UFC 141 Drug Tests Clean; Overeem Has Two Left

January 9, 2012
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The UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem drug test results are in, and despite the numerous assumptions about both Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem, neither tested positive for any prohibited substances.

Every fighter on the UFC 141 fight card, save for Jon Fitch, was tested for both drugs of abuse and performance enhancing substances, such as steroids. The 19 fighters tested all came back clean.

Fitch was not tested, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer, because “he lost.”

Overeem and Lesnar were both tested well ahead of the event as well, as required by the NSAC. Overeem did go through some turmoil, however, and had to meet several special stipulations because of how he and his camp responded to the commission’s initial drug test requirement.

Overeem was drug tested twice prior to UFC 141, again on fight night, and must undergo two more post-fight tests over the next six months to satisfy the conditions set forth by the Nevada commission.

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  • Lesnardo

    SO this guy has to go through four tests, one before the fight and three after the fight?

    Is that normal?

  • Obarmarama

    It’s because he missed a pre-fight test. The commission accepted his reason, that he missed the test because he had to fly back to the Netherlands urgently to attend to his ailing mother who has cancer. I think he also said that he recently changed his management team, and his new management got the testing dates muddled up. So basically the commission said, we’ll accept your excuse and allow you to fight, but you must immediately undertake pre-fight testing at an allocated clinic, and take extra post fight tests. It’s kind of good that they did that, because it’s always going to be suspicious when an athlete misses a drug test, especially when there is a lot of suspicion on that fighter anyway, and all the extra testing just goes to prove that he was not on roids (unless of course he was one day out on his roid cleansing cycle and needed that extra day j/k). Essentially, Overeems clean and the extra testing is because he skipped a test, not because the commission have other suspicions about him.

  • fitefan

    It’s actually good for Overeem’s reputation to be overtested. If he comes up clean everytime it will make him look all the better.
    The ‘roid’ accusers won’t have much of an argument.
    I haven’t heard Overeem bitching about it either, so that is also in his favor.

  • fitefan

    Oh, I completely forgot….
    Apparently the Nevada Athletic Commission is ‘ok’ with steroid use, just as long as you don’t win. According to this article anyway.
    I question that logic.
    Drug testing for performance enhancing drugs is supposed to prevent ‘unfair’ advantages and to protect the fighters from someone jacked up on ‘roids’.
    I know Fitch took one to the face and was done in 12 seconds. But theoretically a steroid user could lose a bout, and inflict permanant bodily harm on his opponent.

    Test em all, or test none of em. You can’t pick and choose.

    • Addiction365

      I agree 100%.

  • maddawgmar

    It’s not just the excuse that he had. It was also the effort of his camp sending in a blood sample instead of urine. With his mother’s health and the fact he tried to send in a sample, jus the wrong one. NSAC gave him a chance, but extra stipulations. If you watched his career since he went to heavyweight, he gradually got bigger, it wasn’t overnight. Doping isn’t out of the question but unlikely. He was a huge light heavyweight anyway cuttin 30 lbs for fights. Hopefully the haters will shut there mouth now.

  • Fatty Turnbuckle

    Reem isn’t ‘roided up any more than that Cyborg dude that beats up all those poor Strikeforce gals is.

  • MikeMc1983

    “roiders” don’t have to balloon up over night anyhow. There’s a ton of people out there using that don’t “look” like a roider anyhow. But come on. We all know drug test are not reliable. We should just let people on the Internet look at photo’s of someone. Maybe even ask a fan in the stands every now and then what they think. Oh, and anyone who’s been associated with pro wrestling, they’re automatically guilty. That would be the best way to run testing. I don’t know why these commissions don’t get with times.

    Seriously though, testing isn’t just for the safety of the opponents. It’s not like steroids are a super power, or like someone having brass knuckles in the cage. They ban the use for the athlete’s taking the substance first, and foremost. Remember, the drugs are not good for your body. That’s why they’re banned/illegal to start with. (except when a doctor deems they’re side effects work the risk.)
    A lot of the same people motivated to take the drugs, are the same people motivated to spend extra time in a gym. So muscle strength, and mass can grow fast. They’re obviously an advantage when used right, in conjunction with a huge work ethic. “doping” is something else entirely. Most use the term incorrectly, but it can be highly effective, and was for awhile impossiable to test for. (I think I heard they figured out a way to test for it, but it’s still rough.”
    A lot of people hear doping and think of it as a slang term for using anabolic steroids. It is a slang term, but was originally, and still is by the medical profession from what I hear, a term used for a series of blood transfusions, or something of the sort. I understand the theory, though the actual medical terms I have forgotten. They like filter blood, and it rapidly excels muscle healing, and/ or growth.
    Maybe someone who’s better read on the particulars can expand.