UFC 138: Mark Munoz, ‘I’m Gonna be a World Champion’ (video)

November 5, 2011
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Mark Munoz has high aspirations for his UFC career, especially after taking care of business with Chris Leben at UFC 138 on Saturday night in Birmingham, England.

“I came to the UFC because I want to be the best. For me, I would love to be a world champ. I want to be a world champ in this organization. All respect goes to (Anderson Silva), but at the same time, I want to get that top spot.”

Mark Munoz talks about his win at UFC 138 over Chris Leben and his hopes of landing a shot at the UFC middleweight title… and even throws a little Anderson Silva impersonation into the mix…

  • benitohill

    Leban is nothing more then a yourneyman MMA fighter. He heads a card? He should not even be in the UFC.

    • Cptmats

      You are a complete Retard ! You shouldn’t be aloud to watch MMA

      Leban is a fuckin warrior a Class act and alway alway fun to watch, Which is exactly why the UFC will never let him go !

  • johnnylopes

    Chris Leben got brass balls, but hes no contender, Chael deserves the shot over munoz, Munoz should not be in top 10, with lost’s against Matt Hamill n Yoshin Okami, and wins over b list fighters like Maia and Leben is nto enough to get a shot, he hasnt fought a contender or former champion, at least put Munoz against Stann, Vitor, or Anthony Johnson, even a win against one of them is prob not enough but for now it is

  • congrats MARK “THE FILIPINO WRECKING MACHINE” MUNOZ!!!!!! you made us proud to be PINOY!!! MABUHAY PILIPINAS!!!

  • MikeMc1983

    Hmmm, you need mark to make you proud to be Pinoy? I’m just kidding man. You got PAC man too even though his biggest fear is a random drug test.

    Mark seems to be a great guy. He’s friends with Anderson and team blackhouse. If he’s shouting he’s going to be a world champ then he must know something we don’t. Like Anderson is going to retire. 😉

    (no one take this serious. I’m just talking crap for the fun of it.)