UFC 141 Video: Alistair Overeem Talks After Sending Brock Lesnar into Retirement

December 31, 2011
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Former Strikeforce, K-1, and Dream champion Alistair Overeem lived up to his “Demolition Man” moniker on Friday night, tearing down former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and sending him into retirement.

Following his dismantling of the former WWE superstar, Overeem met with the press. He talked not only about the fight with Lesnar and his foe’s retirement, but also about what it means for him to make the move to the UFC and how he thinks he will stand atop the world as the truly undisputed heavyweight champion of the world if he’s able to capture the belt.

Check out MMAWeekly.com’s extended video with Alistair Overeem following UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem…

  • RubeKegal

    The stupidity of fighters amazes me. If there was a time to bullrush a guy for a takedown, yesterday was it, but no Brock opts to stand with a K1 World Champ with 1 takedown attempt in 2 + minutes. Either Pat Barry is a horrible striking coach or Brock just sucks at throwing punches + has no brain. Terrible performance.

  • elguapo

    So true. All I can think is that Brock was concerned about taking a knee if he shot for the takedown, but he ended up taking those knees anyway. He should have just gone for it anyway, it was his only chance of winning.

  • tsszaltax

    It surprises you that Brock Lesnar did something stupid? As Ive stated all along the guy is a terrible fighter and once everyone got past how intimidating he looked, it was finally shown. The guy has/had zero skill, including his wrestling background. This man has rode on his steroid enhanced body to get him everywhere he’s gone and finally we dont have to see it any more. Real fighters prevail. Go back to WWE, good riddance!

    • shakejunt

      … yep just some big untalented oaf who happens to be tied for most HW title defenses.

      Eat a fat one, loser.

      • tsszaltax

        He had 2, lets not act like thats a lot. He was 4-3 in his MMA career beating Heath Herring (omg lets gets excited about that), a WELL past his prime, much MUCH smaller Randy Couture, Frank Mir and another overrated fighter in Shane Carwin in a fight he won by pure luck. If not for his ability to sell tickets to meat head fans such as yourself, he woulda been fired after losing his next fight anyway.

        Dont be mad bro. You can still catch him on Raw Monday nights.

        • tsszaltax

          Im sorry, his UFC* career, not MMA.

        • TKD

          And let’s be really honest about the Shane Carwin fight. That one could easily have been stopped. Carwin destroyed Lesnar, but totally gassed out in the 2nd round.

          Plain and simple: Lesnar got the opportunities from Dana because of his ability to sell tickets, not fight. He is a huge guy with strength, no MMA skills.

          Back to sucking off Vince McMahon for Brock!

    • mmaforever

      Tsszaltax, its pretty easy to talk smack sitting in your lazy boy! For a guy that has zero skill as you claim, he’s done pretty well winning the heavyweight title in his 4th fight and beating 3 previous title holders while having trained only a few years. Nobody else has done that so show a little class and whether you like him or not at least he got in the cage instead of talking crap about others that have.

  • I think Brock’s mind was set on a quick exit from MMA, and he needed a loss to justify that. One could argue he could have done that after the illness, but I would counter that with “there is no such thing as extra money”. That’s what Mike Tyson used to do at the end of his career – go to the ring to get cash.

  • steve.wadley

    For the people who’s talking s**t about what he should’ve done step into the cage and experience it b4 u open ur mouth because i’ve been the cage and its a lot easier to watch it on ur tv triaining for mma is a tough task so dont talk s**t if u never experience. It was a good fight my hat goes off to both fighters.

    • Don’t criticize a book if you’ve never written one yourself. Don’t say a movie sucked if you’ve never directed one. You can’t have an opinion on anything if you’ve never done it yourself.

      What little of Brock’s game plan we got to see for that fight was stupid, plain and simple.

      • shereko

        @Crane… So you’ve never crtiqued a movie? So we cant say Balls of Fury was a pos movie or something similar? Get over yourself… I’ve read plenty of books and I can say they suck but I have a real job and wont take the time to write one… Brock was just beaten and he retired. Big deal… He was GOOD for the sport he made ufc money and more fans and really thats the bottom line. These clowns that hate on him are clueless, you dont have to like him but respect what he brought.

  • jimbrown

    First things first – Overeem is big, and he’s a bada$$.

    I want to see him fight Cigano.

    Now, Brock Lesnar and Dana White. I have a conspiracy theory around the business side of things here. As the UFC and MMA are trying to grow and as Dana has said to be the biggest sport in the World (bigger than soccer)…well, part of signing Brock was to steal some of the WWE fan-base. Brock never seemed to be a fighter – not true. How many fights does he have? It dawned on me when you look at Overeems 69th fight?!? I think the UFC is never going to be that big, and in fact it may be as big as it;s gonna get right now.

    All in all 0 I still love it – but I would be pissed if I paid for this fight…

  • fitefan

    This was a another good interview with Overeem. Good honest answers in a mature and respectable manner. No self indulging ego stroking or hype with clever rymes or catch phrases. Admitting to making mistakes and that his road to success was a long one. Not the ” I’m the baddest man on the planet since the day I was born nonsense”
    I look forward to seeing more of Overeem in the UFC.

  • maddawgmar

    I agree a bad gameplan for Lesnar. I think more than that it was a great gameplan by Overeem. Knockout the wrestler before he can take you down. It was the knees that done it, take down stuffed then ate knees and didn’t like it. Thus no other attempt. If the fight went longer you would have seen more. He thought he could hold his own standing up because he was taught some stuff by Pat Berry. What he didn’t realize is Pat Berry couldn’t hold Overeems jock in kickboxing. Bottom line is Brock had one chance of winning takedowns and lay and pray.

    Overeem v Dos Santos great match up. Dos Santos has mowed bigger guys who don’t have great stand up, but Overeem has great stand up. Both have knockout abilities. Someone is getting knocked out jus whoever lands first. Cant wait. Hopefully cuz both won’t have suspensions it could happen in a couple of months.