UFC 141 Results: Overeem Crushes, Lesnar Announces Retirement

December 31, 2011
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If there was any doubt that Alistair Overeem belonged among the best heavyweights in the UFC, he proved it on Saturday night.

The former Strikeforce and Dream heavyweight champion as well as K-1 Grand Prix champion in kickboxing, mowed through Brock Lesnar like a knife through butter.

Questions were raised about Overeem’s training, his preparedness and how he would handle the spotlight that had wilted so many before him stepping into the UFC Octagon for the first time.

He answered all of that within seconds of the start of the fight, stalking Lesnar down and showing no fear of a potential takedown.

The former UFC heavyweight champion grabbed at Overeem’s leg for a brief moment, looking for a takedown, but the giant Dutchman shrugged him off and it was all downhill from there.

“I trained my takedown defense a lot, Brock is an excellent wrestler so I had to step up my game,” Overeem stated.

Like a lion seeing a wounded gazelle, Overeem’s confidence grew the moment he stuffed Lesnar’s takedowns, and when he started moving forward it was with deadly intention.

Overeem blasted Lesnar to the body with huge knee strikes and with each blow, Lesnar’s midsection took an atomic level shot, rattling his insides.

“Nice little K-1 body kick,” Overeem said after the fight.

Finally, Overeem uncorked a huge kick to the body that landed and almost like a delayed reaction, Lesnar felt the full blunt force trauma and fell to his knees.

Overeem followed up with a barrage of strikes, but the fight was already over at that point.  Referee Mario Yamasaki mercifully stepped in to stop the carnage, and in less than one round, Alistair Overeem earned a UFC title shot and showed everyone just how dangerous a fighter he truly can be.

When you look at world class striking, there have been a lot of K-1 level fighters to transition into MMA. Semmy Schilt gave it a go, and Mark Hunt is still competing in the UFC.

There is no doubt however that Alistair Overeem is by far the most accomplished fighter to transition between MMA and kickboxing, and now he’s earned a shot at the last title remaining on his quest to greatness…the UFC heavyweight belt.

“Junior Dos Santos is next,” said a confident Overeem.

Following a devastating defeat after more than a year away from the sport, Brock Lesnar was candid and honest in his post fight speech where the one time NCAA champion called it a career.

“My hat’s off to Alistair Overeem.  I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease.  I’m going to officially say tonight was the last time you’ll see me in the Octagon,” Lesnar said.

“I want to thank the Fertittas, Dana White, Brock Lesnar is officially retired. I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight that I would get a title shot and then that would be my last one, but if I lost tonight (I would retire), everybody you’ve been great.”

When it’s all said and done, Brock Lesnar walks away as a 5-3 professional fighter and a former UFC heavyweight champion, but the impact he had on the sport won’t soon be forgotten.  He leaves a legacy that includes being one of the biggest draws in the history of the sport, and a fighter that brought a lot of new eyeballs to MMA.

The page has turned on Lesnar’s career however, and he’ll begin a new chapter where he says goodbye to MMA for the last time.

Now, the question is can Alistair Overeem’s reign of destruction continue with Junior Dos Santos?  It may not be long before we all find out.

  • youdosuck

    Will Brock be in the UFC Hall of Fame?

    • altonmagette

      How can a bum with a total of seven (7) fights and three (3) loses qualify for anything? Lesnar was an overrated fighter anyway, and I use the term fighter loosely, who had no cardio, chin, and mostly no guts. To even consider Lesnar fot the Hall is an embarrassment to real UFC fighters. Lesnar should do what’s best for the UFC, the fans and stick to what he knows best: pro-wrestling.

      • mmaforever

        Alton you are clearly an idiot. Lesnar won the heavyweight title after his fourth fight ever. He beat Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Heath Herring, and Shane Carwin in his first 6 fights. Four of them have held ufc heavyweight titles and two of them held the title more than once. Nobody else has done that. Not too bad for a “bum”!

      • altonmagette

        You’re delusional, mmaforever. Lesnar’s record speaks for itself. His first win was over Soo Kim (3-7-0), he lost to Mir in their first contest, he then defeated the well over-the-hill Couture. How Lesnar got a title shot so early in the game is a mystery, it seems, to everyone but you. Name recognition. He was a novelty. A joke. An original phoney. This ‘bum’ was the MMA’s Primo Carnera or the character Toro Moreno in the Bogart film “The Harder They Fall.” Nothing personal, mmaforever, but you’re gonna hafta face reality: a bum’s a bum.

        • shakejunt

          a bum tied for most title defenses at HW

          also, pretty sure he has record gate/attendance/ppv buys

        • mmaforever

          Alton, funny how you conveniently forget to mention what he did to Mir in their rematch. I guess that was a joke too? You talk about facing reality but the reality is that not matter who he faced you would try to discredit him. So what if Randy was in his 40’s, he still had to fight and win didnt he? The real reality is that was out there doing it, becoming heavyweight champion and all you’re doing is talking smack on an website and he’s the bum? I dont think so.

  • anthonyde

    There is no way in hell

  • He’ll be back in 12 months and Dana will promote the hell of his “big return against all odds”. He’ll probably fight Mir in his return.

  • Mario

    Nah, I seriously hope what SHORT_BUS predicts doesn’t come true!

    I don’t care to see this guy fight in an MMA ring again.

    Better he stays away..

  • MikeMc1983

    Brock coming back is something I see as very possiable. It is a bit concerning that I don’t recall him not sticking to his word on anything.
    However, the guys a competitor.
    Obviously not at his level, but as a hyper competitive person myself I know it’s near impossiable to stop. If he finds something else to curve his appetite then he may stay gone. Only time will tell if he fills that void.
    I think the an early shot is what did the damage tonight. I think it was a knee. From that point on Brock didn’t do anything moving forward.
    As much as overeem is praising himself for his wrestling in the fight, he didn’t exactly have to defend what Mir, Cain, or couture had too.

  • maddawgmar

    This guy is a joke. He needs to stay retired. As for the UFC HOF I’ll stop watching the UFC if that happens. But, I would put it pass Dana White who has been cupping this guys balls since he started. I mean nobody else gets a title shot after posting a 2-1 record (1-1 UFC) his lone wins being against low level talent. He was able to use his wrestling to put together two more wins against an aging Couture and Mir. Got lucky in the Carwin fight that Carwim has no endurance. But he was exposed in that fight, no stand up and a glass jaw. Down hill from there. If he does come back from retirement and fights Mir (unlikely cuz Mir is in title contention, possibly Nogiera) Mir would win. Mir’s striking improved tremendously and BJJ is deadly (ask Nog’s arm). Bottom line if Lesnar comes back I feel there will be a string of defeats. Go to Bellator and learn some stand up against novice fighters then maybe you might be a decent challenge in the UFC.

    • shakejunt

      yeah cuz brock being recognized as a “legend,” while you may not particularly agree, is a fantastic reason to walk away from your enthusiasm of mma…

  • maddawgmar

    No not my enthusiasm for MMA, but my support of UFC. Dana White has preached that this sport will never mike the mistake of Boxing. But look at it the same controversy, non deserving fighters getting title shots jus cuz they can pull in fans. And getting a eliminator fight one fight after getting demolished. Two strikes already, if Lesnar gets HOF that’s strike three and I’m out. He doesn’t even deserve to be considered great. Good yes but great no. A legend would be an insult to legends like, Royce Gracie, Randy Couture, Cro Cop and Emelianenko. People who dominated the sport, not jus a couple of wins.