UFC 141 Lesnar vs. Overeem: The Scorecards

December 31, 2011
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  • DrkDisciple

    What does it take to get a 10-8 round? Diaz completely dominated that first round yet everyone gave him 10-9. That second round was the closest one in the fight and it was scored the same way 10-9.There no way in that the first two rounds should be scored the same way. This scoring just doesnt make any sense. Do you have to knock someone down 5 times to get 10-8 and kill them to get a 10-7?

  • MikeMc1983

    Actually, I believe you have to kill someone to get a 10-8. If you want a 10-7, you then have to perform CPR. Revive them, and them kill them again.
    I hope I was of help. 😉

  • fitefan

    Did you not see the Phan/Hettis fight? Did you not look at the Phan/Hettis score cards? Not only does it illustrate a 10/8 round, it’s a rare example of a 30/25 fight.
    In addition did you not see the first round of Edgar/Maynard II and III. Again, an illustration of a 10/8 round.
    As for a 10/7? In my opinion if you can dominate a guy so overwhelmingly that one would argue for a 10/7 round, I argue how the aggressor failed to finish it. Giving credit to the defensive capabilities of the dominated, it should still be scored 10/8.
    A 10/7 would have to end in a submission,tko,ko, or tap out. In which case there is no score, just a ‘W’.

    • DrkDisciple

      For your info I watched them all and many others….watching it doesnt make it right. Diaz completely dominated that first round…that was a 10-8 round and i dont care how many mistakes in the judging of previous fights were done. Someone who completely dominates a round and has the other hurt several times deserves a 10-8.

  • fitefan

    I agree DrkDisciple, that Diaz dominated that round. But in defense of Cerrone, he did fight back, it wasn’t completely one sided.
    And not to defend the judges because they fail to be consistent. Cerrone, if I recall correctly, didn’t get knocked off of his feet in the first round. Diaz, for all his punches, didn’t knock Cerrone down. Diaz didn’t display, striking AND grappling superiority. He displayed striking supiority, but failed to shut down Cerrone completely. And mayhap that is why it wasn’t scored a 10/8. I’m just saying, it may not be as blatant of an example of a 10/8 round as you deem it to be.

    I think Diaz should have gotten the second round. I didn’t see a reason for Cerrone to get it. As I stated in a different thread, the leg sweeps must have been visually impressive more than they were actually effective. I feel Diaz still got the better of Cerrone in the second round. It should have been a unanimous decision of 30/27 for Diaz.

  • RubeKegal

    DrkDisciple, get off Nate’s balls