UFC 137 Play-by-Play: Tyson Griffin vs. Bart Palaszewski

October 25, 2011
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Tyson Griffin vs. Bart Palaszewski

Palaszewski KO's Griffin

Round 1: Palaszewski establishing his jab early.  He lands a leg kick to Griffin.  Griffin lands a straight right to the body.  Palaszewski misses with a lead uppercut.  Griffin moves in with a combination that is blocked.  Palaszewski lands a right hand and Griffin answers with a counter right of his own.  Palaszewski catches Griffin on the way in and stuns him.  Palaszewski goes in for the finish.  Griffin against the cage trying to cover up.  Palaszewski unloads a flurry.  A left hook and right hand get through and put Griffin to sleep.  Bart Palaszewski defeats Tyson Griffin by KO.  The time of the KO was 2:45 of the first round.

UFC 137 Live Results Home Page

Bart Palaszewski

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