UFC 135 Video: Once Being Pushed Out the Door, Mark Hunt Proves His Worth

September 25, 2011
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Mark Hunt was the unwanted man.

When Zuffa purchased Pride, Hunt was the one fighter that came along as part of the deal… like it or not. Zuffa didn’t like it and tried to tell Hunt that they would buy him out of his deal and he wouldn’t have to fight for them.

But that’s not what Hunt wanted. The New Zealander wanted to get in the Octagon and prove his worth. And he pushed and pushed until UFC officials relented. Now, two victories later and finally with a .500 record, UFC president Dana White is glad to have Mark Hunt on the UFC roster.

  • Good job to Hunt, needless to say several of the HW’s will be looking for jobs come Monday due to their poor performances. (Rothwell)

  • longtime fan

    I like mark hunt, his weakness is his bottom ground game obviously. This is kinda funny, but i think that if Mark hunt were to get a fight against dos santos, i think hunt would win. I dont think hes top ten in the heavy weight division because of his ground game but i think hes the best pure stand up fighter in the ufc. I just think that would be a great matchup for hunt.

    • id agree with you there.ive been a fan of hunt since his first fight in k 1.if he improved his cardio he would definately give jds a run for him money.theres no knocking that guy out.im glad he stuck it out.

  • anton84

    I think his casualness is his best feature, the way he throws what looks like a slow lazy punch and just turns his back on his opponent. But if you count the number of standing strikes he lands in any K1 or ufc fight its almost always less than 10 or even 5 but his opponent is devastated by each effortless slug. Head like coconuts hand like cannonballs, PI’s are just scary!! (pacific islanders)