UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones Puts Machida to Sleep

December 10, 2011
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones

Jon Jones continued his dominant ways with a submission finish of Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 in Toronto. The champ locked on a standing guillotine and put the challenger to sleep late in the second frame.

Jones and Machida started out very calm. Machida circled and looked for the right time to strike, as he usually does. Jones shot low front kicks in an attempt to take out his opponent’s lead knee. Machida shot in with a few flurries and landed a left hand that looked like it shook the champ. The round ended with Machida looking confident.

The second round began the same as the first: very calm. Jones threw kicks, but none with major impact. Halfway through the round, the two scrambled on the feet, but a short while later, Jones got the challenger to the ground. He was able to get an elbow in that split Machida’s forehead open. After doctors checked to see if Machida can continue, the fight resumed and the two clinched against the cage.

Jones then caught Machida with a left hand that dropped him to the canvas. Machida tried to recover, but stood right into a guillotine choke, which led to the fight’s ending. Jones choked Machida and the referee stepped in to stop the fight as the challenger fell to the ground, unconscious.

The submission came at 4:26 of round No. 2.

Although Jones looked like he was hurt once in the fight, he denied any such thing in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

“No, he didn’t have me hurt,” Jones said following the win. “But he did punch me pretty good and it wobbled me a little bit. It was good. One of my biggest critic points is I can’t take a punch, so I’m glad to prove it to myself and to everyone that I can take a legit hit.”

In victory, Jones finishes a third straight former UFC light heavyweight champion. The 24-year-old champ is on a path of demolition and awaits his next opponent, which is likely to be the winner of the Rashad Evans-Phil Davis bout in January. Lyoto Machida has lost three of his last four since beginning his career with 16 straight wins.

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  • Jon needs to move up a class and whoop everybody’s asses in the HW division. He’s got nothing else to prove in this division. I can’t see Rashad representing any trouble to the champ.

    • MMA_EE

      Waaaaaay to early for that…

  • Iamrozylo

    Jesus duxan!! No hurry!! The kids got at least 5 more years to fill out. At this point Allister would simply kick him and break his leg off.

  • fsunoles09

    yep who knows he might end up pulling an overeem and shooting up to 255 265 range and be a strait beast

  • Iamrozylo

    Ya just straight shootin… Right up his ass. Great idea

  • Who can challenge this guy at 205lbs? Rashad (assuming he gets through Davis) and Henderson are likely next up and I don’t think either one of them pose any threat to Jones.

    • KBEsq

      Can you imagine Henderson next to Jones? I remember Rogan commenting on how Jones dwarfed Shogun when they fought, and also saying that Shogun dwarfed Henderson. Only possibility would be that big right hand.

  • shereko

    Nobody is beating him for a long time, but gotta say something about his personality rubs me wrong, he seems fake, like a behind the scenes Tiger Woods squeaky clean personality… But a hell of a fighter

  • Iamrozylo

    Anderson silva

  • MikeMc1983

    I feel like being an idiot right now. 😉
    Maybe chuck Liddell could come back for a title shot. Maybe shogun could get a rematch, and actually try to hit jones sometime during the fight.
    😉 The guy has fights coming. Probably a couple rematches. If no one can beat him straight up then there’s always the “getting caught” factor. Give jones a break, jumping up to heavyweight is a lot harder than it used to be. I think he’d probably be a betting dog vs. the top 5 hw’s. Pretty big dog vs. the top 3.

  • natpaukar7

    I think it is way too quick to send Jones up to HW just yet. I think if any thing tonight exposed some holes in his game that a few people could attack. If Machida could have kept this fight a bit smarter and standing I think he could have at the very least gotten a split decision. Now, that having been said…and seriously I do believe this scenario…Imagine all the hits than he took from MAchida…I believe if that was Anderson Silva any of those hits would have dropped and gotten rid of Jones…Silva is a little easier to hit I believe (statistically) or atleast was early in Machida’s UFC career but more likely to land (statistically) those facts should be checked but early on that was true. I don’t think Jones could handle Anderson Silva, I think if they fought tonight it would have been Silva as new LHW champ

  • Mario

    Jones is certainly cleaning out his division. The way he submitted Machida was DEADLY.

    It seems the winner of Evans/Davis might get the next shot. Dan Henderson might end of being his last great challenge at 205. A fight at that point with Anderson Silva, if he’s still winning – would make alot of sense!

    But yes, I see Jones beating all-comers.

    • b-soc

      Dan Henderson barely won the decision against shogun. Henderson will have to put on a prosthetic arm to land the H-bomb. Jones will absolutely destroy Henderson. I’d rather see Rashad or Phil Davis fight him. Henderson was also the great challenge to Anderson Silva………..

  • He walks at 215-220 lbs. Gaining another 20 lbs is not going to be an issue. Even if it slows him down a bit, he will still be way faster than anybody in the HW division. Somebody said Anderson Silva could take him on? Is that a joke?

    • KBEsq

      Just as an FYI, Duxan, Anderson walks around at 220. He has said that multiple times in interviews. When Anderson fights at 205, he has to cut weight, and it’s not a secret.

      Jones is a bit bigger, but it’s not so ridiculous as to think it’s a joke to suggest Silva as an opponent. Not even close actually.

  • shereko

    I’m a big Anderson fan, totally dynamic fighter… But he does not walk around that big and cut 35lbs at age 37. He just doesnt have the size or body type to match up with Jones and be big enough. So with that logic, Pat Berry should fight at 205. You guys act like cutting 40lbs is like cutting 4lbs…