UFC 140 Play-by-Play: Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

December 9, 2011
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Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Round 1:  Nogueira pumping his jab early.  Mir misses with a left hand and Nogueira goes for a takedown.  Mir stuffs it.  Nogueira has Mir clinched and pressed against the fence.  Mir spins him and delivers a knee to the body.  Nogueira answers wiht a knee to the body of his own.  Mir secures a trip takedown.  He’s in Nogueira’s half guard.  Nogueira gets back to his feet.  Nogueira lands a solid right hand.  He lands a combination that has Mir hurt.  Mir is knocked down.  Nogueira applies a guillotine choke.  Mir rolls and gets on top.  Mir locks on a kimura.  Nogueira rolls.  He is forced to tap.  What a crazy fight.  Frank Mir submits Nogueira.  Mir broke Nogueira’s arm the replay shows. 

The official time of the submission was 3:38 of the first round.

UFC 140 Live Results Home Page

  • oden

    Don’t give Frank your arm. He’ll take it home.