and that Diaz was a douche bag. I was only half wrong. And who cares if he slapped his hand away or not; the point is that Cerrone was trying to be professional and Diaz treats his opponents like enemies. You may think that’s okay, but you’re in the minority. You can’t call this a sport and have that be okay.

          I may have been half wrong about Diaz losing, but I’m completely correct in calling you an uneducated loser. And don’t call me a little boy – you’re the one who types like a little boy. Either that or a retarded, short bus adult.

  • MikeMc1983

    Diaz haters silent? Well I guess I’ll speak up. Lol. I’m not really a Diaz hater. I just don’t think Nick is that great. I kinda view nick has a slightly better than average B level fighter. (nothing wrong with that.)
    I’ve always thought Nate was better. He always gets compared with nick. People have said he does that weak punching crap nick does. Up until this fight, they were wrong. It concerns me a bit. I hope Nate doesn’t keep that up. He doesn’t have to throw wild haymakers, but hopefully he goes back to being somewhere in the middle. Where he has been his last few fights. I hope the slap boxing was just a gameplan in this fight, and not what he evolves to.

  • MikeMc1983

    I found it odd that cerrone refused to listen to his corner. After the first rd they told him to take Nate down. Cerrone knocked Diaz down a few times, and walked away to let him up. I really hope he didn’t do that because in trash talk he said he’d stand and bang. If that is the reason then he really needs to keep his mouth shut.

  • RonnieV

    MikeMc, I gotta disagree with you man Nick is the superior fighter of the brothers. That punching style they do works, and it Nick does it better because he throws in the body shots. I don’t think a lot of fighters want to go to the ground with the Diaz brothers, because their Jui-jitsu is so dangerous. I wanted Nate to win, but honestly I thought Cerrone was going to win a 3 round decision. The younger Diaz impressed me last night, and I’m looking forward to Nick doing the same thing to Condit. Nick has better cardio than anyone in the sport, and I don’t see anyway Condit will last five rounds with him.

  • MikeMc1983

    I suspect that most people disagree that Nate is better than nick. I’ve just never seen nick as being special in any way. However, I’ve seen glimpse’s of Nate having the potential to be great.
    Nate does not normally box in the same manner as nick, though in previous fights commentators have said so. Against cerrone he did do it like nick. I’m hoping that’s more of a one time thing. I’m worried not. Nate usually actually tried to hurt someone when he hit them. I hope he goes back to that.

  • RK0710

    I think Nick is better. He has fought the higher level of opponents and he finishes most of them. His high volume boxing is more effective than Nate’s because he puts more power into his punches. They both have great cardio and are really durable. They both also use there advantages of height and reach against their opponents really well.
    I dont know about Cerrone going to the ground against Nate though. Both Diaz brothers have sick submissions and are very clever from the guard. I want to say that Cerrone might not have wanted to take the risk but the guy is ballsy and probably just wanted to head-hunt. He’s always down for the war!

  • bajafox

    Nate put on a clinic, can’t wait to see who he faces next.

  • Towers66

    Rko knows what he’s talkin’ about. I believed Cerrone was going to prevail in the 141 bout but I was not shocked by the way the fight went down at all. Cerrone probably didn’t fire on a takedown because of the risks regardless of his inability to stick with his standup. Nate and Nick take advantage of opponents that are forced to try and take it to the ground with them. The fight was great and Cerrone will be back for more of the top tier fights in the near future. For all of you haters, Nick and Nate are not going far from the top contender spots in the UFC for a long while. I like the lightweight and welterweight lineup for ’12. No doubt that it’s going to be fireworks.