UFC 137 Weigh-in Video: Penn & Diaz Scuffle

October 28, 2011
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LAS VEGAS – Despite a strong respect for each other and emerging from the same origins, things got a little heated when they finally had to stand nose-to-nose before the throng of fans at the UFC 137 weigh-ins at Mandalay Bay. When the two met to square off for photographers, neither would back down, causing emotions to run high and UFC president Dana White to jump into the fray.

Check out the UFC 137 weigh-in video from MMAWeekly.com…

  • sb

    Playing to hype it up or not heads together could of caused a quick cut. Stupid!

  • That was some mind game sh!t right there.

  • pipefytr

    really? they were already 1/2 inch away and they both moved at about .3 miles an hour toward eachother. I love the Diaz haters. Its so funny how idiotic you ALL can be!

    • sirreadsalot10

      @pipefytr… Actually, I like to watch Diaz fight. However, I think he has a thug mentality rather than that of a true martial artist. I don’t like him much as a person. How that makes me or any other that shares that view an idiot is a mystery. I noticed that you emphasized the word “all” with caps indicating that you believe every person that doesn’t share your view is an idiot. If that is true then I feel sorry for you, for your world is a very small, sad, close-minded place. Seek counseling immediately.

    • BigGuy

      @ sirreadsalot10: Don’t bother trying to talk sense into pipefytr. His statement just shows us ALL how ignorant he is.

      • MrAdidas

        I agree 100% with you & sirreadsalot10. Pipefytr needs to get off of Diaz’s nut sack, who cares what people think or say? My favorite fighter is GSP & people talk shit about him all the time (mostly jealous haters) but I dont give two fucks what they think or say. It’s called freedom of speech, get over it. Funny thing is…. Diaz knew he couldnt back up any of the shit he was talking about GSP, just like BJ in their 2nd fight, so Diaz makes the UFC cut him, so then it doesn’t look like Diaz chickened out, he made it look like it was the UFC’s fault – smart BUT too bad he made himself look like a chicken shit pussy! “dont be scared homie”

      • RonnieV

        Eat Crow Big Guy, how wrong you were

  • sirreadsalot10

    The video was kind of funny. Diaz pushed his forehead into Pen’s then acted affronted that BJ had the audacity to push back. How dare he? Doesn’t Pen know that Nick is the number one thug in that mecca of bad asses know as Stockton. LMAO! And what was with that gay ass slap that Nick tried (and missed) to hit BJ with?

  • pipefytr

    @sirreadalot10… I love how you pick apart my comment. You have know idea what I am indicating. Nor will you ever. I just think it’s hilarious that someone really feels that a cut could have came from that little scuffle. Diaz haters are so quik to pick every little thing apart, hmmm sound familiar? How do you assume that every person that doesn’t share my view, I feel, is an idiot? If my world is so closed and sad, why do you bother to reply? So you think that Nick has a thug mentality rather than that of a true martial artist. Why do you think that? Because in reality… Nick is very approachable and one of the nicest guys you will ever come across in mma. Maybe you need to do less reading….

    • sirreadsalot10

      @pipefytr…It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what you are “indicating”. And for the record, I am not a Diaz hater. I said I like to watch the guy fight; I am a Diaz “disliker”. LOL. I do admit to being a Bisbing hater, though.

      I didn’t assume anything; You clearly say that it’s funny how idiotic you ALL can be, and I replied because your sad, closed world is funny to me. I think Nick has a thug mentality because of how he acts and talks.

      Now that I have answered all of your inane points I have a suggestion: maybe you need to do more reading. I doubt you will though since Diaz won the fight, fueling your self delusion.

  • RonnieV

    Staged Fellas! UFC loves that shit! Personally I thought it was weak, their foreheads touched, and there wasn’t a single push. I love how that Daffodill Alan Goes (tall bald guy on Penn’s side) jumps in there and acts tough. He was so bad in the IFL!

    Looking forward to great fight tomorrow, two GREAT fighters with the same Non-boring skillz. This will be worth every penny.

  • johnmiller

    Here’s a treat for Diaz haters (of which I am one): to watch a great video, go to YouTube’s home page, then copy and paste the following after the / , then hit Enter :


  • MikeMc1983

    I didn’t realize the guy who said it could cause a cut said anything about Diaz. I wouldn’t have known that guy was a Diaz hater if pipepftr didn’t let me know.

    I don’t know that I really care if Diaz is a thug or not. I don’t acually think I think of him as a thug. I’ve grown up in a rough area and it seems a lot closer to normal to me. However nick isn’t a real “thug.” thugs only act that way on tv. In the “hood” the only people that act that way are the bitches who have tough friends for back up. Because no matter how well you throw down, other people have guns. So you keep your mouth shut.
    Gracie is more correct. All nick knows is that gym. He’s never had a job. Just the gym. (this is acually a good thing) I promise you nick has never been really running any streets, or come close to it. He’s just a guy trying to get by.

    However, I don’t know if nick is a great fighter or not. He’s always been pretty good. Since he left the UFC he has seemed much better, which might be a bit telling. It’s been years since he left and maybe he has gone from a b- fighter to an A. The only time nick really impressed be was the Paul Daley fight. I didn’t know he had that in him. But it could have been a lapse on daleys part, or maybe he was a bit overrated.

    I hope nick has gotten better. The more guys at the top the better.
    I’m what someone may call a Diaz hater whereas I consider myself a non believer. He’s young, but it seems like he’s been around for ever, this wouldn’t be the first time he could fall short of being elite.

  • jh

    i hope penn kos diaz like he did hughes!!!

  • Santz

    This should be the kind of fight we pay to watch. No matter how much you hate him or his thug attitude, Diaz comes to fight and so does BJ…neither is your type of guy who barely gets clipped on the chin, covers up and quits or lays on their opponent for 3 rounds hoping for the time to expire. He may not be well mannered, but I respect and enjoy watching Diaz fight cause he keeps coming. Anyone else who got punched by Daley like in that last fight would’ve just covered up and thrown in the towel, but Diaz got up and kept fighting and won. I’m guessing this ends in decision, but can’t really guess who gets their hand raised in the end.

  • sb

    Look, pipe-longstockings like MikeMc1983 said, I didn’t say anything about Diaz. Look at me, look…. at…. me, okay are you listening? I said, “Playing to hype it up or not heads together could of caused a quick cut. Stupid!” No “Diaz” in that statement.

    Playing was meant to be addressed to Dana for possibly instigating this since the GSP drop out. Look at how Dana breaks it up. It looks like he’s putting on his best acting face but I call BS on that. Lol! And yes watch it again their heads do come together and with the millions of dollars behind this fight and the others on the card someone could have made a mistake and head butted right above the eye and wamo!! cut. I’ve trained for years and yes cuts happen at some of the most ridiculous times when it didn’t even seem like it should of happened, especially if there’s scar tissue.

    Oh and sirreadsalot10, on the ass slap, yeah that was hilarious!