UFC 140 Jones vs. Machida: The Scorecards

December 11, 2011
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  • GSPp4pbest

    You have to be fn kidding me Machida won the 1st round there is a need for better judges it looks like if he would have made it past the 2nd it would have been rampage all over again from poor judging Machida is a counter striker he did more damage and landed more shots

  • bdono554


  • Iamrozylo

    That ridiculous. Judges need to be held more acountable. These are people’s lives that they are ****** with. The two judges that scored jones ahead in round 1 need to sent back to officiating training.

  • I score it 10-9 for Machida in Round 1..Fantastic counter and he had Jones rattled a bit. The judges who scored 10-9 for Jones nedd to attend a seminar on round scoring.