UFC 140 Main Event Set with Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida

October 6, 2011
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Many people, maybe even Lyoto Machida himself, thought that UFC president Dana White put “The Dragon” on ice for his refusal to fight Rashad Evans in the main event of UFC 133 when Phil Davis fell out due to injury.

Those that felt that way can now rest assured that is not the case as White on Thursday announced that Machida will return, and in a big way.

“Alright Toronto!!! Dec 10th UFC 140 tix go on sale next weekend and ur main event is Bones Jones vs Machida!!!” he tweeted.

Machida (17-2) hasn’t fought since rebounding from back-to-back losses with a second-round knockout of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 129 in Toronto. But just like that, he’ll return both to Toronto and to title contention in facing Jon Jones in the Dec. 10 main event.

Jones (14-1) enters the fight fresh off of a fourth-round submission of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 on Sept. 24 in Denver.

The plan had been for Jones to face Rashad Evans in his next title defense, but the timing put a crimp in those plans.

The UFC is in desperate need of a solid headlining bout for UFC 140, and the majority of its other starts are already locked into fights. Evans, who has waited patiently for a shot at getting the belt back, suffered a hand injury in his fight with Tito Ortiz at UFC 133 that required surgery and pins. The pins have been removed, but the timeframe for his rehab wouldn’t allow adequate time to prepare for a Dec. 10 date with Jones.

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  • AnthonyJohnXXX

    I like this fight more than Jones/Evans. Im happy, and I think Machida had more of a chance to beat Jones, even though he probably wont.

  • bajafox

    I like this matchup better than against Rashad too but wtf has Lyoto done to deserve a shot? He lost to Rampage and Shogun and has a win over an old Randy Couture, how does that give you number one contender status?

    • Lets see what machida has done to deserve this fight: well I guess one little fact is that he is the only human being on the fucking planet to not only beat the “perpetual number 1 contender” Rachel Evans (as the LHW champ), but also knock him the fuck out in highlight fashion. Rachel didn’t even have a chance in that fight. Rachel’s win over Ortiz doesn’t mean shit (and to be fair Machida’s KO of Couture doesn’t either) so why the hell would Machida not deserve this. Machida beat rachel, shogun (1), and didn’t really lose to rampage. You all need to get Rashad’s dick out of your mouth. Machida is going to kick Jones teeth out.

  • PappaK

    Does Rashad have a sore hand or chickenitis?

    • BigGuy

      Chickenitis! Wasn’t Retard Evans the same a-hole screaming foul when Jones backed out due to injury??? Retard is a loser and a chicken!

  • kjs84

    I have thought about Machida vs Jones for a while and think it would be a great fight. I actually think Machida will give jones a lot of problems however with no fights since couture I’m not sure now. I don’t think machida really deserves a title shot yet and feel it’s rushed. I know UFC wants Evans vs jones and knows with all the PR its getting it will make lots of $$$$$$. Which is why I think it’s just thrown together so that with machida being rusty jones can get by unscathed.

    December is a while away so hopefully machida gets enough done and has a great camp and comes in clear minded. I honestly think he has the tools to win.

  • rsnowbass

    I’m curious…why the hell did Rashad even walk into the cage if after Jones’s win over Rampage if he knew about his hand and that the timing wasn’t right.

    This is lame…I REALLY wanted to see Rashad get his ass kicked.

    • MrAdidas

      The reason why he walked in the Octagon was b/c… THE UFC TOLD HIM TO GENIUS!!! For those idiots who seem to think that Rashad just walks in the Octagon on his own after every Jon Jones fight are fucking delusional. I dont dislike Evans like most people b/c I gained ALOT of respect for Evans after his coaching stint on TUF. Which is pretty ironic since it was Rampage who made himself look like a douche bag for getting upset bc his fighter lost, so Rampage decides to leave his fighter in the Octagon all by himself crying, while Evans & his team are cheering & celebrating. BUT Evans looks over & notices that Rampage’s fighter is there all alone (with Rampage nowhere to be seen) so Rashad consoles Rampages fighter.

      Now had Evans done what Rampage did (leaving his fighter all alone in the Octagon after a loss) EVERYONE here would be talking about how much of an ass hole Evans was for leaving his fighter ALONE & CRYING in the Octagon.

      I understand people dont like Evans b/c he’s cocky/confident whatever, but thats all for show people. Anyway, why dont any of you talk shit about Rampage being a douche SAC for being a LOSER coach? I dont expect any of you “haters” out there to give Evans credit for being a man & for doing the right thing, but @ least shit on Rampage for being a DICK!

      As for Lyoto… he wont last as long as Rampage. RELAX people Rampage only lasted as long as he did b/c Jones waited until the 4th Round to take him down & submit him. Has Jones taken Rampage earlier in the 2nd or 3rd Round that fight would have been long over. I doubt Evans can do any better than Rampage or Lyoto (when Lyoto gets owned). Lyoto loses to Rua & Rampage & beats a 48 yr old man & gets a title shot?!? LOL have fun with that Lyoto.

  • I’m surprised Rashad didn’t take the fight anyway. That way he would have an excuse for getting his ass kicked.

  • jpgagne

    Feel bad for Rashad. He deserves a shot after having waited that long. And I REALLY don’t think he is scared of Jones. But what as the dragon done (as hajafox pointed it) to deserve a title shot? Is Phil Davis still injured? If not, I thing he deserves Evans’s shot at the title.

  • Lucky break for Jon. Jones has a better chance of outstriking Machida than he did of outwrestling Evans.

    • Cptmats

      No thats just dumb !

  • I like this matchup, but I agree that Machida is rusty and has not done anything to deserve this title shot. I like Machida a lot, but I think it is more of a need for ppv sales for the big event at the end of the year than anything else. The UFC may not have considered Phil Davis because he would not draw as many fans as Machida. I think Rashad has a good chance to beat Jones, but I don’t care for that fight that much. I like to see other fighters get the shot and make the lhw division more interesting than what it already is. I also think it’s bogus that Rashad wenty into the octagon after Jones beat Rampage knowing that his hand was not completely healed. It’s part of the drama. Lame.

  • kjs84

    All we can do is wait and see… I’m very interested to see how jones goes about fighting machida. He is very quick and uses his distance and KICKS very well. I think if machida brings his A game he will win. And I’m feeling shogun vs machida 3 down the line in the next year for the title.

    Oh yea rashad… Well I don’t see him beating shogun or machida so tough luck man… Suga is good vs wrestlers but that’s bout it…

  • BigGuy

    What the hell has Machida done to deserve this shot? He beat Randy (at this point, who couldn’t), and lost 2 straight before that.

    Dana, you are a douche!

    • wonggfan

      @ BigGuy

      We disagree again.

      Machida lost 2 times against Shogun and actually beat Rampage. You know that…I am sure.

      Let’s see who else should get a title shot.

      Shogun: Probably too early. Needs at least one more fight to hype up the fight.

      Rashad: Rashad got pwned by Lyoto. And most believe that he will also get pwned by Shogun. So, I doubt he deserves the title shot over anyone.

      Rampage: He got pwned by Shogun. He lost decisions to Forrest and Rashad. He then lost (but erroneously declared a winner) to Lyoto. He doesn’t deserve anything at this point.

      Forrest: He doesn’t deserve anything for obvious reasons.

      Hendo: Given Hendo’s track record at LHW, I don’t see how he can beat Jones. Hendo lost to Arona, Lil Nog, Wanderlei, and Rampage.

      Mousasi: He has a lot of explaining to do after the Jardine tie. Mousasi needs two or three fights in the UFC against top fighters (Forrest, Rashad/Rampage, and Shogun/Lyoto) before even thinking about a shot at Jon Jones.

      Queen Mo: See Mousasi above.

      So in my opinion, Lyoto deserves the shot as much as Rashad.

  • To defend Machida a bit, he might have beat Rampage. It was just a bad decision by the judges. And Shogun got lucky!!! 🙂

    • Cptmats

      Rampage Machida was not a bad decision, and shogun did not get lucky, I love Machida but those two statements are just wrong.

      • wonggfan

        Yes it was a bad decision. Go ask the pros. I think they have a poll on this. It wasn’t an aweful decision but it was definitely a bad decision.

        Yes I agree that Shogun didn’t get lucky. Even in the first fight, he seemed to have solved the puzzle to beating Lyoto.

  • I like this matchup better… but rashad and machida are both evasive fighters… I wonder if rashad is just wasting time to be able to do a little more homework on what works and what doesnt to better his chances to beat Jon Jones.

    • wonggfan

      So you think Rashad will side-line again? Dana should tell Rashad to just fight Shogun.

      Why won’t Rashad fight?

  • AnthonyJohnXXX

    Maybe machida didn’t deserve the shot, but other than Rashad who did? So just shut up and watch it like you know you’re going to.

    • wonggfan

      I think Lyoto deserved the title shot as much as Rashad, who btw has been ducking a rematch with Lyoto and a match with Shogun.