UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz Fight Card Rumors

September 7, 2011
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Powered by Xyience LogoUFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz
Date: October 29, 2011
Venue: Mandalay Bay Events Center
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Main Bouts (on Pay-Per-View):
-B.J. Penn (16-7-2; #8 Welterweight) vs. Nick Diaz (25-7; #4 Welterweight)
-Cheick Kongo (16-6-2) vs. Matt Mitrione (5-0)
-Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (27-9-2) vs. Roy Nelson (15-6)
-Scott Jorgensen (12-4; #4 Bantamweight) vs. Jeff Curran (33-13-1)
-Hatsu Hioki (24-4-2; #3 Featherweight) vs. George Roop (12-7-1)

Preliminary Bouts (on Spike TV):
-Dennis Siver (19-7) vs. Donald Cerrone (16-3)
-Tyson Griffin (15-5) vs. Bart Palaszewski (35-4)

Preliminary Bouts (on Facebook):
-Brandon Vera (11-5) vs. Eliot Marshall (10-3)
-Ramsey Nijem (4-2) vs. Danny Downes (8-2)
-Chris Camozzi (14-4) vs. Francis Carmont (16-7)
-Dustin Jacoby (6-0) vs. Clifford Starks (7-0)

*Based on the MMAWeekly.com World MMA Rankings

UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz Play-by-Play on MMAWeekly.com

UFC 137 Start Times:
Facebook Prelims: 5:45 p.m. ET/2:45 p.m. PT
Spike Prelims: 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT
PPV Main Card: 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT

  • diazforprez

    Can’t wait for this I hope GSP fights Nick instead of lay and pray or a wrestling match but I guess that’s the only chance he’ll have to win. I’m glad to see Nick get his shot at the best in the world. I hope he’s not smoking for this one.

    • bajafox

      I hope he does smoke and beats GSP, that way he can prove that smoking pot doesn’t make you slow and dumb.

      I know a lot of people who run their own business and work more hours than most people I know, they smoke weed all day..stupid stereo type needs to be erased

      • daboyz50

        diaz could’t beat gsp with his lil biach brother helping him….lol

        • MrAdidas

          LOL Very True! Funy how al these Diaz nut huggers actually think that Diaz can hang with GSP! GSP hasnt been finishing fights as much as alot of us would like, but theres a reason for that… HES FIGHTING TOP WW’s in the WORLD MORONS! Sure he’s not finishing fights, but he sure as hell is DOMINATING them all, he made Jake Shields look ordinary, while NOONE was close to beating Shields since he lost 6 or 7 yrs ago, yet GSP owned him for 3 rounds with 1 good eye & then after the 3rd he was completely blind for 10 mins & still won!

          GSP the ONLY man to beat Fitch in the UFC & Fitch’s unbeaten streak went back yrs until he ran into the KING! BJ penn was never beaten twice by the same fighter until GSP did it 1st (Edgar also did it not long after) & BJ was NEVER stopped/quit like a lil bitch until GSP manhandled him. I know GSP should have finished Hardy many times but it wasnt from lack of trying, he was too concerned about sbmitting Hardy with strength rather than technique, but still put on an MMA clinic. Shields, well why dont you “HATRES/FAGS” try fithing someone with one eye & let me know how you make out, but he would have to be one of the worlds toughest fighters.

          I dont know why people focus on the “bad” rather than the good, why not say WOW GSP survived 25 mins with one good eye Vs. possibly the 2nd or 3rd best WW on the planet who hasnt lost in 7 yrs, yet he seemed like a regular Joe! Or what about WOW he beat Fitch, Shields easily while most everyone else have failed miserably. Why not talk about how he finished THE toughest guy to finish… BJ Penn, only one other man can say he finished BJ & that was Matt Hughes. I mean the list & accomplishments can go on and on. How many rounds have Silva, Jon Jones or Cain won in a row?!? GSP had 32 or 33 straight rounds won & it should have been 35 or 36 b/c theres NO WAY he lsot a single round to Shields, GSP didnt dominate the 4th & 5th rounds like he did the first 3 but he still won. How can a kick to the head that almost KO’d Shields in the 4th with a takedown – NOT win you the round? Especially considering what Shields did in the 4th & 5th rounds… NOT MUCH, especially to a 1 eyed oponent.

          This is proof people hate GSP b/c they are jealous. I have no problem with people disliking him or find him boring to watch, but to say he sucks or he Lays & Prays is so laughable b/c anyone who has BASIC… BASIC knowledge or understanding of MMA know he is the complete opposite of a Lay & Pray fighter. Ask Fitch, Alves, BJ & Koscheck if he is a Lay & Pray fighter, actually just google their pics/faces after their fight with GSP!

          BTW: If GSP fought the same fighters that Diaz has fought over the last 4-6 yrs, not only would GSP be undefeated but he’d have nothing but TKO/KO’s & Submissions, and if you give Diaz the same fighters GSP has been fighting over the last 4-6 yrs Diaz would be LUCKY to be .500. Guess I’ll wait until October 29th/2011 to comeback here & say “I TOLD YOU SO” – Diaz might do great Vs. BUMS/B rated fighters, but he’s going to find out very quick come October 29th that GSP isnt KJ Noones or Paul Dailey, just like his home boy Shields did!

    • SP99

      i think this fight is going to stay on it’s feet it’s to hard to take down Diaz, as much as i love Diaz i’m giving this one to GSP. the CRO COP & Nelson should be a good one is Nelson doesn’t burn out.

      • GSP will easily take diaz down haha
        if you know anything about mma than you’ll know that GSP is simply better than nick diaz. and i think bj has a good chance against him as well. he’s got very limited power and bj has quicker hands and better head movement. oh yeah and better BJJ. diaz has been fighting bums for the last 5 years. diaz loses to bj by not being good enough

  • mark18

    Gooooo GSP. I would kill to see GSP vs Silva. I don`t care at wich weight !!!!!!!

  • mark18

    Hehe Crop Cop vs Nelson. If Nelson wins Cro Cop he should leave UFC =)

    • blaiwai

      I think Crocop should have retired after his last fight, even IF he beats Nelson who else can he beat in the HW division? Hes never gonna get a title shot. Painful to see my Pride hero go down like this…

  • BigGuy

    Diaz is a bitch, and GSP will beat him. I don’t care if he beats him with a KO, or by decision. Either way, he will beat that drug smoking asshole!

    • King_Shit

      your MOM is a bitch! and DIAZ will win BIGHOMO!

      • BigGuy

        King_Shit? Did your daddy give you that name? Oh, that’s right…You don’t have a daddy. Fuck you and your mother’s rotten corpse!

  • judo johnson

    209-209-209 WAR DIAZ

  • I really like both fighters and either one could win anywhere. DIAZ didn’t complain about Daleys stand up nor will he complain about GSP wrestling. Instead of complaining beat them at their strength. May the best fighter win.

  • d_f21

    War diaz

  • armendo420


  • Darren2112

    I’m booking my tickets this week. I’m gonna be there! GSP & N Diaz are two of my top 5 fighters, with condit also being in the top 5. see you there bitch’s!

  • frumps

    Bartimus is not 35-4. His correct record is 35-14.

  • aaronlol

    I wonder if Roy’s ass/contract is on the line?
    This will be interesting to see who stays and who goes haha

  • JDAWG9

    GREAT CARD TOP 2 BOTTOM… And it’s funny how ppl take one comment (pot smoking) and associate it with the fighter the rest of his life! Everyone has faults, (LOOK IN THE MIRROR) and just think he was STRIKEFORCE CHAMPION so he’s doing something right… (just my opinion)

  • shakejunt

    Diaz wins by KO 1st round and sparks a fatty with Joe Rogan during the post-fight interview.

  • collideoverme

    Update! Nick Diaz runs scared homie and cowers in the corner and smokes more weed.
    That isn’t going to cut it in the UFC punk!
    Both the Diaz’ are douchebags.

  • iWin

    You scared homie? Yeah diaz was scared, homie.

  • shakejunt

    I still vote Diaz sparks a fatty with Joe Rogan during the post-fight interview.

  • BigGuy

    I guess all of you Diaz nut huggers won’t get to see GSP take him apart after all. Your boy Diaz bitched out of the fight, just as I thought he would find a way to punk out.

    The Diaz brothers are scum!

    • McFearless

      BigGuy gave me and my homies head last night. Took it all the way too. Thanks man!

  • genuinepackage

    for those who dont watch UFC and dont know shit about MMA, the bottom line is that GSP is the best pound for pound fighter in UFC and Diaz doesnt have a chance. and if you need reason, put it this way: GSP trains every strategy against every component, where some fighters put in 4-5hrs per day, GSP trains about 6-8hrs per day and when he trains, he pushes himself beyond what any fighter does…thats a fact! so for those who hate GSP, wake up and try knowing more about the training that goes into the preparation before speaking…it only makes you look like an idiot!

    • McFearless

      so you’re telling us that just because someone trains in many different disciplines that makes them the best pound-for-pound?

  • will there be a fan expo at ufc 137?

  • justinworth

    GSP is a beast and Diaz would not have a chance in the world that is why he punked out. I could whip Diaz and I am not a pro at all. He has just been in Strikeforce beating easy opponents and honestly I do not understand how he beat many of them. They may not be the best but most was better than him. Just putting it out there.